If you’re driven, successful partners who are ready to take things up a level


Awakened Partners

2-on-1 is for you


If you’re ready to create a life that feels EVEN BETTER on the inside than it looks on the outside while achieving goals TOGETHER that currently feel a bit hairy and scary, you’re in the right place.


You’ve both checked off life’s customary boxes quite well. You’ve both done many of the things others consider “successful” like gone to college, climbed the corporate ladder to management status, gotten married, bought a house, possibly had a kid or two (or three!), traveled, stayed somewhat “healthy,” built some wealth, had successful relationships and given back.

The pressure had been on you both to “make something of yourselves,” “create stability,” and “become successful”…and you’ve both done that! On the outside, others would say you “have it all” but, something’s missing. 

It’s not like the two of you are unhappy. Life is pretty darn good, if not great. But, that’s not enough.

You both want even MORE.


You both want to continue to build upon amazing careers that you KNOW you’re meant to be doing in the world. You know what you have now is not the end for you. You want a career in which you leave even more of a legacy of impact, change and wealth.


You both want more personal relationships that EXCITE the eff out of you and make you feel deeply connected (including the one you have with each other), because they bring out the most authentic version of you every day.


You both want to be more than just your surface-level labels like your job title. You want to live with a life purpose that allows you to BE and FEEL deep fulfillment no matter who the two of you are around and what you’re both doing. You two are here to make an impact!


You both want to continue to grow a financial life that’s AMAZING. You don’t want to stress about money or spend on silly things that in the long-run don’t matter. Instead, you’re both wanting to earn what you want, save what you want, invest in an even smarter way and experience life how you both want because your finances and financial habits support your current big dreams.


You both want to sustain and lengthen feelings of authenticity, presence, gratitude and peace in your life. You want to keep accomplishing, AND you want to enjoy the NOW too (especially with each other).


You both want to FINALLY feel like you have everything you need. You’re no longer spending money, time, and energy on things that make you accomplish more short term, but aren’t long-lasting. 


You both want to become extremely intentional in your life. Even more so, you know what you want and how to go after it. People are in awe of the two of you because you both glow from living a deeply fulfilled life and making it look (mostly) easy.


You both want to deeply love who you are in a whole new way. You want confidence that knocks others’ socks off it’s so strong, yet, you want to be at a place where you’re not even caring anymore what others think about you.


You both want your mental, emotional, physical health and beyond to be a top priority, if not at the top of its game. You two don’t want to age in the stereotypical way, instead you want to be an example of what’s possible!

You both see your next level of success on the horizon, but it’s just out of your grasp, and not because the two of you haven’t tried to reach it.

One or both of you have done things like taken online courses, read self-help books, listened to podcasts, spent weekends at workshops and retreats, had a mentor, been a member of a church, prayed/manifested for blessings to appear and gone to therapy to get your good life on track to being great. 

Now, youre both ready to create the exceptional.

If that’s you….

Awakened Partners 2-on-1 is ready for you

It’s the proven process with added 2-on-1 private and custom support that teaches you both how to ACHIEVE even more of a life that’s massively authentic, fulfilling, impactful and successful.

Awakened Partners 2-on-1 is broken down into two step-by-step, neuroscience-backed processes.


Part One: Months 1 – 4

In part one, we’ll take a deep dive into clearing out all of the things that are keeping you both from having what you want now. That includes: uncovering and overcoming the coping patterns and beliefs you’ve both developed from your past experiences (including breaking down society’s b.s. messaging), discovering and shifting the neuroscience-proven voice inside your heads that makes you doubt and criticize yourselves unnecessarily, finding what boundaries you both need to implement (and then learning to set them), lessening distractions (ie: things you two don’t want to do but do them anyway), and learning how to regulate your nervous systems so you both can create more peace and calm. The two of you will end part one of this process by letting go once and for all of the weight of your past in a life-changing, neuroscience-based release experience!

By the end of part one of this process, you’ll feel cleaned out, more at peace than ever before, and ready to create your next levels of success in ways that are more strategic and authentic than ever before.

Part Two: Months 5 – 9

In part two, I’ll be teaching you both what your unique impacts are in the world so you two know once and for all how to live YOUR most authentic, impactful and fulfilling lives. With this knowledge, I’ll then teach you both how to make confident decisions with ease so the two of you can get into massive, aligned action to make your authentic, fulfilling life a reality. 

You’ll both start (or continue) to live life with MASSIVE, forward-moving action yet, feeling more joy and peace than ever before. You’ll both no longer wonder what your next steps are, because you’ll both have the clarity to know exactly where you need to go. There will be NO MORE days of wishing what you want would come true, instead they’ll be a DONE DEAL. 

When you complete Awakened Partners 2-on-1, you’re both….


CREATING AND PRODUCING your highest level work to date while maintaining your ideal work/life blend (which for many include working less hours, yet making more money)


FEELING BETTER THAN EVER because you’ve both learned the highest level of tools to master any setbacks that come up internally or externally for you


MOVING MORE INTENTIONALLY & STRATEGICALLY THAN EVER BEFORE because you both know how to operate best as YOU and you have extreme clarity about what you’re creating


BOUNDARIES BADASSES. Some say, “more money, more problems” but, that’s not happening to the two of you because you both run your life at work and home exceptionally well (as do the people you hire) due to your loving, but firm boundaries.


No longer needing to rely on weekends and vacations to escape your day-to-day life because you’ve both created a life full of calm, balance, fun and peace


Scaling your success to levels BEYOND what you two can even dream of today because what you’re both dreaming of today you’ve already accomplished


TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION even more so you both make the highest quality of decisions NEARLY ALL OF THE TIME


Having the most amazing and yummy relationships that are full of fun, love, connection and JOY (most of all with each other!)


No longer caring about what others think of you because you’re OWNING your power and truth

Sound amazing?

It is! Ive created this life for myself too.

My Story

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Lindsay Elizabeth Preston and I’m a trauma-informed, diversity, equity, and inclusion trained 

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I’m someone who has done a LOT of things to become the successful woman I am today. 


I was a Psychology honors graduate from TCU. I had an “it job” in Human Resources for a financial firm where I was named, “Employee of the Month” just months into my tenure. An investor believed in me enough to give me hundreds of thousands of dollars to run his business on my own at age 24, and I immediately turned that into a $200k a year biz in its first year.

I had nice apartments, and eventually a house with my college sweetheart who was handsome, outgoing and smart when our unexpected, but welcomed baby came in our mid-20s (…and she was the cutest thing EVER). 

I built this coaching business you see now after a horrific divorce with that handsome, outgoing and smart guy when I found out he was living a double life with another woman (so fun). So, I did YEARS of work to heal from that experience (among other traumas from childhood) while being a single mama of a 2-year-old and working a day job.



My life now is pretty darn sweet.

 I went on to remarry and have a son. And together, we’ve built an outwardly modest, but very fruitful wealth in a matter of a few years.

My business has been steadily growing over the years and I have a success rate I have yet to see with other coaches where 93% of those who work with me say they got all and MORE while working together and 85% return to work with me after completing this program because they had such a great experience. 

I’m also among a small handful of coaches in my age range to receive the qualification of “Professional Certified Coach” (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

I say alllllll of this to say, I’m like you. I’ve overcome hard things, I’ve done lots of personal development work, and I’ve accomplished some epic sh*t.

Despite feeling GREAT (most days), I wished I had Awakened Partners to bring my husband along with me in this massive growth….

Because as driven, impact-fueled women, we’re never done growing, right?! But, we often fear we’re going to leave our loved ones behind as we grow (like our romantic partner, business partner, life partners (ie: besties), and family partners). 

This is why I offer my proven Awakened Partner process for a small group of partners annually in a 2-on-1 format. These partners need custom and private support in order to grow at the highest level. They’ve already broken so many barriers and created success. They don’t want to waste time figuring out how to apply something new to their lives. Instead, they want a coach, teacher and guide who will make it simple, easy, and fun for them so they can get immediate results that feel good to THEM. And, they want to grow closer in the process!

They’ve likely done group programs, therapy, workshops, and read a ton….now, they want the ultimate custom experience and highest level of results to make their big goals a reality (while feeling amazing in the process). They’re ready to “do the work” to complete the steps needed for their goals to be DONE, but just need help along the way to guide them to success. 

If this sounds like you, then 2-on-1 coaching with me in Awakened Partners is for you.


Everything you need to be extremely successful in this program is provided.

That includes:

#1 – Lifetime access to the Awakened Woman & Man private course website with 24 modules of  self-guided closed-caption training videos organized so you know exactly what video to watch when, audios within a private podcast so you can listen on the go, and downloadable PDF workbooks and printables so you can print extra copies of materials whenever you need it.

#2 – Printed materials shipped directly to you including FOUR full-color, bound workbooks that help you go step-by-step through the process, two reflection journals to provide the space needed as you learn to coach yourself, card stock printouts of tools you’ll use time and time again and two supplementary books for anyone doing the Awakened Woman journey.

#3 – Twenty seven 60-minute 2-on-1 calls (that’s you two & me) to walk you both through every step of this process. I’ll be there to customize this process just for each of you, as well as hold you both accountable, and challenge you both in ways you can’t do for yourself or each other. 

#4 – Voxer access for private text and voice messages between calls to give you both the support youll need between sessions. Youll both have access to me 4 days a week every week to coach and support you on any day-to-day needs. 

The results you create inside are truly priceless.

Your cost for lifetime access & 9 months of 2-on-1 support is 9 payments of $1335 

No matter what your goals are walking into Awakened Partners

2-on-1, I want you both walking away from this program with:


CONFIDENCE to act even more on your desires and choices with quick, intentional decisions so the two of you can stay in MASSIVE forward-moving, peaceful action (instead of worrying how you’ll say or do things, you’ll both just confidently DO them)


OVERCOMING any current or future hard experience with less OVERWHELM (because goodness knows we need less overwhelm to survive on this planet)


Living life having the tools to transform any time you both want it and FINALLY freeing yourself of the pressure and guilt to constantly achieve (so you both can rest and savor once and for all!)


Having even more of the energy and focus you two want to make your big dreams a reality….and your health is better than it’s ever been because of it too!


SHOWING UP as your Authentic Selves in all areas of your lives while living life the way you want to (because you two know with certainty who your Authentic Selves are, what your purpose is in this world and exactly how to live as your “ideal self”)

“Awakened Partners” 2-on-1 is a one-of-a-kind experience and different from anything else on the market because…

This process Integrates neuroscience-based concepts that are broken down into easy to follow step-by-step solutions so you can get IMMEDIATE results after a lesson.

I customize this process for each of you. By doing this, you two know how you both work best, not just in this process, but with ANY work in your present & future.

This process shows you both how you can break the barriers needed to accomplish your dreams in ways that feels authentic to the two of YOU time and time again.

This process has a unique balance that allows you both to feel, deal and heal past pain, AND teaches you both how to create an ideal present and future all within a few months. 

Our support team is available to you via Slack and email during and BEYOND the 9-month process so you both can always have the support you need to be successful long-term. 

This process gives you both a system for LIFE to use over and over again to get through EVERY hardship, as well as coaches you on how to up-level your lives as much (or as little) as you both want.

This process is specifically designed and PROVEN to work for driven people who want to achieve and make an impact at their highest levels.

This process creates IMPACTFUL results. 93% of participants say they got even MORE results than what they expected!


I believe so strongly in this process and YOU both to get the results you want, that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days (minus the cost of services used).

Awakened Partners 2-on-1 has the power to PROFOUNDLY change your lives. That’s not hype—it’s based on the results from past clients who showed up to make this investment the BEST one of their lives.

I’m confident that if you both do the work and implement what’s asked of you, you’ll both not only get amazing results, but you’ll be like the 93% who said their results form this program are even BETTER than they thought was possible right now.

Within MONTHS, it’ll feel like you’ve both created what most people spend YEARS attempting to do.

The two of you will be existing freely as your most authentic self living the life YOU both desire accomplishing at the HIGHEST LEVELS.

You Should Know…

Awakened Partners 2-on-1 is NOT for everyone.

I’d prefer you figure out NOW if coaching with me is NOT for you so you don’t waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase…

Awakened Partners 2-on-1 is for those who:

Awakened Partners 2-on-1 is NOT for those who:

If you’re reading that Awakened Partners is for you, what’s stopping you from signing up now?  

know you may feel unsure, if not scared to make this investment in yourselves, but you won’t know until you try. 

If you both could make the goals and dreams you have in your current vision happen on your own or by using other modalities, you would’ve accomplished them already. YOU ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. The modalities you’ve done weren’t built to give long-term results, and what you’re attempting to accomplish isn’t something you can DIY.  

It’s okay to ask for help, and not have to grow on your own!

In fact, the results you both want can’t be done alone. You two are likely at a level now where your willpower and skill has taken you as far as it can go. Now, it’s time to learn some new tools and gain awareness you aren’t seeing to take it up a notch. 

Awakened Partners  2-on-1 is built to give you both the results you want.  It’s a PROVEN process that’s been used for almost 10 years with a 99% client satisfaction rate (with 93% of those clients saying they got all and MORE they wanted).  If you’re ready for change, this process will create it for you.

You’ve both read this far and this much detail about the program for a reason. It’s a sign that there’s a part of you two that desire the changes waiting on the inside for you and you both believe Im the person to help you both get there. Honor that. 

Today is the Day!

Have Questions?

Who is Lindsay & what makes her qualified to teach this work?

I’m a Psychology grad from TCU (Go Frogs!) and a trauma-informed and Professional Certified life & leadership coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). My training is focused in neuroscience. This means the strategies I teach are based on neuroscience research to work for the brain.  

I’ve been taking clients through the “Awakened Woman” coaching process for over 10 years now with 93% saying they got even MORE than they expected from doing this program.

“Awakened Partners” was birthed in early 2024 when “Awakened Man” was released after many of my clients begged to have a male form of the program. If you’re reading this page in 2024, know you’ll be one of the first to go through this program together!! I can’t wait for you two to become my first of many success stories.

How is coaching with Lindsay different from others?

My Awakened Partners coaching process is unique in that it’s based entirely on neuroscience research and proven to help you both overcome your blocks. It provides something that would take months (if not years or ever) in therapy and teaches you a step-by-step system on how to release the crap that’s keeping you stuck. 

If you’ve come across other life or leadership coaches, not many know of or teach the neuroscience behind their strategies. I’ll show you what research is out there to support the strategies I teach you both. This will leave you with the knowledge that on those tough days you have to keep with it because this stuff works.

My teaching style is very direct, supportive and calming. I get you into action with ease while knowing that you are 100% loved and supported along the way.

When you are a 2-on-1 client, you are one of my #1 priorities for the year. As long as you both give it your all, I make sure you get what you want from coaching with me and will work with you to ensure that happens. Additionally, if either of you need me, I’m there. You have access to me 4 days a week to coach between sessions on Voxer to help you with anything you both need!

What if I’ve tried other things and it didn’t work?

I hear this from my clients ALL of the time and I was this person too. I tried therapy, books, podcasts, women’s groups, conventions, workshops, advice from people who I considered “wise,” and religion. It worked a little bit, but I still wasn’t getting the massive results I craved. They were temporary fixes that made me feel good short-term but, coaching in this process is what changed the game long-term for me and my clients.

This is why I guarantee your results doing this work. If you don’t get all and more that you came for, I’ll give you your money back in the first 30 days (minus cost of services used). I don’t want your results from the past to impact your decision to try something new today. I believe 100% in this process and YOU. I know you’ll get amazing results and you’ll start to see those results in just 30 days.

I’m worried I won’t show up and give this my all. What happens if I do that?

Then we’ll coach on why you aren’t showing up and giving it your all. There likely WILL be times when you don’t give 100%, that’s expected in the process and doesn’t mean something has gone wrong. It will simply be an opportunity for us to see what’s stopping you from giving it your all so you can figure it out for now and in the future. 

I also know that accountability is huge for some people and you may be that person who needs something external to show up. I’ll know that early on in the game and I’ll give you that accountability so you WILL show up and I’ll teach you how to give that accountability to yourself in the future.

How much time per week will this program take (on average)?

Awakened Partners on average takes about 45-minutes a day for 4 days a week to complete the coaching tools and to watch training videos. You two and I will also meet for 60-minutes 3 times a month (typically the same day and time for the first 3 weeks each month) for 9 months. This time will be the most productive time you two spend on yourselves all week! It may feel like you’re slowing down, but it will allow you to speed up and do LESS in the future.

When does the program start?

You can begin immediately at sign up! You’ll get an email with online access to the ENTIRE program. Within a few business days from sign up, your Awakened Woman printed materials will arrive. (Those in Awakened Man can print on their own.) I will also be emailing you two to set up your first call (if we didn’t do a consult already) before your materials arrive so we can talk through your goals for the program. 

What happens after I pay?

You’ll receive a welcome email for Awakened Woman right away! It will give you the link to set up your username and password on the membership site. The membership site is where you’ll have access to all of the training videos. Your printed materials will ship in 2-3 business days. Typically, within 7-10 days you have your printed materials. You and I will also be emailing about setting up your 1-on-1 calls!

If someone needs Awakened Man, you’ll receive access within 24 hours of sign up. 

What if now isn't a good time?

If you’re both busy, then it might feel overwhelming to add another responsibility to your plates. But, if you two don’t do the work now, when will you do it? Our days aren’t guaranteed. I don’t know about you but I want to leave this planet without any regrets and what ifs.

I also want my children to see a partership that is living life to their best so THEY can go live life as their best. The investment I know can seem “scary,” but what you’re giving up by not signing up is even scarier. (Plus, most people make their money back from coaching in MONTHS)

Keep in mind too I only take on a small number of 2-on-1 clients for an entire YEAR. Once they’re gone, they’re gone and spots won’t reopen for likely another 12 months. Your life can be at a WHOLE NEW LEVEL (and more) in 12 months when you work with me, why wait?

Do I have too many "issues" for this course?

I’ve had people with many different “issues” like depression, anxiety, PTSD, AD(H)D and autism successfully complete this program. (I have ADHD with depression myself!) That’s not a hindrance AT ALL in my eyes, however, motivation level is very important. You MUST be motivated to change your life and do the work of this course in order to get there. This course is EXTREMELY step-by-step. If you follow the steps properly, you’ll get results.

If you’re concerned your motivation level isn’t high enough to complete Awakened Partners 2-on-1 with success, ask yourself these questions and send the answers to [email protected]. We will tell you honestly if Awakened Partners is right for you based on your answers.

1. On average, what would you rate your daily motivation level 1-10 (10 being the best)?

2. What are the things stopping you from having the motivation you’d like?

3. In the past, how have you motivated yourself to do things?

4. What’s something you completed with success that you’re so proud of?

5. What’s concerning you about your motivation level at this time with this program?

Is this program only for male-female romantic partners?

NO! Any two people can join this course, including (but not limited to): business partners, family members, friendships. This process is catered to the two of you so ANYONE can go through it, including two people of the same sex. 

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

I do not offer scholarships or financial aid for 2-on-1 coaching.