Our society likes to teach us that it's hard to save up to a million and that it's hard to make six-figures+ a year. It's wrong. THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HARD. On today’s episode, I’m sharing the process on how easy growing your net worth to a million + can be.


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“Being rich is for everyone, but being poor is for those who choose not to become rich.” – David Tsepiso Mokoena

If you’ve been following me closely lately, you’ve seen me talking a lot more about money. 

I’ve talked about things like how I went from medicare to almost-millionaire in the past 10 years and how my business is bringing in anywhere from $10k to just under $60k a MONTH in the past few months. 

Our society likes to teach us that it’s hard to save up to a million and that it’s hard to make six-figures+ a year.  It’s wrong.  THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE HARD. 

On today’s “Become an Unstoppable Woman” podcast, I’m teaching you step-by-step just how easy it can be. 

I’m going to teach you how to grow your net worth to a million and beyond.


  • What behaviors you’ll need to cut
  • How to create & stick to a budget
  • How to make more money
  • How to invest wisely

…and so much more

Take the time to listen to this episode via the link at the top of this page, or watch the training below.  It’ll be worth it to the tune of a million dollars+. 


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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 79, Grow
Your Net Worth.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived
through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear
the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join
me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman
you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hi there beautiful Ms. or Mrs. Unstoppable, so happy to have you for this episode. Get
ready. This episode is going to blow your flippin minds. We’re going to talk about how to
grow your net worth. I haven’t talked a lot about money on the show or in my courses, but
that has been changing over the past few weeks. I have been talking about how to grow
your career. I’ve been talking openly about how much my money situation has changed in
the past two years, and it’s been very freeing and it’s been really fun to teach so many of
you how to make more money in your life.

This conversation today is pulled from a live training I recently did and get ready because I
cover a lot in a short amount of time. We don’t go in-depth on all of these different things,
because I just want to open your mind on what the overall process looks like on how to
create more net worth in your life. Just know that if we work together in a coaching
relationship, we go deeper dive on this stuff. Now, if you’re a client of mine or a former
client of mine, you’re like, “What? Lindsay, we didn’t cover this in coaching.” Just know,
hello. I evolve and change. As I just said, I’ve just started covering money.

If you’re currently coaching with me, we cover the stuff in the last little bit of the nine month coaching process in living the dream parts. If you are currently in living the dream, we will get there soon and talk about money and all of the stuff in depth, so this episode will hopefully excite you and inspire you on what is coming soon in the program. If you, again, listen and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, I have to know more about all of this stuff,” be sure to apply for a free consult. The link is always in the outro and in the show notes to go and get started.

Regardless if you work with me or not in a coaching relationship, this episode is one that’s
going to blow your flippin mind as I keep saying. Get ready, today we’re talking all about
how to grow your net worth. Enjoy. Let’s get started because as I said, we’re going to cover
a lot in a short amount of time. I’m going to try and keep it around 30 minutes as I cover
everything today. Then maybe leave some time for questions at the end. As I said, we’re
talking about how to grow your net worth today. If you’ve been following me closely
lately, I’ve been putting it out there about money stuff, which has been so new and
exciting, and also very nerve-wracking on my part to do that, to put myself out there in
that way.

Because 10 years ago my life was really different financially. I had my daughter, she was
unplanned. I just turned 26 years old. I had just left my dance studio behind as well and I
had self-employment insurance and then I found out that it wasn’t going to cover my
pregnancy because I didn’t have a job and I wasn’t married and all that stuff. I ended up
having her on Medicaid. That was a real kick in the face. It felt like to just have that be part
of my story. I felt a lot of guilt and shame around that, but from that moment, I just
decided, okay, how is it that I want to be, and what kind of life do I want to start creating
for her and I?

I got to work and in the process of getting to work, I invested in coaching.
From there, everything just kind of snowballed in a different direction and I’m at a place
now where I make more than I ever thought I could per month. I’ve talked openly about
this as, especially the past few months, I’ve had like 20K months, 10K months, I had one
60K month or almost 60K month in there. Everything’s just snowballing in that way in
regards to my overall net worth, of course, I have my husband in there, but we are
approaching a million dollars. It’s crazy before I’m 40 years old, I will be on paper a

I’ve learned a lot about money and I know a lot about mindset and so I want to share with
you today just everything in essence that I have learned over these past ten-ish years to
have changed my financial situation. Now I must admit my husband is a wealth manager.
This is some of his zone of genius that I’ve been able to get off of him, and I will give you
some resources today at the end, if you want to learn more about investing, not with him,
particularly, but just so that you can understand what investing is like. That’s one piece of
the grow your net worth puzzle.

There are so many other puzzles here or puzzle pieces here that we’re going to cover and
those are so much more important than the actual investments and building your
retirement account and all that stuff. All right. All right. First thing I want to talk about is
what I have here on this board and we’re going to cover this a lot today, and I’m going to
come back to this image over and over again, but I just want to describe it real quick.
We’ve got self here, which is really your mindset. We’ve got time and we’ve got money.
These are the most important resources of your life.

Many times when we’re thinking about net worth, we’re thinking about money, but really
at the end of the day, all of this relates into one big thing, that is your net worth. Many
times I’m going to be using this to just go and point, and you can see the arrows, they go
back and forth with one another. The first thing we’re going to talk about, and it’s going to
be pretty obvious to most of you in order to grow your net worth is you’ve got to cut the
spending, which some people it’s a spending addiction. We talk about it in my coaching
process is that it’s a distraction and a distraction is defined as doing things that you don’t
want to do, but you do them anyway.

A lot of people use spending and shopping as a way to get a quick hit of an endorphin, so
they don’t have to feel something that feels uncomfortable to them. What happens then is
they get that quick hit and many times then even when the item arrives, like if it’s an
Amazon purchase, it’s like, “Why did I buy this? I really didn’t want to do that.” Then all of a
sudden they’re chipping away at their financial goals and they’re having to spend more
time working because they haven’t hit their financial goals and it just becomes this
endless cycle of time for money, time for money, time for money kind of thing.

Versus if they were able to overcome that desire, that need, that distraction again,
whatever you want to call it, to have that quick hit of spending and shopping, everything
can change from there. That’s why investing in yourself and your mindset is huge. So many
times when people come to me and they want coaching, they don’t have a lot of money
and it feels really scary to them to invest. I know I was there. When I invested in coaching,
I was a single mom and I had no job. I had just a few thousand dollars in savings. I wish I
remember the amount that I had, but it wasn’t much, I think it was like less than 10K and it
felt really scary to invest in a coach.

I just remember thinking like, “This is going to be the best decision of my life or the worst
decision of my life.” That I would go and do this when I have to provide and keep a roof
over my head and my daughter’s had and all that stuff. What happens is that ended up
being the best decision ever because that’s what me to change my mindset and including
beat that pattern of those quick little hits. Because before that, oh my gosh, I shopped all
the time. Remember when Birchbox and all that stuff started coming out, again, this was
like, I guess 2012-ish. I was in all those subscription boxes and I would even get like bags
in the mail all the time.

I remember when I was going through my divorce, we were all looking at my finances, me
and my lawyers and they’re like, “Lindsay, do you realize that you spent like 7K in just
expendable income one month?” I was like, “Holy crap. I mean, so I’m talking like, I really
loved those hits of shopping at one point. I can overcome it. I feel like anybody can
overcome it. I’ve watched so many clients overcome it and it’s so amazing to watch that.

Because again, it’s really just about your emotional health and learning how to feel your
feelings and not turn to things like shopping or other things, because other things can take
away from our income too. Even if we just show up in a different way at work and not to
our best self, because we’re not taking care of ourselves emotionally, then that’s going to
impact the growth that we have as the company and how we’re viewed as the company, or
if we’re an entrepreneur, especially.

Oh my gosh, the first few years of my coaching business, I did not make a lot of money.
Now, granted, I had made a lot of changes in my personal life, because of coaching, but I
had to do a whole new set of mindset shifts and beliefs as I became an entrepreneur. It
was very clear on where my mindset was, was my result line of how much money I was
making. It took a lot to be able to overcome that stuff.

Which brings me to my next point of, if we are not spending our money, and then we’re
able to save more money, that’s a great thing. For a lot of people, they’re like, well,
Lindsay, I just don’t make a lot of money. You have to realize that money comes from
value. I have a podcast episode coming out, I have a podcast called Become an Unstoppable
Woman if you’ve never heard it. It’s coming out next week. I talk about how I used to ask
very direct questions when I was doing things like dating, I would ask somebody I was
dating, “What do you want in your ideal partner? What is your ideal partner, or life look like
with that partner?”

Again, it was before I was even a coach, I didn’t even know how to ask these kinds of
questions. I would also ask this when I was interviewing for a job, what are the qualities
that this person has? What are the achievements or the things that this person has done in
this role? Because what I wanted to get was a very clear idea of how I can show up and be
extremely valuable to that company or that person, but still in a way that was authentic to
me. I didn’t want to just sell my soul of, “Okay, they want me to do this, I’ll be this, even if
that’s not authentic.”

Then I was able to start to measure, how am I going to give a ton of value here. I even do
this, when I have consult calls with potential clients. We’ll go through all the different
areas of their life, and we’ll talk about where they are now and where they want to view
when they’re at a 10. Then I say, “Okay, what do you want to gain and coaching in the next
nine months to say, what’s the best investment of your life?” I want to know very clearly,
what is it that they’re valuing the most, so I can deliver on that and ensure I can deliver on
that? Then what can I give them that’s on top of that, that’s just going to blow their effing

Okay, so I talked about a lot, one of the core beliefs in my business is I want anyone that
invests with me for it to be one of the best investments, if not the best investment in their
life. That’s how I’m doing it, as I’m asking very clearly, what is it that you want? Then I
think, “Okay, how can I over-deliver on that.” Anytime you get very clear on whatever
somebody wants, so if you’re working for a corporation, you get very clear on what they
want, then you can see, “Okay, how can I, again, over-deliver on that and bring more

Then all of a sudden, you become like this rock star at the company. When I started my HR
career, which I had, before I did coaching, and even my dance studio, I very quickly became
the rock star of the company because I just intuitively knew how to ask these kinds of
questions and be able to deliver on that. Then later on down the road, I was taught more
about money and how value comes from money or money comes from value. I was like,
“Oh my gosh, I’ve been doing that all along,” and that’s how I was able to get what I got. I
just started to use that more and more. I’ve seen this happen with clients.

I had a client just recently who has been able to double her income in the past few years.
She told me, she’s like, “One time you and I had a conversation, Lindsay and I told you how
much I made, which wasn’t a lot.” It was less than what I had started out making out of
college. It was like 25K was what she was making. I said to her, “Oh my gosh, you’re worth
so much more than that.” I started to teach her a little bit. A lot of this was strategic in the
way that I was teaching her of how to, in essence, show up and give more value and
believe in herself more because that’s what goes back here.

If you have a crappy mindset, if you have confidence issues. If you think that you’re not
worth certain things, and you haven’t cleaned up what’s going on behind the scenes in
your mindset, it’s going to be really hard for you to be able to show up and give value and
in essence to serve. That’s another piece of the puzzle is that you got to be able to show
up and the service mindset and just show up as your best self and not have attachment to
the outcome. If I were to give the example of my coaching business is especially like when to sign, of course.
That’s exciting, and it’s fun. I love the journey of it.

Of course, I’m a business, I’ve got to make money too. When I’m showing up, I’m always
just in this headspace of, I’m just here to serve them this next hour, I’m here to show them
where their life is, where they want to go and show them some of the things that are
blocking them. Then I’m going to put it on them of they’re going to be able to make the
best decision, and I’m here to hold face with them to help them make that decision if they
want that hope. I really have no attachment to the outcome of that. What’s happened with
that is I have a close rate of something like 80% with my consults.

Recently, I was just telling a group of, I don’t know what you want to call it, people that I
network with about that. They’re, “Oh, my gosh, Lindsay, you need to, like teach people
that. You need to teach people how you’re able to close at that rate.” I’m like, “I don’t
really have a formula, all I do is I just show up, and I’m serving them. I don’t have
attachment to the outcome. From that people can feel that off of me, and part of them this
is like, yes, I want to move forward.” Now, it’s not 100%. I don’t have 100%, close rates.
Some people they decide on that consult, “Okay, this isn’t the right fit or whatever.” That’s
what’s going to happen with you is you’re going to show up, you’re going to serve, you’re
going to give a ton of value. Sometimes you may be rewarded for it and externally, with
financial bonuses and things of that sort, and sometimes you won’t, but you have to have
again, the mindset of what that means when it doesn’t go your way.

For me last month in my business, I had some really funky things happen. I had my first
client ever quit in the six years that I’ve been doing this. I had somebody who signed up on
a consult, and she’s like, “I just want to pay now and I want to get started.” And I’m like,
“Okay. Are you sure? You want to take some time to think about it?” “No, no, I want to sign
up.” Then like, 24, 48 hours later, she’s like, “I can’t do this. It’s too scary.” I tried to like
coach her through it. Then she’s like, “No, no, I just can’t do it.” Never had that happen
before either. I had to get really clear in my mind, because my mind was freaking out, it
was like, “Whoa, Lindsay, you’ve never had anybody quit before. You’ve never had this
consult thing go the way that it did.”

I had to go back to my basic mindset tools. What am I going to make this mean about the
situation? Of course, my brain was going there. It’s like, “Oh, maybe it’s dried up, Lindsay.
Nobody wants to work with you anymore. You’ve had a good run, but now you’ll have to go
do da, da, da.” I’m like, “Whoa, slow it down here, brain.” I went back and I chose to believe
beliefs of everything’s happening in my favor. Those things weren’t meant to be, I did
nothing wrong because I went back and I played it all back.

I totally showed up the way that I would absolutely love to show up. I did that. I was able
to clean up my mind so I could get back to work and start this little trifecta again of the
money and having more time and all that. Okay, so does that make sense? Money comes
from value. A lot of the time, we have to ask directly what it is that somebody wants for us
to be able to know what they value, and then we can authentically decide if we fit into
that. That’s where again, it goes back to mindset, you got to know who you are

For a lot of women, they don’t know who they are authentically. We’ve been taught in our
society many times on how to people please. You may be interpreting that as well., “I’m
just going to give them whatever they want.” No, no, no, no, no, you’ve got to decide, again,
is this something I can authentically do or not? Okay, and so you’ve got to know yourself
on that deep level. Then two, you’ve just got to be able to pick yourself back up when you
don’t have the things that go your way and keep going. Let’s just recap the points that I’ve
talked about first. The first is you’ve got to cut the distraction of spending. Then two
you’ve got to know where money comes from, and it comes from value.

The other thing I do want to go back on and talk about with a distraction of spending that
I missed just a bit ago, because, for a lot of people, they can’t quite know when they’re
spending or shopping and when it’s authentic and when it’s not. A question that you can
ask yourself, and I encourage you to journal about this, or just spend a lot of time thinking
about it is imagine you’re on your deathbed, and your life is playing out before your eyes
because you’re about to pass and leave this planet.

I really want you to think about what mattered, and does it matter that you had the latest
and greatest clothes? Does it matter that you had a bigger home or drove a certain car?
Does it matter that you went on certain vacations? Some of that it may matter. It may, but
you’ve got to get really clear for you and that’s going to start to, in essence, allow you to
see what’s important and what’s not important in the way that you’re spending. What I do
with my clients is we do a lot of values exercises and we talk about what their top values
are. Then we talk about, well, how are you spending money in alignment to those values?
Sometimes it’s a really big wakeup call of I value freedom, for example, is a big one with a
lot of my clients.

Yet, I’m working all freakin day long when really, I value time and I value the time to be
able to choose my schedule, more than I value any of this crap that I’m buying. I know that
was one of my top values that woke me up. Anything with experiences, I value experiences
a lot. I used to judge myself of like, “Why am I spending money on concert tickets or really
nice vacations?”

Again, I went back to my mindset at the time of judging myself with that but then when I
knew that was a value of mine, and I went and I got really clear on this question I’m asking
you of, “Hey, imagine it’s the end of your life, what mattered?” To me traveling does
matter. To me being able and going to experience things in a really amazing way matter.
What didn’t matter, is all the crap I had in my closet. Right now, you may see is like, “Oh,
well, Lindsay wears these different clothes on all these trainings and stuff.” Just recently I
just went shopping. I hadn’t gone shopping in years. Now granted, I had to buy little things
here and there just because I had a baby a few years ago, I had to get some maternity
clothes, but I really didn’t shop at all.

I really learned what was important to me and not important to me and I started to honor
that. A part of that is it is really uncomfortable. It’s really uncomfortable to change our
habits and it’s really uncomfortable at first, to feel our feelings. That’s why again, it goes
back to mindset, you’ve got to know how to do that stuff so that you can break through the
discomfort of changing your habits and feeling those feelings instead of just turning to
every little thing all the time.

That’s where, again, is like, I’m so glad to have a coach sometimes because there are really
hard days, and my coach holds me accountable to that stuff. I’ve been talking about a lot
on podcasts of really considering having the idea of a life coach in your arsenal of people.
For most of us, we have a dentist and we have a doctor and all these other things and I
just recently decided, because there were times when I invested in coaching, and I didn’t
invest in coaching.

When I did invest in coaching, I grew like freaking crazy with all this stuff, I had more time
in my life, I had more money in my life and then I was like, “Okay, I’m good. I’m not going
to invest for a while, I’m just going to let the money come in,” but then the money would
come in a lot slower. Then recently, about a year ago, I invested in coaching again and this
has just like, shu, shu, shu, taken a huge leap of growth because I’ve been growing in this

Just start to think about that if a coach is something you want to add in your arsenal,
because too a part of that is going to be, you’re going to have accountability, because for a
lot of people, they need external accountability to be able to hold what they want to
fruition. Another thing too, is sometimes you have to put our money where our mouth is
and if we’re saying we want to do these things in our world, this happens all the time,
when someone signs up for coaching, is there’s usually a two-week gap between when
they sign up and when we start because they have to get their workbook and then they
have to watch certain amount of videos before we start.

They’ll come the first time and they’re like, “Okay, remember all the things I said on the
consult that I wanted, I’ve already taken action on this, and this and this and this and this.”
Isn’t that amazing? You have invested in yourself and you in essence have no choice now
but to make those choices that you said you wanted to make because your tush is on the

You’ve invested money and so now all of a sudden, it’s amazing what we can get done
[chuckles] and then from there, we just grow, grow, grow, grow on top of that. Just
something to think about. We talked about cutting the distraction of spending, imagine
your deathbed, money equals value, obviously you want to set budgets and stick to those

I use mint.com. It’s worked really well for us and I use a tool called PowerSheets.
PowerSheets are an intentional goal planner so I encourage you to look those up. I’ll put a
link in the show notes if you’re listening to the podcast version of this. PowerSheets again
I love them because every month you have something called the tending list and you have
your monthly goals, your weekly goals and your daily goals.

Always on my weekly goals, I’ve had this for years now, it’s just reflecting on the five years
of PowerSheets that I had. It’s checking in with my husband every single week on our mint
stuff and then we do some of my business stuff in QuickBooks. It’s been so cool to see that
almost every week, we go and we spend that time on checking in on where we’re spending
and where we need to dial it back, and where we can spend more money and all of that.

We’ve got to be looking at our money, we’ve got to be facing in essence, the world and our
problems. So many people love to avoid that stuff. I can’t tell you how many women I’ve
talked to over the years, that’s like, “I don’t even look at my finances. I don’t even look at
how much I owe on a credit card.” Oh, it kills me. In essence, what they’re doing is they’re
walking around like a zombie, they’re numb, because they’re not looking at stuff.

When you do finally look at that stuff, it feels like crap and you feel, in essence, they call it
like cognitive dissonance of, “Ooh, okay, I’m finally having to deal with this stuff.” It does, it
feels really uncomfortable but it’s actually a really great step to change and progress,
because now you’re not a zombie anymore. You’re waking up to that stuff. I will tell you,
when my husband and I first started doing budgets and sticking to that, it was so

It was right after we had had a really nice wedding and we had had a really nice
honeymoon. We went to Bora Bora and stayed at the Four Seasons. In essence, we could
have afforded just one of those things and we did both and so we had some debt that we
had to work off. We had to come together now as a married couple and really start to,
“Okay, what can we spend, and what can we not spend?”

We had to live really tight for a year or two, to in essence, regain our momentum. He
wasn’t saving the amount that he wanted to save at that point and I had to do some
mindset work with him on that, because he had some people pleasing tendencies with
that. Anyways, it was a lot to cleanup, and it was uncomfortable, but man is it good stuff.
Go on there, figure out what your budgets are, look at your money, I encourage you to
spend time every single week looking at your money and where you’re spending it. You
don’t have to call it a budget. I had a podcast I did at this point, almost two years ago, and
it was called Cleanse Your Money.

I wrote on Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, I believe it’s her last name. We were talking about
budgeting and stuff like that she calls it happiness allocations. I encourage you, if you
haven’t listened to that podcast, it’s a great one because she does this whole cleanse, of if
you’re at a place where you’re just spending and you’re not looking at your money, this 30-
day cleanse you can do in essence to like wake up and really look at everything.

I encourage you, please look at your money, budget your money, stick to that budget and if
you’re not sticking to that budget, start to ask yourself, why? Where are you overextending
yourself? There have been times, certain months that I’ve overextended myself even just a
few months ago, right when the corona stuff happened.

The first month or two I overate a little bit, I gained some weight and then it was like, I
went shopping a little bit and then I had to go back to this stuff, my mindset stuff. Why am
I overspending? Why am I overeating? Go back and feel the feelings of things that I needed
to feel at the time. All right. One more thing that I want to touch on because I know we’re
running out of time is investing. Typically, when we think about investing, we think about
our 401(k) and investing in stocks and bonds and all that.

As I said, my husband’s a wealth manager, and he’s worked from home [chuckles] the past
five years that we’ve been living together, I can’t even tell you how many conversations
I’ve had. Sometimes I’m just like, “Please close the doors. I’m so tired of hearing the same
thing over and over again.” We could talk all the details about investing and all that.
I do encourage you to invest and as I said, I’m not here to give you a sales pitch on any of
that stuff but I will tell you, my husband’s boss, his name is Peter Mallouk. He just wrote a
book with Tony Robbins. If you follow me closely, you know I have some things I don’t like
about Tony but I love Peter. Peter is awesome. Look up Peter, Peter Mallouk, M-A-L-L-O-UK.

Look up those books and he talks, the details about investing and all that stuff. He’s
written now two books with Tony and he’s written some books on his own. I encourage
you to look up that stuff but at the end of the day, you just want a diversified portfolio
between stocks and bonds. When the stocks go low, you’re using that bonds to buy the
stocks because they’re at a cheaper price like a few months ago when the Coronavirus hit
everyone’s freaking out, “The stocks, the stock market, blah, blah.” Well, what my husband
and I were doing is we were putting thousands of dollars into the stock market because
the stocks are so cheap, and then what happened? Stocks started to go up.

Now it’s like, “Whoa, look at this, isn’t this fun?” You want to be able to buy when things
are low like that. That’s why you have bonds in there, because you’ll have money from the
bonds that you can put in stocks, and then you’ll sell the stocks when the stocks are high
and go back to your bonds. Again, that’s not my zone of genius, go look up Peter stuff and
you’ll find more of that stuff there. Investing in stocks is great, and awesome. It’s great
“passive income” in some ways. I love that my husband’s a wealth manager. If he wasn’t,
that would be something that we would have in our arsenal of people.

Somebody who’s learning about that all day, every day. That’s where, again, you’ve got to
go back, and you’ve got to have a strong mindset. Because I know, it can be really tricky to
want to trust people with things like our money. That’s where you’ve got to go back and
you’ve got to know yourself enough and trust your intuition enough to know, does this
person feel right? Do I really want to work with them on this? Can I trust them to guide me
in the direction of my dreams financially.

For my husband, we sit down every year, we do it typically on New Year’s, and we look at
our financial plan, and he’s got all these graphs that he provides, and all the stuff and so
it’s so easy to see where we’re meeting our goals or exceeding our goals, and where we’re
not. Those graphs just give so much peace of mind. Again, we’ve got to be able to face our
money and look at this stuff.

Many people they just don’t want to face it. It’s so much easier to face it and then know,
“Okay, how can I get to work? What do I need to do to make this stuff happen?” Again, just
look at if the financial advisor is right for you, wherever it may be, look up Peter Mallouk’s
stuff, Peter’s stuff is great. The other thing I want to talk about investing is like I said
something like the stock market is great. You’ll get likely a good ROI, even when we have
ups and downs in the market and all that.

All the data has shown is things have stayed pretty consistent along the way. Even with
the election, everyone’s like, “Oh, my gosh, if somebody gets reelected or doesn’t get
reelected, is that going to change the stock market?” Again, the research has shown it
doesn’t really matter who’s president or who’s in power. The stock market just stays pretty
consistent. You’ll see all that in Peter’s stuff because I read all of his stuff from my
husband too. Okay, last thing I want to say about investing though, it’s not about the stock
market, it’s about investing in yourself. Because again, when we’re looking at this, and
looking at, we want to invest in this trifecta as much as possible, with ourselves, our time
and our money.

This is the core of everything. Because if you have a strong mindset, then you can create
more money. When you have more money, that’s going to create more time for you. One of
the biggest things that I view as being successful at this point in my life isn’t about the
money I make. I don’t even feel like I make that much money at this point. It’s not even
about my mindset so much. Although, I would say, I’m pretty happy about that.

It’s the amount of time that I have. I knew when I had my daughter 10 years ago, that I
wanted to be somebody who felt really fulfilled in her career and in her life, because I
wanted that for her. I knew I had to be the one that modeled that for her. I knew I had to
do the work here. I had this dream of I’m going to have that ideal career, where I make
what I want, and I do what I want, but I’m still going to have time with her to have things
like summers off and afternoons off and be present with her on the weekends.

Because at the time, as I said, at first I wasn’t working, and then I ended up getting a part
time job. Then I had to work full time for a bit. I was at work like she was getting dropped
off the very first at her school. Then I was the last one to pick her up because I had to work
so many hours. Then I would come home and then at the time, I was just building my
coaching business. I take client calls after I put her to bed. It was a lot and again, it was
like, “Okay, I know, I’ve got to keep working this so I can keep throwing in money here so I
have more time with her.”

That was one of the biggest things when I thought about my life’s vision and about, again,
my deathbed is what’s the most important is having time with the people that I love and
money has been able to give that to me. I always say in emails and podcasts time is our
number one asset. It really is because when we die, we’re not going to die with our money.
We’re going to die with our thing that we’ve been able to do and the people we’ve been
able to spend time with.

Two, we’re going to die with our mind in some ways of the growth that we’ve been able to
experience. Money is just one little piece of the big puzzle of life and your net worth and
anytime I’m sitting down and I’m thinking, “Okay, do I want to invest in another round of
coaching with somebody? Even being a coach I really go back and forth on that a lot of
times because so much in our society is money is the end game. That’s what you want.
When you invest in coaching, you’re taking some of that money away, and you’re putting it
up here.

Then what happens is you’re able to build this so much more. I’m doing this even more
with my clients, I’m talking more about money. When they’re investing with me, I say,
“Okay, part of the game, is that I want you to make the investment back, are you ready? Are
you ready to do the things because I want you to always be able to show up and invest in
whatever you invest in with me or somebody else and learn how to make your money back
and then times it by whatever.”

For example, I recently invested in a coaching program that was 2K. I went into that an
investment and I said, “Okay, I’m going to treat this investment like I just spent 200K, and
that’s what I’m going to make back from that.” I invested in that the last few days of April.
Since then, I’ve made $117,000. Okay, because I decided this is going to be a 200k
investment for me. It’s so powerful what we can do when we just decide something, and
we just decide this is what’s going to happen.

This is what it’s going to be. I teach this to a lot with my clients is that so many times
they’re just in indecision and doubting and da, da, da. It’s like, “Okay, you know where to
go, we figure out what it is they really want to go out and do.” I just had a client call
arguing the same thing. She’s like, “I could do this in my career in the next few months, or
this and this and this?” I said, “Ideal situation, what do you want to do?”

It’s like, “I want to work on this for the next few months.” Boom, go decide, let’s move.
Sometimes you just have to decide, I’m going to make this the best investment ever, or I’m
going to make X amount of money from this. Then you just get to work and you keep
doing it until you make it back. That’s where again, it goes back to mindset, when you have
this all this stuff starts to come together. I mean, there are times when you see people and
they have a lot of money, but they have a crappy mindset.

I live in an area where there’s a lot of abundance. Where my office is located is in a city,
where almost all the homes are a million dollars plus. I’ve been in some of those homes of
some of those people and you think oh my gosh, I’m going to be in the presence of
somebody who’s just amazing, that they’ve made this much money and blah, blah, blah.
Most times, they always say money just exemplifies who you already are. A lot of them are
still really miserable, and they’re not happy.

Then what happens, then maybe their marriage falls apart, and then they lose some of the
money and all that. That’s where I do feel really blessed because I have such a strong
mindset most days. I feel like I’m just going to be able to build so much more on top of the
money and even more time with people I love. It’s just like money is just going to
exemplify who I am. Okay. When all along, but if you guys have any questions, let me
know, either in the chat, or you can always email me [email protected]. I’m
always here to answer questions. My life is an open book.

I’ve told everybody so many things about me, there’s really nothing that’s off limits,
because I want you to show up with me very authentic and open. I feel like I have to model
up for you. Don’t feel like any question’s inappropriate or anything like that. Again, I’m
here to answer whatever questions you want. Because I think it’s important that as women,
especially, we know this stuff, and we know how to go out and get what we want. That’s
my big vision and goal for my life is that every woman that I get to work with, gets to fully
be fulfilled in her life and get all the things that she wants.

If you feel like you are ready to take the next step, and to coach with me, I would love to
have you. The first step is to go to Lindsay, L-I-N-D-S-A-Y-Epreston.com/apply, fill out a
couple questions so that we can get on a free consult call and we can take the next steps
from there. As I said, I do talk about money with my clients, it’s a new thing that I’ve added
in. The first few months of coaching, we do all the things that clear out your mindset, the
things that are holding you back. We do the things like cutting the pattern of overspending
and so many other things in that process.

Then the next three months, we paint a really clear life vision, we figure out who you are
in a very deep level. We call it like your authentic self. We spend three months doing that.
Then I’ve recently added in a three month plus program called Living the Dream where
we’re talking about all of these specific things in details like money and different career
things and all the specifics of this. Like I said one of the big things now that I’m working
with my clients, right when they invest with me is, “Okay, how are you going to make this
money back and how are you going to make this the best investment of your life,” and I’m
teaching them how to do that along the way as we go through the entire process of nine
months and then if they want to continue to get maintenance work, they can.

lindsayepreston.com/apply so we can get started and create amazing results in your life
and grow your net worth even more. As I said and of course I’m biased but I would say this
even if I wasn’t a coach, is your mindset is your most important asset by far because you
can create whatever you want with your minds but you’ve got to have that in order to
create what you want. All right. That’s it my friends, thank you for tuning in and watching
this. I hope it was helpful and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Bye.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed
it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on
social media, I’m sure they would be so appreciative to know these strategies and tips on
how to accomplish your dreams. If you are ready to guarantee you’re going to accomplish
your goals and dreams, then it’s time to start coaching with me.

In my nine-month simple success coaching system, I am going to walk you every single
step of the way to ensure that you get the goals and dreams that you want. The first step is
to apply for a free 60-minute consult call. Just go to LindsayEpreston.com/apply to get
started. As always, my friend, remember, you’re only as unstoppable as you believe you can
be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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