Discover from therapist and life coach, Tess Brigham what you need to do with your mind in order to create your most fulfilling life.

master your mindset

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We all strive for things in our external world. A nice house, clothes we feel good in, a partner we adore, and maybe even a kiddo or two to make us feel like we’ve “made it”.

While all the external things are nice, there’s only one thing you’ll have no matter what in life: YOU.

And, what’s the most important part of you?

Your brain, of course. Particiularly your mindset.

The thoughts you have impact your feelings and your feelings impact your actions. When you learn to MASTER your thoughts and feelings, EVERYTHING in your world can change.

Helping you change your world is exactly what therapist and life coach, Tess Brigham can help you do on today’s episode.

During this episode, Tess and I discuss…

  • Tess’ quarter-life crisis at age 27
  • What’s the most powerful tool to create a happy & fulfilling life
  • What we learn as kids about our emotions that harms us greatly
  • What to do with your “negative” feelings when they happen
  • How to decrease your distractions
  • What to do if you feel like your mind is a scary place
  • What to do if you fear having a lack of control in your life
  • The power of fear in your life & how to make it your friend
  • The “middle school” mentality that sticks around in our mindset & why it needs to go
  • Coaching vs. therapy: what to do when

Tess has a very grounded energy that I adore. She knows her stuff and I predict that this episode is one you’ll be refering a lot later.

To learn more and connect with Tess, visit her website here, her Instagram here, her Facebook here, her Twitter here and to download her fabulous free guidebook click here.

Be sure to listen to the episode on the link above.

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