If you’re a driven woman who’s checked off life’s customary boxes well (like built a successful career, had meaningful relationships, stayed somewhat healthy, and acquired some wealth) yet you often think, “Damn….there’s got to be more to life than this” you’re in the right place and I can help.




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Client Results

By working with Lindsay, I now have my ideal job working with co-workers who are the right fit for me. It took me so long to find this, but by working with Lindsay it came together with ease. Now, when anything in life comes my way, I know to ask myself what is authentic for me and how I want to show up. Before, I not only didn’t know to ask these questions, but I didn’t know the answers because I didn’t know myself. I wish I had done this work earlier because I realize now that I didn’t have to be uphill through quicksand for so long.


I was at my previous job for 18 years and never once took the step to move up. With Lindsay’s guidance and allowing me to just be who I am, so many doors have opened up for me. I’ve been promoted to an executive role, I’ve set boundaries for myself, and I now believe in myself enough to move to the next level in my career and in my life. Lindsay has a way that allows you to see the future just by being you and authentically showing up.


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