Are behaviors you’re doing toxic to yourself and others without you knowing it? How can you handle toxic people in your life? I’m answering those questions & more today on the show.

toxic femininity

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I’m talking about toxic behaviors today – particularly toxic behaviors that may be inside of you that are not only causing harm to yourself, but to others.

If you’re a mother, you DEFINITELY need to listen in today as any toxic behaviors you have can cause trauma and pain for your children.  

Behaviors are many times learned and if you’re doing things that are harmful to yourself and others, you need to know about it before the cycle continues with your children.

If you aren’t a mother, this episode is still important because your energy is something that others are CONSTANTLY feeling around you.  How you feel about yourself and the world is constantly being thrown back at you and creating a reality for you that may not be allowing you to thrive.

This episode is not a light, fluffy, easy peasy topic.  I’m going to be very frank on some things today, but it’s to help you grow in life.  

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