Unfulfilled with your current career? This episode is for you. I’m giving my top tips on how to change your career in a strategic and fulfilling way so you don’t lose the momentum (and money) you’ve already built.


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“Sometimes a part of you has to die so a new version of you can be born.”

One of the most popular goals I coach women on is how to find their ideal career(s) and how to switch to that career in a strategic and fulfilling way without losing the momentum (and money) they’ve already built.  

Shockingly though I’ve never covered this topic on the podcast!  

Today we’re changing that.

If you’re someone who feels unfulfilled with your current career to a point where you wake up with a feeling of dread, then this week’s “changing careers” episode is for you.


  • What the biggest signs are to let you know it’s possibly time to change careers
  • How to find your ideal career(s)
  • How to ensure it’s really a career issue and not something else going on
  • How to make your career transition exactly how you want it to be
  • Why women who make a comfortable (if not great) salary are actually in a GREAT position to make a career change
  • The #1 thing you need when making a career transition

…and so much more

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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 55,
Changing Careers.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived
through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear
the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join
me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman
you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hi there, Miss Unstoppable. So grateful to have you for this episode. Changing careers is
what we’re talking about today, and it is by far one of the biggest topics I coach on with
my clients. So many women come to me with a goal of wanting to feel more fulfilled in
their career and saying, “I just need to change careers, Lindsay, and I don’t know where it is
I want to go, but I’m hoping you can help me find that. I’m hoping I can step into that new
career without losing the momentum and the money I’ve gained thus far.”

I’m like, “Oh honey, I am so excited for this all,” because it’s so exciting to see women step
into their highest potential and having deeply fulfilling careers and really getting them to
see the impact their career is making on their lives. Because a lot of times, we just put up
with things or we just think, “Well, this is as good as it’s going to get. This is a good job, I
should be grateful. I’ve done all these trainings or certifications or degrees or whatever to
get to this place. If not, just put in my time and maybe some money here and there that I
should just sit back and enjoy the ride.”

I see this even with my husband. He is, gosh, 43. I always forget how old he is. He’s 43.
He’s in a really great spot in his career, but he’s gotten to a point where he’s done the
same thing now for, goodness, like eight years. It’s just this interesting place for him. He’s
trying to navigate that and of course, he tells me I am not his coach, I’m his wife. It’s
interesting to watch it play out in my own home. It’s so fun to watch it play out with the
women I get to coach because we get to make so many changes in just a few months and
get them to a place where they know where they want to go next and taking massive
action to that place and in a strategic way that, again, they don’t lose the momentum and

It blows their minds, to be honest with you because our minds can be so limiting and think,
“Oh, well, I did all of this to become a lawyer. I have to just stay a lawyer. I have to just
stay as a doctor. I have to just stay in this management role,” or whatever it is and it’s just
not true at all. At all. We’re going to blow some of those myths out of the water today. As I
said earlier, I’m going to give you my top tips on how to make this transition really smooth
for you. I cannot wait to jump into it, but before we do, just want to give a shout-out to
everyone who’s leaving a review for the show, especially if you’re like staying on Apple

It just takes a few minutes. Go leave a quick few words about why you love the show. I
would so appreciate it. It’s just like a cherry on top when I get the notifications that a
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reviews fuel me a little bit. So thank you so much and of course, those reviews help other
people find the show and say, “Wow, okay. This is a show that people like, and here’s why
they like it.” All right, so thank you, thank you.

As I said, we’re talking about changing careers today, and let’s jump into my very first top
tip. If you are an avid listener of the show or if you’re a client of mine, you’re going to
know what this whole thing is about on this tip, and it’s called the puzzle of you. If you’re
new here, the puzzle of you is something I do with my clients in about month four and
month five of us coaching together out of the nine-month process. What we do is we put
together all these different pieces of who they are. The different pieces are things like
their values, their strengths, their way of thinking, their motivation. What else is on there?
Their child self, their desires, their passion, their life purpose.

I think there’s something like 10 different puzzle pieces. I just worked on a graphic for it
with my designer. I was like, “Oh my gosh, it’s so cool to see this visually,” but for whatever
reason, I can’t remember all of them, but that’s what a puzzle of you is. It’s just putting
together all these different pieces of who you are and then seeing the patterns in that and
seeing what your zone of genius or some people call your secret sauce or just your overall
life purpose too of what is it I’m here to do? What was I sent on this planet to contribute?
Because we all want that deeper why, right?

We all want those things that make us get out of bed even on the hard days and say,
“Okay, I’m contributing to this bigger thing,” or, “I know that I’m in the right direction,” and
that’s what the puzzle of you gives you. It just gives you a really great understanding of
who you are and who you are on this bigger picture. In my puzzle of you, I have, as I said,
the values, the strengths, it’s the way of thinking, the motivation, all that fun stuff. But my
bigger puzzle of me is knowing that I am here to contribute and give love and to help
people find a deeper love for themselves. In doing that, they find more fulfillment and they
get the results that they want and all that fun stuff.

I know I’m here to help women. For me, yes, I get to do that in my coaching practice, but I
get to show up that way in all areas of my life. It feels like my career in essence, is my
purpose or my zone of genius or secret sauce. Again, you can call it whatever you want, but
that’s what I feel I’m here to do. I feel I’m really good at being able to connect with people,
individualize and understand who they are, and motivating them into action. Again, of
course, this is great in my coaching practice but it’s also great in my personal life. Just
allows me to feel like I’m always showing up as my best self and contributing to
something bigger.

Because that’s what we all want at the end of the day. We want to feel we’re making a
difference, and so that puzzle of you can give you that. Now a great way to build up the
first puzzle of you is to go and take an assessment. You’re going to know what this
assessment is if you have followed me for a while, but it’s called CliftonStrengths. They
use to called StrengthsFinder, and this assessment is going to test your top natural talents.
It takes about 30 minutes to take. It’s 19.99 to take at the time of this recording. You can
also unlock your full list of strengths for, I believe, 49.99.

As long as you just get those top five, that they’re really great start. You’re going to start to
understand what is it that I’m really good at in this world, and how can I make those
talents even better and turn them into strengths and make them something amazing
inside of me. So many times, what we’re good at, we don’t see in ourselves because they’re
so natural to us. It’s important that we recognize how we’re unique and special, and taking
that CliftonStrengths assessment will help you start to do that. It’s so interesting because I
actually have a client right now, she’s near the end of working with me in the nine-month

When we first started, I just had her take the CliftonStrengths. I didn’t know her puzzle of
you yet. Just based on what she was doing and what her CliftonStrengths showed, I was
like, “Whoa, girl. I can totally see why you’re unfulfilled in your career because you’re not
using any of your strengths in your career at all, nor is it a career where we could
implement those strengths in any way.” We started playing around with maybe she could
implement her strengths in her personal life, and that just didn’t really pan out. As we’ve
been working together these past few months, she has made a very big transition.

Not a gradual one, but a very big transition into a new career in a way where she’s like, “Oh
my gosh, it almost feels magical that I’ve been able to do this, and already, I just feel so
much better, even though I’m low on the totem pole.” She did not follow the system I’m
giving you today of how to keep the momentum because she was just in a place where she
didn’t care to keep that momentum. She’s just feeling so much better off just knowing the
CliftonStrengths at that point and knowing how to fulfill those in a different way. That’s a
powerful tip I’m giving you here.

If you don’t know how to understand your results when you get them, I do have a free
online community. You will get the link on the outro and you can find it in the show notes.
In that community, if you get your strengths, and you say, “Lindsay, hey, help me
understand these,” I will totally give you a really quick reading on them. I can just look at
someone’s top five strengths. I know this is going to sound weird, but I sit back and I
visualize those strengths and how they work together, and then all of a sudden, my brain
just pops out like a computer, these few sentences of, “Okay, well, this one works with this
one in this way and this one works with this one and this is what your secret sauce is,” just
off your strengths.

I used to do that on my Instagram a lot and say, “Oh, tell me your strengths and I’ll give
you this information.” Now, I just go to my community and I’ll give that to you so you can
get a better understanding of what your strengths mean because again, that stuff is gold. If
you do the bigger puzzle, it’s amazing but the strengths is a really great way to start. Now I
do want to say that sometimes it’s not really a career issue. This, again, goes back to
someone’s puzzle or even just looking at their CliftonStrengths. You can see very clearly,
or at least I can see very clearly when someone says, “I’m not fulfilled in my career,” but
then I see their strengths and maybe it is aligned with their career.

I’m like, “What’s going on here? I don’t understand,” because your strengths are in
alignment with what your career is. I had a client, she was actually one of my very first
clients. She was a teacher, and she said, “I hate teaching. I’m so over teaching and what I
want to do is I want to grow my business.” Her business was building things. I won’t go
into more detail because I don’t want to give away her identity, but it was building things.
A big career change, in essence. From teaching to doing this building thing. She’s like, “I
just feel so good when I’m there and I’m building this stuff,” and then when I got her
strengths, I was like, “I see why you like building things.”

Especially as we dug deep into her puzzle of her, I could see the passions and all that
there, but I was like, “But still, you can use some of this in your teaching career.” As we dug
deeper, it was an issue with one of her CliftonStrengths actually being in overdrive and a
co-worker having that similar strength and then combating to a point where she just
wasn’t fulfilled anymore in her career or so she thought, when really it was a person issue.

What happened was, she came into coaching saying, “Hey, I want to get out of teaching
ASAP. Here’s my goal,” and what we ended up doing was we built her side business.
That started to really thrive, of the building things, but then she realized, “Oh, my gosh, I
really do love teaching. I just needed to tweak a few things in the way I was handling
things and the way I was thinking about things, and now I really enjoy teaching.” She was
able to even blossom in teaching, get promotions with different, I think, coaching
opportunities and things of that sort. She was making even more money getting to do even
more of what she wanted to do. It was like this added bonus that she was able to keep
teaching along the way.

That’s just the power sometimes of digging a little deeper and really starting to
understand, “What’s going on here? Is it really a career issue or is it something else?”
Again, that puzzle of you can start to unlock that. Also, when I work with my clients, we do
about two to three months of work of trying to uncover and release, heal, deal and feel. I
keep saying lately on some episodes of some things from their past, because that can
really make a big influence on people, of things they get triggered by, of things that are an
overdrive in their personality, of things that just don’t feel good in a work environment.

A lot of times, our work environment, we manifest the same thing we had as we did
growing up. Like our parents are manifested in either our boss or our co-workers or just
the overall company environment and so we’re like, “Oh my gosh, here I am again in a
similar environment.” It isn’t until we go in and heal some of the stuff from our childhood,
even if we had a great childhood, that then we change our belief system, we change our
thoughts, then all of a sudden, things start to shift in our worlds. We get new opportunities
and new jobs, or maybe just again, the work situation changes because of your mindset.
Again, a lot deeper stuff here.

I want to give you another micro tip in this bigger tip of looking at the puzzle of you is, like
I said, sometimes when we see the puzzle of somebody, it’s like, “Wow, you’re actually
really using those strengths in your career?” Or how could we incorporate those strengths
more and make it a hybrid role of what you’re already doing but just add in more of what
you’re wanting? I’ll give you an example of a client. She came to me. She’s an accountant,
but she has all these relational strengths. She would go to work and just crunch the
numbers kind of thing.

She wanted to keep the momentum of what she built in her accounting career because
that’s taken years upon years and many certifications and all that stuff, but she wanted to
have more of a people impact. What happened, as we were working together, she was able
to find and then obtain a job where she was doing accounting but she was also doing
training. It allowed her to incorporate both of those things and make a transition into this
hybrid career of what she had and get what she wanted. Again, she was like, “Oh my gosh,
Lindsay, this is like magic. How did I do this in just a few months?” I’m like, “This is the
puzzle of you, baby.”

When you know that and you know what you want, it’s so crazy cool because then our
brain knows what we want, and it goes after it. Then all of a sudden, we just see the things
that are meant for us, and boom, it just happens and falls in our lap. Because you know the
puzzle of you, you know what you’re good at, you know what you bring to the table, you
have this competence about you, so you can go in and do really well in interviews, if not
land the interview, and many times, negotiate a great salary and then start on this hybrid

One more example I want to give you here is, I had a client a while ago, years ago, and she
was like, “I really like my career for the most part, but I don’t feel like I’m living at my
highest potential with it.” When she would wake up in the morning, she was super excited
to go to work, but she’s just like, “You know what, I just know that there’s more for me out
there.” As we worked together, what happened was, she just started to build up more of
this high vibe energy, confidence, whatever you want to call it. Her job actually called her
and said, “Hey, listen, we have this promotion opportunity for you. it pays more,” blah, blah,
blah, blah, blah, and she ended up getting that promotion to step into more of her
potential, just from something that falls into her lap.

The magic here is pretty amazing of what can happen when I have a lot of consults with
women who say, “Oh, I want a career change.” To them, it just feels so impossible almost
to make that change, or it feels really scary to them to make that change, and I’m like,
“Baby, I promise you, it’s so much easier than we think it is. We just need sometimes the
right tools and the right help to get us there.” Again, lots of micro tips in that bigger tip of
just knowing what the puzzle of you is and really figuring out, “Is this a career issue or is
this just a puzzle issue? Am I just not using certain aspects of myself?”

Then figuring out what it is you do want and how to utilize that and figuring out how to
start to make that transition. Tip number two is if it’s time for a change, you have deemed
it is definitely time for a change, maybe not a career change but at least a job change. It
could be a career, it could be a job, whatever. How can you do this in the way that you
want? If you’re somebody that’s like, “Listen, I do not want to get paid less. I do not want
to give up,” blah, blah, whatever it is, maybe it’s work-life balance, maybe it’s certain perks
you have from your job, whatever, just get really clear of what it is that you want to keep
maintaining into your new job.

Maybe even stretch that a little bit and say, “What’s more that I want here, with this new
job?” “Maybe I’d like Friday’s off, maybe I’d like to get paid more. Maybe I’d like five weeks
vacation,” I don’t know. Set your dream about what it is you want but also set the
boundaries of what you’re not willing to give up, and then if you don’t want to lose money,
ask yourself well, “How can I create that?” If you don’t want to put up with annoying work
environments now, well, how can you make it happen? If you want more time to build
what’s next, how can you find that?

I’m throwing a lot of questions at you right now. Your brain’s probably going all over the
place but these are the kinds of things I want you to start asking yourself. I want you to get
really clear on what it is that you want this transition to look like for you and what it is the
new role is. Get really clear. Dream about it like you’re a little kid just sitting in a tree
looking out the stars and just daydreaming. That’s the kind of mentality I want you to have
as you think about your next career and just start to write down all the details, like how
much money do you make? What are the benefits? What are the people like that you work
with? Even, how far is it from your home?

Get very, very specific about what it is that you want. I will tell you you can find it so
quickly because as I said earlier, once you know what it is you want, the brain knows then
what to do to find it. All of a sudden, you start building in or bringing in these
opportunities that are very much in alignment with what you want. Now you may not get
everything you want. You may be missing the distance from your home, but you’re going to
be like, “Whoa, this is so cool.”

I actually just did this recently with a client, just in early June. Now at the time of this
recording, it’s late July, so just a few weeks ago. She’s like, “Oh, I just don’t know where to
go with my career.” I coached her. I didn’t even do the puzzle of you. I did have her
CliftonStrengths. I will give you that. As I was looking at her strengths, she was just going
through some different career options. We kept going back to her strengths, kept going
back. I was like, “Your strengths are just so in alignment with this path. You could do the
other thing, but your strengths alone just really align with this other career.”

We played with that. She got really clear on what it is that she wanted in that career and
all those things. Within days, no flipping joke, within days, that girl had interviews, and she
has landed her next job. Crazy, right? Right now, we’re going through the coronavirus.
Everyone thinks the economy is shutting down and it’s condensing, but it’s not necessarily
true. When everyone’s starting to think in that mindset of, “We’re in this horrible time, and
there’s no opportunity, and everyone’s getting laid off and unemployment is high,” then
that’s the trap you’re going to fall into, of, “There’s no opportunity.”

There are opportunities out there. There are some things that are expanding. My business
is one of them, for example. I’m expanding right now. Other companies are like that too.
Don’t get in that mindset. A total side note, but just please don’t get into that mindset
because you can really create what it is that you want here. I’ll give you an example from
my own life. You know my story. You know that when I went through my divorce at 28, I
had actually been a stay at home mom for two or three years at that point. Before that, I
was in human resources, and I had a dance studio.

I left all that behind to stay at home with my daughter. I found out about my then partner’s
double life and the divorce and all that stuff. Obviously, I had to go get a job. Well, I wasn’t
going to go back full time because him and I made an agreement that I was going to stay
part-time employment as long as I could and he would do certain things financially to help
me with that, which I’m very grateful for. I had to get a job still. I knew that I wanted to do
coaching at that point. I wanted a part-time job that really just paid my bills.

I got really clear of, “Okay, I want it where I can basically make my own hours. I’m only
working 20 hours a week. I’m making this amount of money. Basically, it’s a job where I get
to go in and build my coaching business.” Now you would think, “Where in the world would
Lindsay find something like that? She was dreaming this totally unrealistic dream.” I
thought I was crazy too, my friend, but there was a part of me that was like, “Go for it. Do
not settle for anything less.”

Within, gosh, it felt like weeks, it may have been months, but it felt like weeks, I had that
job. In fact, I was applying to so many things that were outside of what I was dreaming of
because, as I said, a part of me thought I was crazy, like, “You’re not going to get this,
Lindsay. This is stupid.” I would go on interviews for other jobs. It just did not pan out at
all. I even got on one interview where they were checking my references, and they were
like, “We’re going to offer you this job,” and it was going to be full time. I felt really torn
about it because I had made this commitment to only work part-time, and then it ended up
falling through last minute.

Then I got the interview that ended up becoming the job of it having everything. It was at
a local university. I could make my own hours. I got paid just enough to cover my bills. In
essence, it was a grant-funded job that really didn’t have many job responsibilities. They
just needed it because the grant had written in having this grant administrator. I got to go
to work, and in essence, build my coaching business. When I left that job, my husband even
laughed about how much paperwork I was taking from my desk because it was just so
obvious that that’s what I was doing the whole time if somebody were to just look at my
stuff. I did not hide it at all.

It was just really crazy how I was able to manifest that in my life. It was just such a
blessing. Just know that you can create this too. Really trust yourself. Trust the universe or
God, or if you believe in any of that, to meet you halfway. All you have to do sometimes is
just get really clear on what it is you want and just do whatever you need to believe
enough to go after that. As I said, I didn’t fully believe I could get it. I went on these
tangents. Thank goodness, those didn’t come through. I was getting to a point where I was
almost getting a little panicky.

I was down to the last of my savings, I think just a couple thousand of dollars. I was like,
“Oh, my gosh, something’s got to happen,” and then it just did. I’m so glad that I didn’t go
into fear. Of course, it’s so easy to see, looking back. I’m like, “It worked out well for you.” I
know your brain might be thinking that too, “It might not work out well for me,” but please,
please trust it. I’ve seen it happen time and time and time again. In fact, I don’t think I’ve
ever had a client who just settled, in essence. We’ve gotten them to a place in their
mindset where they believe more in getting the dream than not, and then they end up
getting it. It’s just so cool. It’s so cool.

Now one more micro-tip I want to add there about making the transition what you want is
the biggest fear I see with women are actually ones who have made a good career for
themselves and are making decent if not great money. Because the women who aren’t
making that much money– I was going from zero when I was trying to find a job, so I
wasn’t that scared of losing anything. I’d already lost everything. When you have
something that’s good, it’s hard to give that up to create something that’s great. I will tell
you this, is that because you have created a space where you are able to create that
amount of money, it’s a lot easier for you to go create that somewhere else.

You’ve built, in essence, this capacity to obtain that kind of money. You’ve built beliefs and
a self-worth about yourself and a competence about you to go and find that somewhere
else. Now you may have beliefs in there of like, “I’ll never get paid XYZ in this profession
like I do in this one,” and that’s some beliefs you’ll need to clean up. In essence, you’ve
created the space for you to make that money. It’s usually a lot easier for women to go and
create that same amount, if not more, somewhere else because, again, they have an energy
about them that will allow them to create that moving forward.

In my case, I was making nothing. Before that, I really wasn’t making that much. I think I
was making like 45,000 in my human resources job. That was still pretty early on in my HR
career. I wasn’t making that much. I wasn’t really thinking about making that much money
because I didn’t have the capacity to even claim that for myself. I just thought, “Man, I just
want a job where I can pay my bills and have this freedom of flexibility.” Just know that
you can create that too. You just, again, have to get really clear on what it is you want and
believe in it enough to go after it and stay committed to it.

Now we’re on to my final tip, which is tip number three. That is make a decision and then
stay in massive action with it. Go all in. If you’ve heard the recent episodes about strong
decision making, massive versus frantic action, you know what I’m talking about here. I’ll
give you a quick little rundown if you haven’t heard it. Massive action is basically going
massively toward your goals and staying focused with them and not having this frantic
energy of, “I’m in, I’m out, I’m here, I’m there.” I really encourage you to listen to that
episode if you haven’t because I think it’s one of my best ones to date. I’ll put it in the
show notes, but it’s called Massive Versus Frantic Action.

The other thing too is just make the decision. Once you sit down, and you really think
about what it is that you want, and you’ve done enough research to know who you are on a
deep level by having that puzzle of your whatever you do, and then you start to realize
again what you want, just commit to that. Go all in with it, and say, “I am going for this.”
You may have your doubts. It’s not saying you’re not going to have your doubts and your
days when you don’t believe and the days you don’t feel discouraged, but just keep the
belief alive enough to keep going after it, and saying, “This is what I’m going to do, no
matter what.”

Decide that this is it for you. Decide it going into it. So many people say, “Well, what if I get
in that career and then I don’t like it?” Well, maybe that will happen, I don’t know, but
decide for right now, “This is the next best step.” Just decide and then go with it. You’ll
figure it out as you go along. You sitting and spinning and thinking about it over and over
again is only going to waste time. Just decide for it, get enough information that you need,
and then move forward. That’s why I love the puzzle of you again because it’s like, “What
more do you need? Here’s all the information. We even see all the patterns now. Now is
the time. Let’s go.”

Just decide you can make it happen. The more that you want from it, the more you can get
from it. Decide what you’re going to do to create that for yourself. I’m going to give you
example of my own life, of what I mean here by this. I knew early on after I’d become a
coaching client that I was going to be a life coach. I just knew it like, “This is the thing and
that is what I’m going to do. This is the profession I’ve always wanted. I just didn’t know it
always existed. I’m loving the results that I’m getting.” I also had a tarot card reader. Many
of you may know this story that I had a tarot card reader that told me about life coaching
and said, “You’re going to have this big career.”

She put that belief in my mind. Whereas I think now, some of that is a bunch of BS, but she
put that thought in my mind. She knew just enough of my puzzle of me from seeing my
birth chart of being like, “Hey, you’ll be so good in this profession.” I had that momentum
going into it of, “I know I want to do this.” I was following the desires and the passions and
just this feeling of knowing that it was right. I thought life coaching was a joke, even
though I had gotten great results from it. I thought life coaches didn’t make a lot of money.
I just didn’t know how I was going to create this career that I wanted.

I had a vision of the success I wanted to create in some sort of career. Then I had this
thought of how I wanted to feel in my career. Then I had this thought and belief of the art
and science of coaching and what I loved about it. I was like, “Okay, I just don’t know how
all that’s going to mix together.” What happened is I started to see breadcrumbs of getting
online and seeing coaches who were embodying the energy and the business, at least from
afar, that I had envisioned for myself. I was like, “Wow, these guys are actually credible and
these guys look like they’re making money.”

Then I dug a little bit deeper, and I found coaches who were really making money. That
shattered that belief that coaches don’t make money. I was just able to follow those little
step by steps along the way to lead me to where I am today and where I’m going to go
next and next and next in my career. I’m just so glad that I didn’t sit there and think, “Oh,
well, coaches don’t make enough money,” or, “Coaches aren’t taken seriously,” and then
just left it there. I’m glad that I followed that calling inside of me to just go one step at a
time and the rest of it has fallen together.

You just have to trust God. You have to just decide, “Okay, I’m going to go all in on this. I’m
going to make it work. I’m going to make it happen. I’m going to make it fit for me.” Just
know that maybe it won’t be the best fit long term, maybe I’ll realize as I do it, it won’t
happen, it won’t be great, but you’ve got to have the courage to just go there anyway. For
me, I knew just in the few years I was in the corporate world and human resources just
like, “Ah, I can’t do this for the rest of my life.” It wasn’t that painful and yet it was. It was
so painful to wake up every day and just feel unfulfilled. I was like, “I can’t do this, I cannot
go back to this.”

I was more scared of going back to that than what was on the other side of coaching. I am
really grateful that I did have that tarot card reader that said, “Oh, you’re going to have this
big career in coaching,” because again, she put in that seed of, “Okay, I think maybe I’ll
create this,” when really she was just putting that thought in my mind. I’ve been able to
create that anyway. You can put in whatever thought you want. You can always go and try
on thoughts. We’ve talked about that in the managing your mind episode. Go try on
thoughts like you go try on clothes.

You sit there and think– I have a lot of bloggers the last year or so. You could say
something like, “I know a blogger making six figures.” “I’m I teacher who makes this or
does this.” Or, “I’m somebody who helps women do XY and Z and I make blah, blah, blah,”
whatever. Again, you can create whatever you want here. You just have to believe enough
to go out and get it. That’s the biggest tip I’m giving you. Believing it enough. Know who
you are, believing it, create what it is, and then go after it full force.

The last little tip I want to give you here and it’s going to sound a little informercially, but
I can’t help but tell you this. If you’re going to make a change in your career, just know
your mind is like we’re going to freak the eff out because a part of you has to die in order
for this new part of you to be born. Your brain is going to think that you are literally dying.
It’s going to send off all these sirens and red flags and it’s going to make you feel like crap.

You’re going to have to get uncomfortable again because you’re likely gotten really
comfortable in the career you’re at. It’s going to feel like you’re taking steps backwards.
You’re going to question your decisions a lot. Again, these are generalizations. It doesn’t
always happen. It’s just really important that you’re managing your mind through this time
because it’s just going to feel a little bit scary. Even if you know you’re stepping into
something better for yourself, again, you’re going to just freak out. It’s really important
that you have a coach on your side to help you manage that mind and help you calm those
anxieties and your learning tools to help you manage your own mind and keep it at bay.
This is one of the biggest reasons why I’m able to get clients to new careers or on new
pathways in just a few months because we’re coaching through those fears and

I’m reassuring them of things and keeping their beliefs high when they doubt themselves
or doubts that it can happen. Sometimes, we underestimate having some sort of support
system. I know at least I do in my life. Like, “Oh, I’ve got this, I can do this on my own,” but
then when I reach out for help with a coach, I think, “Oh, I’m so glad I did that. It was
totally worth the investment.” Even though my brain initially always tries to tell me, “Don’t
spend money on that, Lindsay. You can do it on your own.” Every time, I prove my own
brain wrong.

My brain really hates coaching at the end of the day in a lot of ways. It loves the feeling of
it afterward but going into, it is like, “Here we go. We’re going to have to pay money and
wah, wah, wah.” Just know that I would love to coach you through you’re own career
transitions or career changes. It is something I love doing with clients. I just have a group
right now walking in the door who are making a lot of career changes and that’s their goal
at least, so I’m so excited to work with them. I’d love to work with you.

Right now, the first step to seeing if we’re a good fit is going and taking my free coaching
assessment. The link is on the show notes. It’s also on the outro. Just go and take that
assessment and see if we’re a good fit to work together. You can book a free consult call
from that and then we can talk deeper about what it is you want coaching to help you
with. I can get a really great idea of what it is you want so I can say, “Yes, absolutely, I can
deliver on this,” or “Eeeh, think you may be a better fit somewhere else.” Thanks for tuning
into this episode. I hope it was a great one for you.

Two other quick episodes that would be helpful to listen to are my Rock Your Resume
episode and my Side Job Benefits, I believe it’s what it’s called, episode. I’ll link both in the
show notes. These episodes can help you build upon your career even more. Like your
resume, if you’re making that transition or seeing how you can make a transition with
making something new, a side job. Two really good episodes. I hope you love them. I hope
you love this one and I’ll talk to you next time. Bye.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed
it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on
social media, I’m sure they would be so appreciative to know these strategies and tips on
how to accomplish your dreams. If you are ready to guarantee you’re going to accomplish
your goals and dreams, then it’s time to start coaching with me.

In my nine-month simple success coaching system, I am going to walk you every single
step of the way to ensure that you get the goals and dreams that you want. The first step is
to apply for a free 60-minute consult call. Just go to LindsayEpreston.com/apply to get
started. As always, my friend, remember, you’re only as unstoppable as you believe you can
be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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