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Mark your calendars for February 15, 2019!

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Well, it’s been quite a month around here. I’ve had 2 colds, 1 sinus infection, 1 tummy bug, my cat of 14 years passed away, and I backed into our garage 🤦🏼‍♀️.

I rarely get sick, so this has been a big deal (and the cat and car situation just has been icing on the cake).

I know exactly why this is happening to me, and it’s not because my immune system has gone to crap or because I’ve just had a string of bad luck.

My mind and body are FREAKING OUT about some big goals I recently set.

If you’ve never heard of this freak out happening before, I promise you, you’ve done it too.

It’s called self-sabotage and we ALL do it. We all have ways in which we screw ourselves from success. (Yours may just not be getting sick like it is for me sometimes.)

For me, it just happens to be that when I set a big goal of being seen more, I get sick.

The last time this happened was 5 years ago when I was going to the in-person weeks for my life coach training. Every time I had to coach or be coaching in front of a live audience, I got SUPER sick.

There was no way out either; otherwise, I’d have to wait a whole year and start over! (And, time was something I could not afford to waste as a then single mom.)

So, I coughed, sneezed and wiped my nose through the whole thing while half out of it because I was on cold meds. (It was real fun, let me tell you.)

I knew I needed to push through though despite it all and I’m SO glad I did.

If I hadn’t have gone, I might be stuck in a job now using nowhere near the talents I get to use today and not transforming the lives I get to help transform.

Now that I’m in this place again of setting big goals and getting sick over and over again, I know this is something I HAVE to do no matter what. (Because it must be important if my mind and body are freaking out this much because of it.)

So, friend, I’m here to tell you that as part of this big and kinda scary goal, I’m going back to the podcasting world!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you may have listened to my old podcast called, Life Luvers Radio. The 2 years I recorded that show was magical.

I enjoyed every single second of creating that show and getting the accolades of being on iTunes “New & Noteworthy” list and being on the Self-Help charts was incredible.

As I approached coming back to podcasting after my year-long break (thanks to baby Denver), Life Luvers Radio just didn’t feel like a good fit anymore.

I, along with the world, has transformed SO much in the past year that I needed a show that reflected that growth. That means Life Luvers is officially over and instead…(drum roll please 🥁)

I’m launching a NEW podcast on February 15 called: “BECOME AN UNSTOPPABLE WOMAN”


I’ll go into detail on the first episode what this show is all about, but in a nutshell, it’s a saucier, but more transformational version of Life Luvers Radio. (It’s kind like Life Luvers Radio’s older, more rebellious, but wiser sister.)

This show is catered toward goal-getter, fear-facing women who want to kick even more ass in their lives by creating change. (And, yes, I just cussed! They’ll be some of that on the show too. 😬 #Nervous)

Please mark your calendars now for the launch date of February 15. (I’ll be sure to remind you too!)

And, my goodness, say a little prayer for me that my mind and body are done with their self-sabotaging shenanigans for now. I’m ready to launch this baby!!!

(I hope though that by hearing this story, it inspires you and reminds you that this crap sometimes is just part of the process and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you need to give up, it means you just need to get stronger.)

I can’t wait to show you the way to a newer, more unstoppable you soon!

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