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I’m Lindsay.

I’m a certified Life Coach, Teacher & Strategist who helps go-getter 20 & 30 something women create the life THEY imagine.



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how my coaching process works

I help my clients become happier, healthier and wealthier using a 3-step proven process that takes 7 months to complete.  It breaks down like this…

Step 1: Learn The Tools For Life-Long Success

First, I teach my clients the tools for life-long success so that they can become even MORE successful.  These tools help them maximize their impact and influence in both their professional and personal lives.

(Time to complete this step: 21 – 30 days)

Step 2: Discover & Overcome The Blocks Holding You Back

Then, I teach my clients how to overcome the mental blocks that are holding them back from living at their highest potential.  This work can be transformational because most people have NO idea that they’re secretly self-sabotaging themselves from getting all they want from life.

(Time to complete this step: 90 days)

Step 3: Uncover & Aim Your Strengths In Order To Create A Life YOU Love

After we get those mental blocks out of the way, I teach my clients more about themselves than they ever thought possible!  With this new awareness, they can now aim themselves in life with more clarity, confidence, joy, purpose, passion and ease.

(Time to complete this step: 90 days)

 In just 7 months, my clients are creating (if not LIVING!) the life they once imagined for themselves!


Results I’ve helped create

I work exclusively with 20 & 30 something women who are motivated and ready for change.  I’ve found that when a driven, go-getter woman learns my strategies for maximum success, BIG changes can happen fast.

I used to suffer with depression.  Not anymore!  From working with Lindsay, I feel re-connected with myself & feel so peaceful & happy.  Goals I once thought were unattainable, now come to me quickly and easily (like selling my house and paying off our debt in a matter of weeks)!

Tonya, age 25

I came to Lindsay feeling stuck.  I wanted different things for my life, but I didn’t know how to get them.  After working with Lindsay, I’m not stuck anymore!  The awareness I’ve created is MIND-BLOWING! I feel FREE!  Now, I’m creating the life I imagine by doing things like opening up my own business.

Jenn, age 33

When I started working with Lindsay, I looked like I had the dream life but, didn’t feel it.  I wanted to feel it!  I’ve been through YEARS of therapy and nothing ever got me the life-long lasting results like I got working with Lindsay.  I am FINALLY living my life for me and FEEL like I have the life I love!

Erica, age 32