Understanding and spotting your own behavior patterns can be life-changing. Tune in today as I discuss first hand how spotting behavior patterns will help you achieve your best life.

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You know those people who year after year experience little to no change?  

They set goals and don’t achieve them.  They feel stuck in things like their career, marriage, health and finances.  They think “this is just the best life can get for me.”

They don’t know how to spot their behavior patterns. 

If they did, they’d make goals and reach them.  They’d never feel stuck again.  They’d know and experience first-hand that the life they dream of can exist.  

Just ONE experience of spotting (and overcoming) a behavior pattern is life-changing.

It shifts everything for you.

spot your patterns

I know because I’ve experienced it first-hand and give these life-changing shifts to my clients all day, every day.

One of my favorite life-changing shifts I witnessed from spotting a pattern was with my client, Brooke.

Brooke had a tough exterior.  She knew how to get things done.  She excelled in her male-dominated career despite not having an ideal childhood.  She had attended years of therapy but decided to coach with me to find deep fulfillment in her career and to help her lose weight.

During our first few calls, Brooke had a lot of anger.  (And rightfully so, she had put up with some crap in her life past and present.)

At the end of one of our calls, I told Brooke, “I know you feel a lot of anger right now but this is surface-level.  What you need to feel is sadness and you’re so busy being angry at everyone else that you’re failing to see how angry you are at yourself.  You talk to yourself in a very negative way and you treat those thoughts like facts.”

She sat silent on the phone but listened.  It was one of those moments as a coach where we potentially risk the relationship to tell the client the truth of what they don’t see.  This can be jarring to some and cause a reaction.  I was fortunate she wasn’t reacting, but instead chose to take my words to heart.  

She listened back to our call recordings and started hearing what I heard.  Her mind was blown.

She said later, “I had no idea how horribly I was talking to myself.  From that call, I stopped talking about others and instead focused on how I could be kinder to ME.”

That call I had with Brooke was just 3 months ago from the date of writing this.  Brooke has now increased her income by at LEAST $30k+ (she’s up for bonuses too), her anxiety has diminished greatly, she’s loving herself and she’s losing the weight.  

We were able to spot a pattern here that changed the game for her.  You can start to do this for yourself too so you will never again feel stuck.

Tune into this episode as I teach you:

-What behavior patterns are so you can start to spot yours

-Why it’s vital to spot your behavior patterns if you want to accomplish your dreams

-An exercise to start to spot your patterns now (without the help of a coach)

…and so much more

Get ready.  This episode can be a game-changer.  Listen via the link at the top of this page.

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4-Day Accomplish Your Dreams Free Training

Learn how to make your wildest dreams happen in 4 easy steps

Yes! Give me the free training.