Managing your mind is the most important skill of your life. The quality of your mindset directly determines the quality of your life. Tune into this episode as I teach you how to do this vital skill.


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“Your thoughts are not facts. They are simply sentences in your brain. When you realize this truth, EVERYTHING changes.”

Hands down managing your mind is the most important skill of your life. 

No matter what circumstances are thrown your way, your ability to survive and thrive through the good and bad is determined by the quality of your mindset.  

Your mindset simply means what thoughts you’re thinking…that’s it.

While many believe we can’t help the way we think and feel, it’s not true.  Your thoughts are not facts.  They are simply sentences in your brain that you ALWAYS have the power to understand and change….if you have the right tools to help you.

When you learn how to manage your mind by understanding what you’re thinking and feeling, EVERYTHING changes.  

You become an unstoppable powerhouse that accomplishes far beyond your wildest dreams. 

It feels unreal because you feel better than ever, you have more energy to take more action and you get the results you want.  

You wonder why the heck you waited so darn long to ever learn how to manage your mind and instead spent YEARS not getting the results you wanted.

Today we’re going to change that though.  I’m going to teach you my top tools for managing your mind.

Get ready.  This episode is going to change your life.  Listen via the link above.


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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 53,
Manage Your Mind.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived
through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear
the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join
me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman
you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hey there, Ms. Unstoppable. Thank you for tuning in to this week’s episode. This week’s
episode is going to blow your damn minds. I know I always have the explicit, little symbol
on these episodes and I don’t really use it. To be honest with you, I’m going to start using
it a little bit more because it’s a little bit exhausting to filter myself. I’m going to start
approaching these podcasts even more just like you and I are sitting across a table from
one another as friends, maybe grabbing a drink or just having lunch together.

In my personal life, I tend to be a little sassy. [chuckles] I tend to drop little cuss words
here and there, so please don’t listen around kids unless you’re totally cool with that, all
right? Today, we’re going to talk about managing your mind. What I’m going to give you
today is going to change your life. I’m giving you some major gold here and this is the stuff
I’m teaching my clients every single day, day in and day out.

In fact, I just got off a client call with a client I’ve had for years now where we were
coaching through one of these tools that I’m going to share with you today and how much
it impacted her and changed her. This is one you’re going to really want to listen to maybe
over and over again, take notes on, or just finally say, “Hey, maybe it’s time that I finally
coach with Lindsay. Let’s do this.”

Right now, I’m in a transition period in my business where I’m going from selling my
coaching in separate packages, so like you sign up for three months here, three months
here, and then that’s it. Now, it’s going to be a nine-month process from start to finish. Just
one level of you’re going to get the ultimate support from me and so I can only take a
certain amount of people because of that and this is actually something I’ve wanted.

It’s a really good thing. I realized over, especially the past year, I do a lot better with a
small group of clients that I can go really intimate and really deep with. I only want to
work with people who are all in, who are super-duper ready to uplevel and change their
lives, not these people that are like, “I don’t know yet.” I know this podcast is one of those
resources to really help you figure out, “Is that something that I want to do? Am I really
ready to change?”

I know there’s a podcast I listened to for my business coach right now for a whole year. I
listen to every single episode of hers. Like every week, it came out. I could not wait to get
my hands on that episode. I just needed that time to really get to know her and trust her
and like her and really figure out inside myself, “Is this really something that I’m wanting
here?” Once I knew, I acted on that and I took action and I’m so glad that I did.

Now, as we’re working together, we have an amazing relationship. I don’t really talk to her
that much. It’s really just me doing a lot of self-study teaching and coaching myself and
stuff, but I just trust everything that comes out of her mouth. That was based off of me
listening to her podcast. I know you may be on a journey right now where you’re not quite
ready yet, but just know these podcasts that are coming out are gold.

I don’t say that from an egotistical standpoint. I say that from a result standpoint. These
are the things that have helped me tremendously in my life. They help my clients’ lives.
They help other people’s lives. I spend about an hour a day doing some sort of personal
development on myself. A lot of that is listening to other coaches coach other clients. Yes,
that’s a thing, and granted these are clients of other coaches who have released that
ability to do so.

If you’re a client of mine, you’re like, “Lindsay, do you release our recordings?” No, I do not.
Only you and I have access to those recordings, but yes, I’m spending a lot of time
listening to other people getting coached using different tools and things of that sort. I’m
in this coaching world a lot to tell you. I’m so excited to share that with you today. I do
want to give you just a quick life update.

As I’m recording this, I’m just a few days back from my vacation. I actually went to
Colorado with my family. We really went back and forth on this trip because if you’re
listening to this episode live, you know the coronavirus is out there. We actually booked
this trip in February before everything hit the fan in March. We just kept it on the calendar.
We kept going back and forth to it. We were meeting another family there. They were all in
and they continued to stay all in.

The wife of the family we’re meeting, she’s actually a nurse. She was just really confident
and just really made us feel comfortable about going to this trip regardless. I still have
some reservations about it. We’re in quarantine right now just to make sure we didn’t pick
up anything while we’re out, but I am really glad that we went and it was an amazing trip.
It was beautiful. We stayed at an amazing resort.

They happen to open on the day that we arrived from their closure from COVID. It was just,
again, one of those life moments of, “I can’t believe this is my life.” Not only that, but I
realized I had some life moments prior to coaching, me being the client in that sense when
I say that. I wasn’t in the headspace to really enjoy and take in that kind of abundance and
beauty and have the gratitude and presence that I have now.

In essence, a lot of those moments were “wasted,” I feel like. This time, I could just really
sit there and take it in. Now, that doesn’t mean everything was daisies and rainbows. There
were some hard moments during the trip like my daughter really annoyed me one day, my
husband annoying me, but all in all, it was amazing. It was a fuel for me to come back and
record this episode for you because I just thought so many people– they’re out there
checking off life’s boxes.

You hear me say this a lot on the podcast, and yet they’re going and doing these great
things like going to a resort or these trips and they’re not able to be present during them.
That’s why managing your mind is so incredibly important. Even when I was on my trip, as
I said, people annoyed me. There were other moments where things really could have
taken a tumble and made the whole trip sour, but I was able to spot in my mind what was
going on and change it so that I can really continue to stay present.

Being present is actually hard to do. This is why the mindfulness movement has really
taken off with different apps and different athletes really bringing attention to it. I think
LeBron James is really big into it. I’m trying to think who else is. That swimmer that won
all the awards in the Olympics, what is his name? I can picture his face, but a lot of them
are coming out talking about mindfulness, right?

The reason why is because it’s so important. I believe it’s the most important skill you can
learn. I think so many people would agree with me. It’s such a shame we’re not teaching
this in our schools because the quality of your mind, and “your mind,” meaning your
thoughts, how you’re able to see your thoughts and be aware of them to help you feel your
feelings is directly correlated with the quality of your life.

If you have a great mindset, you’re going to have a great life. That’s why you see a lot of
rich, miserable people. I happen to live in an area where we have all different types.
Recently, I had a play date, of course, this is pre-COVID, for my son. We walk in. It’s this
million-dollar-plus home and the people are just miserable. I just thought, once again,
money does not solve the problem. It’s your mindset. Always, always, always, always.

That’s why you see too poor people who are just so happy. One of the best times of my
own life was when I had no money and I was just going through my divorce. I was this new
client of coaching and just learning all these tools and I’m teaching on the podcast and, of
course, in my coaching process. I just felt so amazing for the first time in my life and I just
thought, “Oh, who cares if I have no money in the bank. I feel so good.”

Again, today’s episode can really impact you. Hopefully, you’ll take away some things
today to start to implement in your life to see exactly what I’m talking about because we
think sometimes that our thoughts are facts but our thoughts are just sentences in our
brain. Once we realize this and we realize that we can sit there and listen to them and we
don’t have to take them as truth, everything changes.

You realize how much power you have. You realize how much you can change things just
from your thoughts and how you start to feel really good. You start to have a lot more
energy and you’re taking these things like I’ve talked on the podcast about massive action.
All of a sudden, you’re like, “How am I getting these results? It just seems too easy. It
seems like magic. It seems like someone should come arrest me.” [laughs]

I’ve had that thought many times of like, “Am I doing something wrong here?” Because it’s
just is way easier doing it this way than the way I had been doing it before and the way
that society teaches us, to be honest. Again, so excited for you to be here today. Let’s get
into it. I’m going to teach you my top tools for managing your mind. Remember, your mind
or your mindset really just means your thoughts.

The first tool that I’m going to teach you and it’s a tool I have been obsessed with lately,
I’ve known about it for a while. Recently, I’ve just been using it a lot in my day-to-day life.
I’m starting to use it with my clients and it’s changing the game. It’s just making things so
simple for all of us. Really, this is a tool that I’m using with clients when they’re near the
end of working with me or they’re just an alum who’s coming back and getting a
maintenance session. This tool is one I’ve mentioned on another episode.

I believe it was in managing uncertainty. It’s called the self-coaching model. It was
developed by Brooke Castillo of The Life Coach School. I’m not certified through them, but
I am just a huge advocate of this tool. Really what the tool is, it’s showing you that your
circumstances are neutral. No matter what happens to us, it’s not really about the
circumstance. It’s our thinking about the circumstance that changes the game, that creates
our feelings, that then creates our actions, and then creates our results.

When you’re able to see your model, in essence, it’s what they call it, written out, it is
flipping powerful because, again, it shows you, “Oh my gosh, it’s my thoughts.” It also
shows you, “This is what I’m feeling.” So many times, we don’t really know what we’re
feeling and then, all of a sudden, we feel really anxious or just moody or we feel sad all of
a sudden, and then we just kind of snowball in essence.

All of a sudden, it’s like, “Whoa, what happened? Why am I feeling this way?” I remember
so many times as I’ve kind of gone through this personal development journey in the past
few years and life comes at you really fast, especially when you’re scrolling on your phone.
All of a sudden, you’re like, “Fine,” and then maybe you see something, but you’re scrolling
so fast that you don’t even register what has happened.

All of a sudden, I would find myself feeling a little mad or sad sometimes and I’d have to
back up and say, “What happened?” Let me slow down here for a second. I have to go back
and trace my steps and say, “Oh my gosh, it was after I saw this one post. It really irked me
and that’s why I’m feeling this.” All of a sudden, in the background, my thoughts are
tumbling or snowballing into another direction. Now, all of a sudden, I’m really moody,

It’s really important again that we’re able to catch these things and manage our mind
because, otherwise, as I said, it snowballs. Let me give you an example in my own life. As I
said, we went on vacation last week. We went to a really nice resort. I’ve been to nice
resorts in the past two years. I’ve been very fortunate in that. We like to vacation well.
We’re not old money. We’re not new money. We’re just people who do decently well and
who like to travel in a really nice way.

My husband and I both value experience and so that’s just something we’ve told ourselves
in the very beginning is that we want to take nice trips and so we do. We roll up to this
resort and I knew it was going to be nice, but I didn’t think it was going to be as nice as it
was. Since we’ve been driving basically two days, my son wasn’t even wearing pants. He
was in a diaper and his pajama shirt. My daughter was still in her pajamas and she’s at the
age where it’s inappropriate to be in pajamas.

I’m disheveled at this point. We have so many bags because I packed a ton of snacks in the
car. Not only that, but I packed random things because of this COVID stuff. I didn’t know if
we could even stop and use the bathroom, so I have toilet paper and antibacterial wipes
and stuff. We roll out and the valet guys opened our door. We just rolled out of the car,
looking disheveled. They’re trying to take all our bags and be super helpful.

In essence, I’m really just wanting to self-park the car and do it ourselves because I’m
embarrassed and our luggage is kind of old. We’re walking out and I’m looking around
thinking, “Okay, is anybody else looking like us?” Because as I had mentioned earlier, they
had just opened the hotel on this day and so it was this massive rush of all these people
checking in at once because it was the first day you could check in.

I’m walking around. It’s like all these people who are really put together and they all have
their Louis Vuitton luggage coming out. They have this aura about them that my read was,
“Oh my gosh, it’s all old money.” You know what I’m talking about. They’re just really
polished and put together. You can tell what they’re wearing is designer even though it
may not have little labels on it. Their bags obviously have the labels.

They just have this peace and calm about them. They have no rush, no stress because it’s
like money’s just abundant. They don’t have to rush to go to work and all of that stuff.
[chuckles] I’m sitting there and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, we’re out of place,” was the thought.
Now, I didn’t realize this at the time consciously, but I thought we don’t fit in here. We
finally get to our room with our bags, a million and one bags, and the– what do you call
them? The bellhop? I don’t know.

He brings our bags and so we’re in there and I’m like, “Okay, phew. All right.” I was like,
“Let’s get dressed and let’s go to dinner,” and we had dinner reservations and so we go
down there. We looked decently okay. My daughter at dinner just starts not having the best
manners. This is something I’ve really been working on her. She even went to etiquette
school. This is something that’s really bothering me to be honest. My son, I don’t buy my
son nice clothes because he’s little. He’s a little boy. He’s two years old.

I just don’t, but all these other boys were dressed with their little monogram stuff. Again, it
was just feeding into me in the background, in my head of, “We don’t fit in. We’re like
lower-class in these people,” and so I started getting antsy with my daughter and moody
toward my family and I’m thinking, “Why am I getting like this?” I started to catch it and
I’m like, “I don’t want to be like this. I don’t want to sit here and snap at everybody. I’m on
vacation. Who cares?” I had to sit back and just analyze my thoughts for a moment and
that’s when I played it back.

I realized the model in essence, okay? If we have the circumstance of the hotel being what
it is, that’s the circumstance of the situation of that’s just the hotel and how it is. It’s my
thoughts about the circumstance that’s creating this feeling of not being enough, right?
From that, the actions I’m taking off of that is being really snappy toward my family. The
result of that had that gone on long-term would probably be we wouldn’t have that great
of a vacation. I would feel really out of it or inadequate and all of those things, right?

Because I was able to catch my thoughts pretty early on in the game of feeling, “Oh, we
don’t fit in,” I could catch it and say, “Whoa, wait a second. Okay, maybe that’s true, maybe,
but I don’t really want to think that because I don’t really want to be old money. I don’t
really want to be new money. I don’t really want to be any of that crap. I just want to be
myself and I want to enjoy my family and that’s why I’m here. I’m not here to impress
anybody. I’m here to have a great time with my family.”

From that, I was able to start to intentionally program those kinds of thoughts in my mind
when it would come up again and again because we were there all week and we were
walking around and granted. There were other families there as the week went on,
especially the family that we met with. That’s not like that at all and I was able to be really
present with them.

Anytime that thought would come up of, “Ooh, we’re not old money like these other
people,” I’d be like, “I don’t care about that. That is not important to me. I fit in. We fit in.
We’re amazing. I love us for who we are.” Those are the thoughts I start to tell myself
intentionally to create the feelings of peace and acceptance and presence and then, of
course, taking action from that place and getting different results. That model tool in
essence is an amazing one to really help you start to see what is going on in my mind.

If you’re really new to thought work or mindset work, this is going to take a little bit of
skill. That’s why when I have clients who first come to me, I have them start journaling.
The first few weeks we’re together, they have to journal four-plus times a week. I know
that can turn some people off, but it’s so important because they’re starting to see what’s
going on in their head, and then they’re starting to see, “Whoa, this is what’s been going on
behind the scenes.”

For a lot of them too, they realize, “Oh, I can put this all out on paper now versus it
swarming in my head.” Because many times when we’re pulling the thoughts, the feelings
come with that, then the feelings have somewhere to go. The feelings can be processed
instead of just, again, swarming in your head or your body and then, all of a sudden, you’re
like, “I need some wine” or “I need to go shopping” or “I really need to watch some Netflix
tonight,” because you’re feeling something that’s uncomfortable for your body, your mind,

You’re wanting to take that edge off with something we call a distraction, which is, in
essence, numbing you from actually feeling it when the feeling sometimes, yes, it’s really
uncomfortable and it doesn’t feel good. Sometimes we just need to sit there and feel it in
order to allow it to be until we can move on. That’s my next biggest tip for you, is once
you’re starting to pull the thoughts, is to really start to pull the feeling.

We go back to that model, right? I’m going to have a printable of this in the show notes if
you want to see this visually. A model in essence is really– The first line is just a C for
circumstance and you’re writing what the circumstance is. You’re going to write below
that, a T, and you’re going to write what your thought is. Below that, you’re going to write
an F and you’re going to write what your feeling is.

I’ll give you another example here. Before I gave you the example of the hotel, that was a
circumstance. My thought was, “We don’t fit in.” The feeling was inadequacy in essence,
right? In June, it was a really big month for me. I lost eight pounds. I doubled my revenue
in my business. What else happened? There was so much that happened. I hired an
amazing team. Oh gosh, I started speaking up about racism and really coming out as being

I got some pushback from that. Especially from family members, I had a few really big
fights with my husband actually about that, but we worked through them. I was able to
show myself like, “Hey, this isn’t that scary. Keep going. This is amazing.” It was just a lot
of mindset changes and positive results from that, right? Really, the first week in June
specifically was super big. This is the week I made the most money.

I made more money in a week than I’d made in my best month to date. I also lost, I think,
three or four pounds just in that week because I just started this new way of living and I
cut flour and sugar. I cut alcohol and caffeine, which I’d pretty much done before, and so
my body just was like, “Whoa, this is great,” and I started to have amazing energy from
that. I got on a coaching session after that week happened and I said, “Okay, here’s my

I told them. I said, “Last week was amazing and here’s what happened.” There’s a part of
me that’s like, “Oh, my gosh, this is so incredible and I feel excited off of that,” and then
there’s this other part of me that says, “This is scary,” and I feel this anxiety and it almost
feels like someone’s choking me. The coach I was coaching with said, “Okay, we’ll just sit
there and feel that for a little bit.” I was like, “What?”

It’s like, “I don’t want to feel that way. I don’t want to feel anxious and scared.” She’s like,
“No, I want you to just sit there and feel that.” I sat there for five minutes and I had my
hands on my throat because that’s what it felt like that someone was choking me. I just
kept saying, “This is so uncomfortable,” and she’s like, “No, I just want you to feel it.” I was
like, “Okay.” I’m putting myself back in there and I’m feeling it.

She goes, “Okay, do you want to talk about it?” and I said, “Yes, I keep feeling like
someone’s choking me and someone’s holding me back. I don’t even know why I feel that
way.” She’s like, “I don’t care why you feel that way. Just feel it.” She just kept saying that,
“Just feel it. Just feel it.” We sat there for 20 minutes and I just felt it. You know what
happened after that? I didn’t need to feel it anymore. I just finally allowed myself to feel
the feeling of being scared from the power I had created.

As I got off that session, I sat there and I realized, “Oh my goodness, I have been doing this
to myself for years and that was what was causing a huge part of my self-sabotage.” I
would have these amazing moments and then I wouldn’t really realize what I was feeling. I
knew I’d feel scared, but I wouldn’t allow myself to feel that way. I’d just say, “Oh, just
keep going,” but then I start self-sabotaging, and then that was it and then I couldn’t keep
up the momentum of it. My coach for that day, really having me sit there and feel that I
needed that.

I do this so many times, of course, as a coach on the other side of having my clients feel
those things. It’s just sometimes in our own mind, we’re too close to things. Our brain
wants us to avoid pain at all costs even if we know we need to go into it. That’s why we
need somebody else there like a coach to really say, “Hey, I’m going to hold that space for
you. I’m going to give you this time and I’m going to just hold that accountability and say,
‘I really need you to feel this right now’.”

We tapped into the depth of it and to show me too some things that maybe I wasn’t seeing
in myself. That’s another big tip for you here, is to not only be able to see your thoughts,
but then to feel your feelings, but to have somebody, be it a coach, hopefully me because I
would love to be your coach, but somebody to hold that space for you and show you what
you may not be seeing in yourself.

If I talk specifically about the session I just got off where I was doing this for a client of
mine, and this is an old client of mine, she came to me and she said, “I just keep feeling
the same frustration and I don’t want to be around people. I just want to figure out some
tips on how to do that.” I took her through in essence, this model tool that I’m telling you
and I said, “Okay. Well, tell me what your thoughts are and then what your feelings are.”

I just allowed her to feel the feeling and I said, “What if it’s okay to just feel that
discomfort? What if nothing’s gone wrong for you to feel uncomfortable in those
moments? It’s just that’s what you need to feel right now in order to evolve and move on.”
She’s like, “Oh, my gosh, yes, because before, I would go and pick up some alcohol to take
off the edge. This time, I’m not doing that anymore. Instead, I’m just feeling the feeling,
but now I don’t know what to do with it.”

I was like, “Yes, exactly. You just need to feel it. Just allow yourself to feel through it that,
‘Hey, this is uncomfortable,’ and that’s okay.” That’s the other big tip I really want to give
you here is, what if anytime something is happening in your life or something you’re
thinking or something you’re feeling? It’s not because something has gone wrong. Maybe
it’s just that way because that’s what you need in that moment.

I’m going to say that again because I might blow your mind there. What if something that’s
happened in your life or a thought you’ve had or a feeling you have? That doesn’t mean
that something has gone wrong. It just means that that’s what you need in that moment.
We go back to my hotel example of getting out of the car and I’m feeling like, “Oh, my
gosh, we don’t fit in.”

When I look back on that moment now, it’s such a blessing that, A, I tapped into the feeling
and the thought of that because, otherwise, it could have really snowballed and I could
have really sabotaged the trip for something so silly, but we do this. It allowed me to see
something deeper and it allowed me to see something I needed a little bit more healing
on. That was in college. I went to this college that I thought I was going to fit in. I thought
I was going to be this rock star at and I was in some ways. In other ways, I didn’t fit in. It
was a lot of old money and I wasn’t old money.

I wasn’t new money either. I was just this girl who had persevered and broken barriers and
gotten to this new world and didn’t really know all these etiquette things and stuff like
that. I realized and I was like, “Whoa, that impacted me more than I realized,” and I was
able to do a little healing work for that 18-year-old version of me that was feeling really
scared for those years as I was in college and trying to navigate through all of that. That
was such a blessing for me to be able to go back and do that healing because now, I’m on
the other side of it and I’m like, “Whoa, I’m even more unstoppable now,” right?

If I had gone back to that moment and said, “Something’s gone wrong here. Why am I
feeling this way? Red flag, red flag. I’m not supposed to feel this. I’m only supposed to feel
good. I’m on vacation. What’s wrong with me?” and like judging it, that would have been a
whole another level of crap that I would have had to work through versus just accepting it
for what it is as, “I’m feeling inadequate right now. Whoa, okay, let me feel that. Whoa, that
feels uncomfortable. I don’t like that feeling. I don’t like knowing that we’re not the rock
stars here, whatever you want to call it or just fitting in with everybody, but I’m just going
to feel it for a moment,” and then I allow myself to feel it and I can move on.

Okay, so you follow me here? The tips I’m giving you is, one, recognize what the thoughts
are. The power is always in your thoughts. It’s not about the circumstance. It’s about your
thoughts about the circumstance that’s creating the feelings, that’s creating the actions
and creating the results for you. That is where your power is. That’s where you’re
managing your mind. When you know what your thoughts are, that’s where you can change
everything, everything.

If you’re not getting the results you want, that’s when you can go back and say, “Okay,
what are my thoughts about this?” As I’m working with my business coach, this is
constantly what she’s coaching us on, is if we don’t get the result we want in our business,
she’s saying, “Okay, what were the thoughts?” For example, if we post something on
Instagram but nobody replies to it, she’ll go in and say, “Okay, what were your thoughts
when you were posting that?”

“Well, I was thinking I really want to help people that I really want them to know this
message, but I was also thinking I don’t think I’m a very good coach,” or da, da, da, da.
People can feel that off of you. We all have like this energetic BO, is what my coach, Stacy,
calls it. It’s so true because I did a marketing campaign last year with some “influencers”
online. They would go on and they would talk about coaching and how it helped them.
As they referred people to me, it was like carbon copies of them. No joke. It was the same
problems, the same issues in their life, everything they needed help with. It wasn’t
specifically like these people had gone out and said, “Hey, this is what I’m coaching
through.” It was like these people just picked up on their energetic BO and I was almost
coaching them part two. It’s been so interesting to watch.

It’s so true. There’s a quote out there that says, “Your vibe attracts your tribe,” which I
know some people find offense to because of the tribe thing, but it’s very, very impactful
how our energy is and that’s all off of what we’re thinking. You can read people from a
mile away, at least I can. I know a lot of other people can. Is that person confident? What is
he or she thinking about themselves? I can so see it in everybody’s demeanor and body
language and you are doing that too.

Again, that all goes back to your thoughts. What are you thinking? That’s what’s creating
what you’re feeling. Sometimes you just need a coach or somebody else to hold space and
allow you to see what it is that you’re thinking and feeling so that you can change it. So
many times, people think, “Oh, I don’t want to invest money in coaching because it’s like
you’re selling the invisible in essence,” is what we call it in coaching.

It’s not like we can say, “Oh, look at my before and after.” A weight loss coach, of course,
can do that. For us, it’s like, “Okay, we’re doing all this internal work,” so it’s hard
sometimes for us to sell that, but this is the gold. This is what changes the entire game
because if you feel really good about yourself and about life and you have really good
thoughts about things, that’s what’s attracting the goodness into your life.

That’s why so many people are coming to me and they say, “Oh, I want to get a promotion”
or “I want this and that to happen.” As we work together, they get it so quickly. They’re
like, “Well, I didn’t really change anything that I was doing. I didn’t even know what I
needed to do. It just happened.” I’m like, “Yes, because we changed your thoughts. We
changed your feelings.”

All of a sudden, that dream guy that you wanted was like he spotted you in the grocery
store because you had the energetic vibe to attract that versus before, you were like, “Oh,
this is never going to happen. I don’t know where it’s going to come from,” right? It’s,
again, so, so, so important you are knowing those thoughts. If that’s the only thing you take
away from this episode is knowing that your thoughts create everything, that is a great
takeaway to have.

If you’re very new to this work, that’s the ultimate thought to have. If you’re more
advanced, definitely take in these tools of the model and using that and, two, hire a coach.
A book and a podcast can only take you so far, my friends. If you aren’t finally investing in
yourself at this next level, you’re missing out and I’ve learned this the hard way. The very
first year, I was introduced to coaching. I had my coach. We coached nearly every week.

It was nine months. I created so much growth and transformation and then I was like, “You
know what? I’m good for a while. I’m going to build my business,” and I did that. I would
get little coaching here and there, but I didn’t really for years. It wasn’t until about last
year that I was like, “Okay, something needs to change with my business,” because to be
completely honest with you, it really was not making money.

Part of that was I took some time off to have my son, but it wasn’t generating the income
that it really needed to to survive, A, and for me to finally say, “Okay, this is it. This is what
I’m going to do.” I ended up rehiring my first coach. As the year’s gone on, I’ve hired my
business coach, Stacy, and things of that sort. That’s what really changed the game for me
and it’s made it so clear to me that, again, ongoing coaching is one of the biggest keys to
ongoing growth.

Anytime you’re just in constant transformation because that’s what coaching should be
delivering to you, you’re just going to grow and grow and grow and grow. There’s just no
need to stop because if you continue to grow, your finances should be continuing to grow
along with that, and so why stop? You just keep going and going and going and going. It’s
pretty incredible. Those are my top tips for you on how to manage your mind.

Remember, this is the most important skill that you can learn for yourself, is learning how
to do this. It seems very basic and elementary, I know. It seems too good to be true, but
truly without a doubt, this is the biggest key to success. The way you manage your mind is
a direct reflection of what you will create in your life. Again, hands down, period. No
question mark, period, exclamation point. This is it.

Please start learning how to manage that mind and really start to take in, “What is going
on in my head?” Start to feel those feelings. Just think about, “How do I want to invest in
myself?” Because if I can start to see the thoughts of what’s going on and just process my
feelings, then, dang, I’m just going to be so unstoppable. I’m going to be able to create the
actions and the results that I want to create.

I’m seeing this yet again in my own life, so I want this for you too, my friend. It really is so
simple. That’s why sometimes it’s so simple that it takes my breath away like that week
when I had a really big week of, “Whoa, I finally lost some of this weight. I’m finally
making the money I want.” It was because I had been coaching on my thoughts for the
month prior and, all of a sudden, boom, get the results. I was like, “[gasps] This is too easy.
[gasps] I feel scared.” It does. It really can be that simple.

I hope this episode helped you. I feel like it was a big one. I know it would have helped me
out so much back in the day. Be sure to listen to the outro here to get the link on my free
community if you want to continue this conversation and, two, to get the link if you’re
ready to start coaching with me. You can go take a free assessment, answer some
questions, see if we’re a good fit, and then we can get on a free consult call together and
start figuring out if we’re going to coach together. I would love, love, love to help you. All
right, my friend, talk to you soon. Bye-bye.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed
it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on
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be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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