Sure, the CIRCUMSTANCE of a global pandemic statistically may make it harder to find new jobs, start or grow a business or ask for a raise, but the CIRCUMSTANCE isn’t what holds you back from growth, it’s your mindset about it. Join me as I teach you the mindset you need to have to grow your career even if the stats are “against” you right now.

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“Our brain wants to think our future potential is based off what we’ve already done because that would make logical sense. But the reality is, is there are so many opportunities for you.”

How to Grow Your Career

The message I keep hearing from clients who are wanting to grow their career right now is, “But Lindsay, we’re in a global pandemic! I don’t think it’s possible to grow my career right now.”

I tell them they’re SO wrong.

Sure, the CIRCUMSTANCE of a global pandemic statistically may make it harder to find new jobs, start or grow a business or to ask for a raise, but the CIRCUMSTANCE isn’t what holds you back from growth, it’s your mindset about it.

I know this is true because my business has doubled in revenue and then doubled again during this pandemic. (I’ve gone from consistent $5k months to consistent $10k to now consistent $20k months with one almost $60k month in there too.)

Sure, you could say that my business is growing because I’m online and mental health is important right now but I know A LOT of wonderful coaches just like me who are still struggling to find clients and make money.

What’s made the difference for me over these past few months is the change I’ve had in my mindset about my business, my self and the world.

These beliefs have now made me over $100k in just 7 months. They’re powerful and I’m going to share them with you on this week’s podcast.

Join me as I’ll be teaching you how to grow your career (even in a global pandemic).


  • The common beliefs most have right now about the pandemic & life that’s holding them back most from career growth
  • How to find YOUR top beliefs that are holding you back
  • My top beliefs that have made me over $100k in 7 months
  • The #1 tool to help you see exactly what you’re thinking in any circumstance so you can see how you’re sabotaging your success (without realizing it)

…and so much more.

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Full Transcript

Grow Your Career

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 77, Grow
Your Career.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived
through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear
the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join
me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman
you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hey there, Ms. Unstoppable, welcome to another episode of the show. If I sound a little
funny, I’m recording on a different mic. I’m recording on the fly. I just did a live training
about how to grow your career and I want to share it with you. In this training, I talk about
specifically some exercises to do in order to grow your career even in a global pandemic. If
you’re listening to this many years from now and we’re not in the pandemic anymore, this
stuff will still apply. I want you to see that no matter what the circumstances are, be it a
pandemic or something else in your worlds, you can still always grow your career, you can
grow a business, you can start a business, you can do all of the things.

I teach you why you can do that and how you can do that on this training. Stay tuned. I’m
going to talk about how I’ve grown my business so much in the past few months, what I’ve
done specifically to generate over $100,000, all the things, and what I teach my clients to
do whenever they’re trying grow their careers. I hope you enjoy this one.

Let’s get started. It’s 11:15, my time. As I said, today, we’re talking about how to grow your
career even in a global pandemic. If you saw the email promoting this training, it talks
about how I’ve grown my career a lot since the pandemic hit.
To give you a little feedback, or just history here of how my career has grown is, I’ve been
doing life coaching now for, gosh, I think six years, since 2014. Yes, that’s six years.

I’ve been doing it since 2014. The first two years of my business, it was a side hustle. I still
had my day job, which I worked at a college at that time, and then I transitioned to it being
a full time. One of the big reasons I transitioned to it being full time really wasn’t
financially why I moved. It was because I had a child, and I wanted to spend more time
with her. I had just gotten remarried and we were going to start having children. I ended
up having my son.

We ended up taking a little bit of time where I slowed down with my business. It wasn’t
making a lot of money, because of me slowing down. Then 2019, I decided I was like,
“Okay, I’m going to go back in the business.” I started making about $5,000 a month for my
business, which at the time felt really great, because I was primarily a stay-at-home mom
and then I got to do something that I love, I’m really good at, and I get to help people in a
very deep meaningful way.

Then when the global pandemic hit, and it really started for me, in February. We saw the
news come out about these things in China. Then I remember it going to Italy. My husband,
he’s a wealth manager. He’s in the stock market and the stocks started to get a little funky
at that time. Because of that, my business went from, as I said, making around $5,000 a
month, some months were more, some were less, to then in February, I made like $550.
This is I always say the months of bringing in new business is what I count. I brought in
$550 of this random thing, this one client I helped with, and then March, I brought in $0.

If you remember in March, when the pandemic hit, it was about mid-March. It really hit
hard. My thoughts became, “Nobody is going to have money for coaching. Nobody is going
to do this. It’s going to be too hard because now my kids were home 24/7.” We just started
seeing all these stats come out of all these people who are now unemployed. The stats
just kept coming, and they keep coming. We see it in the news all the time of how the
economy’s not doing well, and this and that. It just seems like a lot of negativity that’s
being put out there.

Luckily, around, I think it was late March, if not early April, I sat down, and I ended up
getting coached about this. I said, “You know what, I’m just going to say it, screw it with
my business.” I felt like it was done, to be honest. 2020 is just going to be like, “I don’t do
anything with it.” I was encouraged by the coach to look at my thoughts about it. Again,
those thoughts were things like, “Nobody is going to afford coaching. This is going to be
too hard.” I really looked at, “Okay. Is that really what I want to think about this situation?”
Because I just thought my thoughts were facts. Because that’s what everybody was– in
essence, remember, everyone ran out and bought toilet paper, and everyone was freaking
out. I just thought, “Yes, I’ve never lived in a global pandemic before. Nobody else has. This
is going to be really, really hard.” Now all of a sudden, all these people are unemployed,
and nobody is going to have money, and why would they spend it on coaching when they
need to go get toilet paper, and food and all that stuff?

Again, I was encouraged to think differently about it, and to think, “What if this was a huge
opportunity for you? What if you could balance all of the things now? What if you could set
an income goal, and you could hit it?” The income goal you’ve always wanted, which at the
time was like six figures, what if you set that goal and you hit it? I sat there for a few days,
as I kind of took this in of thinking, “Oh, my gosh, once again, I have let my thoughts
dictate my feelings and my actions.” If you’ve heard some of these other live trainings, we
have been talking about a tool called the self-coaching model. We talk about how it’s
never our circumstances that create our results in our life.

For example, the circumstance of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s our thoughts about it. Our
thoughts drive our feelings, and our feelings drive our actions and then drive our results.
Again, for me, the thoughts originally were, “This is going to be too hard. Nobody is going
to afford coaching.” Then I started opening my mind to, “I can make this work. I’m going to
be a huge resource for people. I think this is going to be the time when my business
blossoms. I’m going to set the goal that I’m going to make $200,000 this next year.

From that place of me just shifting my thoughts in them, my feelings changed. Initially, my
feelings were things like, “I felt overwhelmed. When I’m thinking this is going to be too
hard. I felt discouraged.” I wasn’t taking any action. I just, in essence, didn’t do anything
with my business for those weeks in March. Then when I shifted to the thoughts, I said of
this is going to be the time my business blooms and all that stuff, I started to just take very
smart actions. I started to take strategic actions too. I started to say, “Okay. I’m going to
make this work and I’m going to make this amazing.”

It was really incredible, too, because at that time, there were some contractors that I had
wanted to work with in my business and all of a sudden, they were like, “Lindsay, we’re
ready.” I was on a waitlist to work with them. I thought about saying, “No, I’m not going to
do it.” Instead, I said, “Okay, I’m going to lean into this discomfort of this, and make this
investment before I truly have the money to back it up, and I’m going to do this.”

What happened from there was remarkable. Like I said, February I made $550. March, I
made zero. April, I made something like $6,000. May, I think it was something around that
too. Then it became $10,000 months, $12,000 months, $20,000 months. Then it was
$60,000 a month, almost. Then now my business is at a place where it’s making like
$10,000 to $20,000. When I’m saying this, again, it’s like new sales that are closed. Okay. I
did the addition of it yesterday, when I was trying to think, “How much have I made since
I’ve changed my thoughts?” I’ve made $112,000 since I’ve changed my thoughts.

Those thoughts, of shifting my thoughts at that one moment of time, have made me that
much money. That is the power, my friend, in shifting your thoughts. Okay. I really want
you to see this. This is what I’ve been driving home so much on these live trainings over
the weeks. If you follow any of my stuff, my podcasts and all that we’re always talking
about mindset and everything comes back to your mind. Now, I know by me just shifting
those beliefs, that’s how much money it’s made me. Not to mention, I’ve gotten to help so
many people. I have taken my courses. I’ve made them even better. I’ve re-done them.

Even in a global pandemic with my two-year-old son at home, almost 24/7. On Wednesday,
he goes to my parents, but otherwise he’s with me. During the day, I’m on mom duty and
then he goes down for a nap and I do some work. Then at night, I take client calls and I
work all day Sunday and take client calls. I’m making this work during all of this. As I said,
again, it all comes back to your mindset. Now, you could say right now, “Yes, but Lindsay,
you were an online business. Yes, but Lindsay, a lot of people are seeing how mental
health is important. They’re seeing life is short and they’re wanting to invest and make
sure their life is amazing and build a life plan, and you do all of those things.” Yes, you’re

A lot of people are at home right now. I do have a virtual business. Those things are in my
favor, but there are also a lot of coaches right now doing exactly what I do or very similar
to what I do who are still not making money. Then it’s going back to their beliefs, their
beliefs aren’t in alignment yet to get the results that they want.

Again, this whole experience just really hit home for me how important your beliefs are.
I’m catching this with clients all the time, especially now, but before this too, they would
come in with things of like, “Oh, I can’t do X, Y, Z, I’m too old. Or I can’t do this because
nobody else has done that in my family. Or the stats on this is like women don’t get us
paid as much as men and da, da, da.” I’m like, “Yes, totally.”

We can look at the stats of things. We can look at your past history to determine where you
are today, but the future is endless, and your potential is huge. Again, our brain wants to
base off what our future potential is based off what we’ve already done because that
would make logical sense. But the reality is, is there are so many opportunities for you. I
know for some of you that may seem wishy-washy, a little woo-woo, and maybe up in the
clouds and I would be there with you in a lot of these ways, I used to be a very logical
person. I still am.

I’m always like, show me the science behind that, but I can’t help but go back time and
time again and see how many times in my life I have changed my thoughts and how that
changes my result line every single time it happens that way. In many of these other
trainings, I talked about when I went through my divorce and people were saying to me,
“Oh, you’re 28 years old, you don’t have a job, and this is the end for you.”

I remember just, I kept thinking like this is going to be the best thing that ever happened
to me. Granted, did I get those results right away? No. There were some days that were
really hard during that journey of picking my life up with my then daughter on my hips, she
was two years old, and rebuilding my life and doing all those things. Did it feel like the
best thing ever? No, right away.

But as I kept believing that that’s what became my result in time. Just like with my
business here, again, I’m looking at the specific thoughts. I’m going to make this work,
anything, and everything is possible. I’m in high demands. This is my 200K year. Let’s go, I
can do this. I got this. It’s happening. Now, again, as I said, I’ve made over $100,000 in the
past six months.

Has it been all roses and daisies? No, it hasn’t. Even the past few weeks in my business,
there’s just been some things that have happened that have never happened before. I’ve
never had anybody quit. I had somebody quit recently. I had somebody who was like all in.
They were so ready to sign up for coaching and then totally freaked herself out of it and
then decided not to do coaching.

There have been definitely setbacks along the journey for sure. But I continuously go back
to these beliefs of, I’m going to make this work, anything and everything is possible, this is
my 200K year, I’m in high demand. Let’s go, I can do this. I got this. It’s happening. Part of
that too in my result line right now is I am in high demand. I’m almost totally booked out.
I have maybe two spots for coaching. That’s it? It’s incredible. Again, when I’m coaching
this with clients, they’re like, “Oh, but Lindsay, we’re in a global pandemic. I don’t know if I
can shift jobs and just finding jobs right now is really hard.” Yes, statistically, there may be
stats to prove that, but there are still a ton of jobs. I looked up the start yesterday, how
many jobs are there in the US right now? 6.49 million jobs in the US as of August 31st,

Yet our brain loves to go to, there’s no jobs. There are over six million jobs, six million.
Now you say, well, Lindsay, that may be a lot of jobs that I’m not qualified for, that I don’t
want. That’s why it’s so important for you to, A, do the thought work, of my ideal job is out
there and do all the things to think those things. You can create feelings off of that, that
drive actions from that. Two, something else I always tell my clients to do when they’re
wanting to up-level their career. Especially if they’re wanting to find a new job is I sit
down and write out what they want from that new job. Talk about how much money they
want to make, what are they doing in the job?

How are they feeling in the job? Who are they working with? What are the qualities that
those people have in the job? Even, what kind of environment? Are you working from
home? Are you driving to an office? If so, how far is the office? Get very, very specific about
all of the things that you want in this job.

Even if you’re just trying to up-level your career in a different way, like maybe you want to
start a business or grow your business, again, write out exactly what you’re wanting. I did
this exercise too when the Coronavirus pandemic hit, can’t say that sometimes. But when it
hit, I sat and I said, “Okay, how do I want to show up as a coach during this time? What
kind of business do I want to create?”

I wrote it like a story. I was like, “I want to be an ultimate resource for people. I want to
serve people in a really deep and profound way. I want to give so many resources for them
that even if they don’t sign up for coaching, that they just feel like they were supported
during this time, and maybe there is a time down the road when they do want to coach.
They’ll think of me because I helped them so much during this time that was hard for

You see me doing that, right? You see me doing these weekly trainings, I’m doing two
podcasts a week on my podcast. I even put out a new free training series called
Accomplish Your Dreams. I am showing up in a cropped down way to serve people. I’m
doing it in a way where I feel really good in the process because I got really clear on those
pages of who I wanted to be and what kind of business I wanted from this.

Again, this exercise can be applied to anything. I have this exercise even with clients, when
they say, I want to find my ideal guy or girl. I’m like, “Write down on paper. Who is this
person? What qualities do they have?” Get very specific because what happens too here is
the brain then knows, okay, now I know what to look for. We are presented with so much
information and so much data all the time, we have to make so many decisions and many
times the decisions are quick.

If we just slow down sometimes and get very specific about what it is we want, it’s easier
for us to make those faster decisions. If we’re looking for a new job, for example, we’re
looking at those jobs, we click on something, we go back to our list, or maybe we even
have our list in front of us. Does it meet this? Yes or no? No. Moving on. Yes or no? Does it
meet this? No. Moving on. You’ve got that ideal list. Then you’ve got to have the mindset
to back it up. If you make that list and then think about that list of, who would ever have a
job like this, or I’m not qualified for this, or it’s going to be really hard for me to get this
job, or all of the things.

Even if you think of your ideal job, if you think all of these crappy thoughts about it, that’s
what’s going to come true. It’s going to start to be really hard. It’s not like this Lulu thing,
because we call it manifesting. Which is manifesting is just basically saying, what I want is
to come true or you’re focusing your brain on what you want to come true. It’s a
neuroscience thing. Your brain focuses in on what it is that you want, and then you start to
see that.

If you think something’s going to be really hard, guess what your brain is going to focus on
all the parts that are really hard. But if you say this is enjoyable, this is fun, I’m going to
find this with ease, that’s what you’re going to start focusing on. Again, that’s going to be
the feelings that drive your actions to create the results. In so many of my marketing
materials, I say, I help go-getter women accomplish their wildest dreams.

Then I put in parentheses, while feeling better than ever in the process because that’s in
essence what I’m doing, is I’m helping them accomplish their dreams when I’m teaching
them how to feel really good in the process of doing whatever it is that they want to do.
This is one of the ways that I’m teaching them is okay, what thoughts do you need to think
to create the feelings that you want to feel?

As a human being, we have a huge buffet in essence of all of these feelings, I give my
clients this feelings chart with hundreds and hundreds of feelings on it. They use that
when they’re journaling and they use that when we’re coaching when I ask them, how do
you feel? They’ll go to their feelings chart and they’re like, “Hmm, I feel this.” At any point
as a human, we can choose any feeling we want.

We can proactively feel something, believe it or not. We can say, “Okay, I have this long todo list to do today. I want to feel disciplined.” We can start to then embody the feelings of
discipline and you know how we do that, is by thinking certain thoughts. We go in and say,
“I’m going to get this done. I’m focused, I’m determined. I’m going to make this happen.”
We go back to the job example and you’re wanting to find a new job and you’re wanting
this to feel enjoyable.

What thoughts do I need to think to make this job search enjoyable? Maybe it’s, this is fun.
I’m heading in the direction of my dreams. Everybody wants to work with me. I’m moving
toward my ideal job. I just caught a client on this. She’s dating right now. She’s like, “Oh,
I’m not really enjoying the process.” I said, “Well, what are your thoughts?” She’s advanced
so she can pull them really quick. She’s like, “I just think this is not enjoyable, I’m not
going to find a guy,” and da, da, da, and I say, “What if you thought, I am just maybe a
couple of dates away from meeting my ideal guy.” Or, “I’m going to meet my ideal guy.

How does that make you feel?” She’s like, “That makes me feel really excited and really
motivated too. I want to go on dates.” Yes because if you just keep taking action, at some
point you are likely going to meet the guy, and so why not enjoy the process. Even when
you come across jerks and [chuckles] all the things that happen from time to time, just like
I said with my business.

There has been some setbacks this month. Setbacks, right? It’s on, I believe we’ve reviewed
it but, I am choosing to think, most of the time because I have my negative thoughts, but
most of the time it’s like, “I am still hanging in the direction of my dreams. Everything is
working in my favor. This is really fun and enjoyable. This is helping me grow.” You know
what? It is helping me grow. I am learning so many things, from things that I have never
experienced before. Like I said, somebody quit, and I was like, “Whoa okay. So how do I
handle this? I don’t know I’ve never had this before. Can I figure out the process for this?”

What about the process when somebody signs up and then they freak out a couple of days
later. What’s the process for that? I’ve never had that happen before. Let’s figure that out,
right?” It’s not this huge, oh you wallow in the self-pity of things. Trust me, I’ve had my
moments where I’ve had to really feel my feelings, but then it goes back to, “Okay. How do
I intentionally want to think about this?” So I hope you are starting to gain that. It’s all in
your thoughts. It’s all what you are thinking, and you may not be thinking what you want
to think even when you intentionally make those thoughts. That’s a mouthful.

Again, you might not want to think those things all the time and that’s just the human
brain. The human brain is built for your survival and so it’s always going to present you
with thoughts that are “negative” because it’s trying to keep you safe and secure and it
doesn’t want to feel feelings like disappointment and sadness and anger and all those
things. That’s just part of the human experience, and when we are growing and we are
taking action, that’s what’s going to happen. I look back on, as I said some of the things
that didn’t go my way in the past few weeks of my business, and I think, “Do I wish I
wouldn’t have taken on that person?

Do I wish I wouldn’t have had that consult call?” No. Not at all. Do I have some feelings of
disappointment and sadness? Absolutely, but I am still so glad I took action. That’s what I
want you to think as you’re growing in your career or whatever it is, is, yes there’s going to
be setbacks but the worst thing that can happen is that you’re just still feeling that I am
uncomfortable. That’s it. The brain wants to avoid that so much that it will have you not
take action, just so you won’t have to feel that discomfort. You know what happens?

It’s like you feel that discomfort for a little bit, and then, you learn how to process through
that, so if you coach with me that’s one of the big things you learn or I teach you, is how to
process feelings and then, you don’t feel that feeling anymore. You know how to get that
out of your system instead of stuff it in and look at distractions as a way to self-soothe for
a little bit, and then it takes you further from your dreams because now you’ve got weight
that you have to lose or you’ve got debt that you have to pay off, or whatever because
you’ve turned to shopping or food or whatever. Instead, you just feel the feeling and it’s
like, “Phew. Okay. Autonomy, next. Moving on. Keep going.”

This is why I talk about a lot of my working materials too is that, my clients typically when
we’re done working, the other day they just achieve like this [snaps fingers]. Set a goal,
achieve it. Set a goal, achieve it. Yes, there are drama that comes up absolutely, of-course,
but they know how to get through that. I have a group of clients right now who I’ve been
working with for many years off and on, and they have set two really big goals for the next
year. The first two months of us working together as we’re getting through this goal, all
the stuff has come up for them.

All the things that their brain is holding on to of why they can’t get that goal and why it
feels scary and all that, that they know it’s just part of the process and they have the tools
to get through those feelings. Now, we’re at a place two months in where they’re like, “Oh
my gosh, Lindsay, I feel so good”, and the action is just going, pew pew pew [snaps
fingers]. I just want to kind of recap everything here of what I’ve said, on how to grow your
career. One of the tips I gave is to get really clear on what it is that you want. If you’re
looking for a new job, what does that new job entail? If you’re wanting a promotion, talk
about what does that look like for you.

If you are wanting to start a business, what does that business look like? If you’re wanting
to grow a business, what does that look like? Then, ask yourself, “Okay. What are the
thoughts that I think about, this kind of dream that I’ve dreamed up,” and see everything
that your brain tells you. We talk about the inner-mean girl a lot with my coaching process
and in my trainings. That’s a negative inner voice in your head and again, she’s there for
safety and security. A lot of people like to deny that voice and don’t like to give it any
airtime, and pretend it’s not there, but it’s so important to recognize it because otherwise
she’s going to kind of self-sabotage you in ways.

You just have to open the door to her and say, “Okay. What is it that you’re telling me
about this?” If I go back to my plan of how I went to show up as a coach during the
Coronavirus pandemic, I was like, ‘Lindsay, I know you think this is ain’t going to be hard
but it’s going to be really hard. It’s going to be really hard. Now what makes you think you
can do something like that da, da, da, da. You’re going to be so tired.” That’s one thing my
brain loved to tell me all the time. “You are going to be so tired. You are going to be so
exhausted.” “You are going to be a bad mom,” was another one. “You are going to shop for
your kids in a really crappy way, and you are selfish.”

I just let it all come out on paper, and some of that stuff kind of stung. Then I thought that,
“Is this what I really want to believe?” No. Okay. I am going to believe that this is an
opportunity for my kids to grow an independence. Then you know what? It has. I am going
to believe that whenever I am feeling tired, then I know how to slow down and I know how
to take self-care and make myself feel okay. I know that this is really important right now.
It’s not selfish. I’m out there giving something to the world and I am helping people. It’s
not selfish to do that. Is it selfish to think that I want to make a certain amount of money?

No, because I’m an educated woman who has worked her tail off to be where she is and
that’s the amount of money that I feel like I should be making off of that. If I was in a
corporate job I would likely be making that at this point. If I had followed my human
resources career, I would probably be at a place where I’d be making somewhat similar to
that. Again, I just talk back to that voice and kind of calm it down and then I say again,
intentionally. How do I want to think? So you intentionally decide what the thoughts are,
and then you have to in essence program that in your brain. Our brain is just wires. All you
have to do is just start to program those thoughts in your brain.

The second you wake up in the morning, or whenever in the day, but I encourage you,
when you wake up in the morning, think, what is it I want to think. I have my ideal career. I
have the job of my dreams. I have the business of my dreams. My business is doing, X, Y, Z.
I feel like this at work. These are the kind of people I work with. You just remind yourself
again and again of the story that you’ve created. Not only have I done this, with my
business during Coronavirus. I have done this so many times in my life before I even knew
really what this process was. When I was in a divorce, as I’ve mentioned in many stories, I
didn’t have a job at the time.

I left my human resources career and I was a stay-at-home mom and then all of a sudden I
had this divorce in my hands because my then partner was living a double life and all that
stuff. So then, I had to, in essence, pick up the pieces of my life and then figure out, “Okay.
What kind of job is it that I want.” I didn’t want a full time job at the time, and I didn’t want
a job that had a lot of demands because I wanted to be there a lot for my daughter as she
continued to process that transition. She had had me home for two, almost three years at
that point, and I didn’t want it just like, night and day kind of switch into fulltime and her
in daycare.

I thought, “Okay. I want a part-time job and I want to make this amount of money, and this
is what I want to do.” At that point, I had already been a client in coaching, and so I knew
that coaching was going to be my future career and so I just kind of wanted a filler job. I
listed the qualities of basically that I was going to get paid to not really do that much
because I really needed that time to build my business. Then I talked about how far was
my work, and then I had flexible hours, and you know what happened? I got that job.
[chuckles] I remember thinking, “How in the world did I create this?” I worked for a college.

It was about 20 minutes from my home, part-time hours, and so I got to in essence
determine my hours too. I worked around my daughter’s mother’s day at times, and then
the job was a grant-funded position and so they had to have it because of the grant, but it
really had no job duties. I had to do a little double-checking of some numbers here and
there, but in essence, I would go to work, and I would sit there and I would study coaching,
and I would study business, and I was getting paid in essence to build my business. Crazy,
right? I remember thinking again, “This is some magical weird-ass crap.” Granted, again,
everyday was not perfect [chuckles].

There were hard days in there and all of that but I just kept remembering and thinking of,
“I have created this.” That’s how I feel again now with my career. When I intentionally sit
down, and really get focused on what it is I want to create and then find the thoughts to
back my belief up and that plan, it’s like all these opportunities open and all these doors
open, but yet at the same time, it’s almost like I just know what door to choose. Yes.

All the time I guess all the doors are open, but then we just intentionally know because of
the plan we’ve decided and the thoughts we want to think that we know what door to
open and move forward with. Again, it’s crazy, how it all works. I know again, it can sound
really woo-woo and out there. Your brain maybe being, “Well, that may work for you,
Lindsay. For me, I don’t have the same opportunities, or dada-dada-da.” Again, I want to
challenge you on that. Those are just thoughts. Statistically, we could look at things.

We could say again, “Yes, the job market is doing X, Y, Z. Yes, maybe you’re a woman of
color, and you’re going to get discriminated against, because we still show these statistics
of blah, blah, blah.” We talked about that last week on this training, of how to accomplish
even when there are society setbacks. Again, a lot of this is mindset, my friends. We talked
about how white males just get handed down a stronger mindset. That’s why a lot of them
achieve more in their careers, because they just, in essence, walk into this mindset for most
of them, of like, “I rule the world. I can do whatever I want. Or every opportunity is
available to me.”

Then what happens? It happens, where they have every opportunity available for them,
and they rule the world. Why not the rest of us start to think that. “I have every opportunity
presented my way.” I even like to say the right opportunities come my way, the right
people come in my direction. That’s why a lot of times, on my trainings and things of that
sort, and I’ll say, “Okay. If you’re ready to take the next steps, get on a consult call with
me.” I’ll say very specifically, if you feel called, if you feel something inside of you, “Okay.
There’s something here. I know I want to work with Lindsay on a deeper level.” Then those
are the people I’m trying to bring forward. The people who just feel something’s right.
I will tell you. So many times when I get applications, they will say that. They’ll say, “I
don’t know why I’m applying right now, but I just have this feeling that something’s right.”

A part of that is because that’s the belief I’m believing, is I work with the right people or
the opportunity is presented to me for the right people. Again, think about what you want,
find the place to support that, think what that inner-mean girl voice is telling you to hold
you back, ask yourself, “Is it serving me to think that? What is it I intentionally want to
think instead?” She’s still going to have her script, she’s still going to think her thoughts.
Nothing has gone wrong when that happens.

You don’t need to be positive Pollyanna all the time. That’s not the goal here. The goal
here is to just at least allow your mind to focus at least 50% of the time on the positive
and where you want to go. Because that’s going to create such different feelings for you,
such different actions for you and such different results. Okay. Go and grow that career.
I’ve helped so many clients already grow their career in this pandemic. One who was a
teacher who wanted to get out of the classroom. When she was applying for jobs, she just
kept saying to herself, “Well, I’m not qualified for this. I’m not qualified for that.”

We really sat down and looked at all of her thoughts. I was like, “Is this is serving you?
Because you’re probably showing up, when you apply, it’s like, I’m not qualified. What’s
happening is you’re not getting interviews, and you’re not getting the job you want.” We
started to shift her mindset into, “I’m more than qualified. The right job is coming my way.”
We got really clear on what the job is that she wanted. Then boom, a few weeks later, she
had the job. Okay.

I have a lot of other clients in the same boat right now. A lot of clients too, they come to
me, and they hate the job that they’re in. They think it’s like the other people and their job
that’s making them so miserable. Really, it’s their own thoughts that’s making them so
miserable. As we work together, they’re starting to see more and more about how they just
have these same negative thoughts on repeats. When we start to shift those thoughts, and
we do some deeper feeling, and healing and all that stuff, because a lot of those thoughts
sometimes can be drilled in with feelings. We’ve got to get those out of there. We change
those feelings.

All of a sudden, the job’s not so bad anymore. I just got an email from a client this morning
about this. She’s like, “When I hired you, one of my big things was, I knew I didn’t want to
stay in my career or my job anymore.” Now, three months later, it’s like, “Okay, yes. Do I
want to grow in my career? Absolutely. It doesn’t feel painful anymore. It feels like I could
actually probably stay here and still grow.”

It’s just amazing, again, what happens when we change our thoughts. Okay. Go and do this
work, my friend. It is so valuable. It is so beneficial. If you feel, “Okay. I feel ready to take
things to the next level, maybe I want to hire Lindsay as a coach.” Just start the application
process. The first step is to just go and apply. All you do is go to

My mouth always goes asleep during these trainings. I’ll put it here in the chat-box. Again,
it’s lindsayepreston.com/apply. You’ll just answer a couple questions. Then from there, if I
feel we’re good fits, then I’ll send you my calendar link. We’ll book a time to talk about
consults. We’ll just talk about your life and where you’re at, and where you want to be in
your “10 Life.”

We’re going to talk about all the things that are stopping you, because a lot of times
people think, “Oh, well, it’s this, this and this, that’s stopping me.” When they’re telling me
about their life, I’m seeing so much more than they ever realize of what’s stopping them.
Again, it’s really powerful just to get on that call, because you’re going to see that there
are different things stopping you than you probably think. That can be a huge
transformation for someone just from doing that.

Then getting the space and time to talk about their 10 Life and what they want, because a
lot of people don’t take the time to do that. Again, if you don’t know where you’re going in
your life, and what your 10 Life is, how in the heck are you going to create it? We do that
on that call. Then we talk about specifically what results you want from the nine months
of coaching together, because I do guarantee results. I really want to get specific on what
those results are that you want to create from this because I want to make sure that I can
deliver on that.

Then from there, we’ll talk about the coaching process and to see if it’s right for you and
for you to move forward or not. You’ll have clarity to if coaching with me is right for you or
not. I encourage you to go apply and get a spot on my calendar eventually too, because my
calendar tends to book up at least two or three weeks in advance. If you think, “Well, I’ll
just apply later,” and then we’ll have a call, it’s probably going to be a couple week

You want to start applying now, okay, my friend? Then two, just go out there, use these
tips, share with me your wins when you start growing your career from this, because this
stuff is powerful and it absolutely works. You just have to believe in it enough and in
yourself enough to go out and make it happen. All right. That’s it for today. I hope you
enjoyed this one. I will see you again next week, Wednesday 11:15 AM Central Time. We’re
going to talk about growing your net worth. I’ll talk to you then. Bye.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed
it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on
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be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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