CUTTING ALCOHOL w/ Judy Eichhorst, Shelly Criswell & Rebecca Forst

Ever wondered what life is like when you cut alcohol and why people cut alcohol to begin with (when they aren’t addicts)? Then tune into this episode as I interview some of my clients and share my story about why we’ve cut alcohol in our lives and what cutting alcohol has changed for us.


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When people used to tell me that they cut alcohol from their lives, I’d think, “Why?!”

I enjoyed alcohol.  I thought it brought pleasure, joy and relaxation into my life.  

I used to love having a few drinks and having a “wild” night of stupidity.  

It brought excitement into my mundane life.  It had a purpose and I enjoyed that purpose, hangovers and all.

Then, my eyes were opened to a life with little to no alcohol from clients and other coaches who were loving it.  They talked about how much alcohol actually held them back.  

The more I listened and saw the impact of alcohol in my life, the more I realized how right they were.

I’m now at a place where I drink very little alcohol and am on a path toward never having a drink again.

This isn’t from a place that alcohol is bad or gross, I’m just outgrowing it.  

The quality of my life WITHOUT alcohol is SIGNIFICANTLY better now so why would I keep turning to it? 

It only holds me back.

I have some clients who shared their stories of cutting alcohol with me, and they’ve been some of my biggest inspirations toward my journey of cutting alcohol this past year.

They’re joining me on the podcast this week in hopes that they’ll give you an even better glimpse of what cutting alcohol from your life can look like. (Spoiler: It’s pretty awesome.)

Join me and my guests, Judy Eichhorst, Shelly Criswell & Rebecca Forst as we cover…

-Why we decided to give up alcohol

-The benefits we gained from cutting alcohol

-The hardest part(s) about cutting alcohol

-What’s allowed us to make cutting alcohol easy

…and so much more

Listen to this episode via the link at the top of this page!  

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:


The Naked Mind Book

The Naked Mind Challenge

One Year No Beer Challenge

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