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Here are some rockin’ results & shameless love on how coaching with me is different from the rest.

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I spent a year coaching with Lindsay and it was life changing-LITERALLY!


“Lindsay’s Awakened Woman program is amazing. I don’t even recognize myself from a year ago. If you feel any aspect of your life has stalled, it’s time to dig deep and learn what is preventing you from being your best and Lindsay will help you do that.”


– Pat, age 55, Wife, Tech CEO

Working with Lindsay is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


“Not only has Lindsay’s coaching in Awakened Woman helped me but in response to my changes the people around me and my environment have also changed for the better, including landing my dream job! She provides the best loving support while also holding you accountable. If you’re wondering about working with her – do it! You will be so happy you did.”

– Kaitlyn, age 23, Wife, Animal Caretaker

On-going coaching with Lindsay is my new secret sauce to long-term, high-level success.


“I’ve worked with Lindsay twice over the years. The first time, I went through the early version of her now ‘Awakened Woman’ process. During that time, I realized I didn’t know myself like I thought I did. I thought I knew what I wanted to be happy but I didn’t know how to get there or what steps I needed to take to achieve it. I thought I knew my strengths (as I was successful in my job), but working with Lindsay made me SO self-aware. From that awareness, I was set up to create the life I desire…and I did that in ways for years on my own.

However, I came back to work with Lindsay in January 2022 1-on-1 and then joined her ‘Living the Dream’ mastermind because while I was making some of my goals happen, others just weren’t clicking. I thought I needed accountability and focus, but as I started coaching with Lindsay again, I saw it was more than that. I needed to process emotions from my past because those buried emotions were keeping me stuck. As we did that healing, my goals started to flow. I got an unexpected promotion at work, my workout routine is finally happening, and my focus on what I want is clearer.

As a very driven woman, I now see the necessity of on-going coaching. As new things come up (and they come up often), I’m able to process them so I can continue to move forward authentically in my life. The momentum I’m creating now is so much stronger than what I had on my own.”


– Katharine, age 38, Wife, Mom of 1, Corporate Acquisition Leader

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Lindsay helped me discover a deep love for all versions of myself, even the little pieces that had been completely lost.


“Before Lindsay’s Awakened Woman, I had spent years stuck in a workaholic hustle mindset and lifestyle. I had completely lost myself to the labels of ‘career woman’ and ‘mom.’  Lindsay helped me discover a deep love for all versions of myself, even the little pieces that had been completely lost. Now I’m able to appreciate and prioritize all the little things that make me me.”


– Carissa, age 39, Wife, Mom of 2 and Emmy Award Winning Producer

I now thrive in a direction knowing that I’m in my zone of genius.


“By working with Lindsay in Awakened Woman, I now have my ideal job working with co-workers who are the right fit for me. It took me so long to find this, but by working with Lindsay it came together with ease. Now, when anything in life comes my way, I know to ask myself what is authentic for me and how I want to show up. Before, I not only didn’t know to ask these questions, but I didn’t know the answers because I didn’t know myself. I wish I had done this work earlier because I realize now that I didn’t have to be uphill through quicksand for so long.”


-Dr. Tori, Age 28, Wife, Chiropractor

I now have an action plan for my life now vs. swirling in thoughts of “what if” that used to consume my brain. 


I came to Lindsay at 41-years-old having already done a decent amount of personal development work with years of therapy, reading lots of personal development books (and listening to podcasts), going to workshops and running marathons.

On the surface, I had a great life: marriage, kids, travel, a lovely home, friends, my health. But I still didn’t feel deeply fulfilled. While my job paid well and had the flexibility I wanted, I knew I could be doing more meaningful work and making even more money without losing the flexibility I wanted as I raise my girls. I needed healing around money blocks and guidance on what more my career could be. 

Working with Lindsay in her ‘Awakened Woman’ coaching program gave me that healing, guidance and SO much more. I’ve become the most authentic version of myself and I finally no longer care what others think of me! This has opened me up to stepping into my career more and has allowed me and my husband to create a solid financial plan so we can save AND enjoy life (which includes buying a NEW home!) 

I often say that quitting drinking, having a daily gratitude practice and working with Lindsay have been the top 3 life changers for me (even after all I’ve done!). Investing in yourself to go through this program is worth every penny.


– Kalynn, age 42, Wife, Mom of 2, Project Manager

After just a few months of signing up to work with Lindsay, my life is very close to my ideal & the investment is paying me back many times over.


I hired Lindsay to work with her 1-on-1 in Awakened Woman because while I was getting a lot done in my life, I wanted more clarity on what my goals are so I could maximize the action I was taking in my life. I also wanted to grow with trusting myself more so I could make some big decisions in my life.

Right away, Lindsay had me slow down to take more self-care and reflect. Although, I was super busy at the time (with working, going to school, raising 3 kids, and being a wife), I made it happen and I’m SO glad I did. By slowing down, I started to see what was important to me and I started to feel better too! The coaching process then helped me gain clarity on tangible things that matter most of me (like my values, strengths, etc). 

Now, after a few months of signing up for coaching I live a life that’s very close to my ideal! I’ve become closer to people around me, my marriage has shifted to what feels authentically right for me, I’m drinking less alcohol, yet having more fun, I’m finding what spirituality means to ME for the first time in my life, and I’ve up-leveled my job.

I’ve had phenomenal growth over the past few months and I now have the tools to keep growing on my own or with Lindsay’s help in the future. Investing in coaching was a stretch for me, but I’m so glad I made that investment. It’s already paying me back many times over. 


– Steph, age 42, Mom of 3, Hospitalist

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I wanted to feel happy, peaceful, calm and excited about work while doing something that made a difference in people’s lives. I had many fears around being able to do this, especially making the money I wanted to make.

Step by step, Lindsay and I built my life to make those dreams a reality!


When I had my consult with Lindsay, my husband of 18 years had just moved out 3 weeks prior. Faced with many unknowns including supporting myself financially, I wanted Lindsay’s support in that transition while ensuring I had the confidence and strength to get what I wanted in our legal separation and to move forward into a more joyful life.

I knew I needed some healing to do because I was feeling anxious, worried, and basically lost. I’d had therapy before, but I wanted more of a personal experience with more direction and results. Lindsay was confident we could do that together in ‘Awakened Woman.’ 

While that goal alone was enough for me to hire Lindsay, I wanted even more from our time together. 

I wanted to transition out of a career in commercial real estate into a healing profession. I dreaded every morning going to work because I felt overwhelmed and was in an extremely toxic and stressful environment. My work did not give me a sense of purpose and I knew this was not something I could continue doing.  

I did a lot of healing around my marriage (and beyond), I feel better than I’ve felt in DECADES, I found what makes me thrive in my career and opened up my new healing practice business in a smart, aligned way. I have more quality time with my kids and more time and focus to work on me. My  life is thriving again, I am connecting with people who share my same values,  and get this…I got exactly what I wanted from my legal separation (some would say what I got was unheard of)! 

My life now feels magically fun and full of ease and a huge part of that is from the work I did in Awakened Woman with Lindsay. Lindsay asked in my consult how I would know if I achieved my goals working with her and I replied, ‘When I have my groove back.’  Well, I can honestly say I have my groove back + so much more!


– Germaine, age 52, Mom of 2, Energy & Bodywork Practitioner 

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Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

By taking care of myself and putting me first, I now know who I am and what I want.


“Lindsay had me slow down, which I hate, but it was so that I could speed up. This is exactly what I needed and because of it, I was able to give myself the time to work on my thoughts and to feel the feelings. Thanks to Awakened Woman, I now have so much more to give to my family and to my clients in my own business. I also have the tools so when something doesn’t go right or as planned, I recover so much quicker.”


– Kristin, age 41, Wife, Mom of 1, Business owner

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Awakened Woman is a gift to women.


“Before working with Lindsay, even though I had really strong areas in my life, I was like a roller coaster. I felt really big highs and really low lows. Now, as a brand new mom, I am responding to motherhood as my Authentic Self and feeling this incredible sense of calm, even when things are sometimes chaotic. The work I did with Lindsay in Awakened Woman (and beyond) prepared me for this next step in my life.”


– Kristin, age 40, Mom of 1, Teacher

I was specific with what I wanted in my dream job, and though I was hopeful I could get it, I also had my doubts. Lindsay knew she could help me find it and within months, I got that job to a TEE!! 


When I signed up for my free consult with Lindsay, I was exhausted. For decades, I was moving a million miles a minute, barely stopping long enough to go to the bathroom. Because of my constant movement, I had already done so many things in life (even though I was only in my early 30s), including obtaining a master’s degree, paying off hundreds of thousands in student loan debt, earning additional certifications for work, getting married and running a clinic on my own with only a team of volunteers to help. 

But, I didn’t feel like what I was doing had purpose, nor was I getting paid enough for the amount of work I was putting in. I hired Lindsay to coach me through her Awakened Woman program to help me find that purpose at work and to define and attract my next step dream job.

Now, I make what I want (plus MORE), work from home, and do work that’s more in my “zone of genius.” I’m more certain what my purpose for life is and with that awareness I’m now focusing more on things outside of work, like starting a family, buying a home and healing my body from the stress I put it through.

Although my husband and I travel a lot more these days (because of my job up-level), it’s the cherry on top of my life because now, my life isn’t one I feel like I need to escape from! 

Of course, I have hard moments and days, but I use the tools Lindsay taught me time and time again to get through those challenges while adding new healing modalities to the mix that coaching made me ready for.” 


– Kristin, age 34, Wife, Senior Manager of Clinical Performance

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Now that I know who my authentic self is, I really just want to dig deeper into that so that I can spend more time being that person.


“After learning about who I was authentically through the work with Lindsay in Awakened Woman (and beyond), I realized I had spent my career in a job that was not right for me. Learning this allowed me to make a shift in my life so I could thrive not only in my career, but also in my marriage, as a mom, and in my relationship with myself. I used to feel like crap because of the way I talked to myself. Now, I make decisions for me and I feel like a boss!”


– Sierra, age 32, Wife, Mom of 1, Nurse

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Seeing the new me I am today makes me wonder how it’s been only two years of working through old patterns to build the base of a life I am leading proudly, instead of letting others take the wheel.


Since working with Lindsay in Awakened Woman, I have not only gained confidence by intentionally acknowledging everything I’m capable of achieving, I’ve also left old beliefs behind. Step by step, I’ve overcome habits that were holding me back and replaced them with new routines that have allowed me to step into my power more. I am beyond grateful for everything I have learned and all the awareness I am getting every day by trusting Lindsay and her coaching process and tools.


– Grit, age 45, Wife, Project lead in data management

While the investment of time and money scared me when it came to coaching with Lindsay, I’m SO glad I took the leap. I’m a whole other person that I was just a year ago before starting the Awakened Woman program. For the first time, I’ve become fully aware of God in me.


I started working with Lindsay at age 53 knowing that after 32 years in my career it was time for me to step out on my own and create my own business. So, I hired Lindsay to take me through her ‘Awakened Woman’ process 1-on-1 to help me create the confidence and plan that I knew I needed in order to align my career with my life purpose. 

When we started coaching, the first thing Lindsay and I had to clean up was how much I was over-giving to my current job. (I couldn’t even take a vacation without putting in ridiculous hours and have work blowing up my phone the entire time I was off!) To set those boundaries, it took a lot of healing to let go of my patterns of people pleasing that stemmed back to when I was a young child. Lindsay and I did that work in a way that was MAGICAL! Out of all the work I’ve done with other coaches and complementary therapies, Lindsay’s release process to heal trauma was next level for me. 

Because I was finally able to release and experience deep healing, my confidence and belief in myself immediately soared so much that I was able to make a shift in my career to a role more aligned to my strengths, for even more pay.  And even though, I am still working in a corporate environment for now, the growth and energy I experienced from my ability to manifest my desires for the first time, opened the doors for me to continue to align my life. 

Awakened Woman truly busted the glass ceiling for me to THRIVE in ALL areas of my life, not just my career. My dating life has gained an energy again, after decades of it being stagnant and full of heartbreak because I was finally able to break through barriers to self-love. I feel better than I’ve ever felt and it shows as I organically attract others into my life.  And even when the old tracks in my mind start to play and I catch myself thinking, “He’s too ____ for you” (insert: young, rich, good, etc) or “What will other people think,” I find myself replacing those old tracks with thoughts rooted in self-love and worth.  Now instead I think how it would be a blessing for him to be with me!  And I have released thoughts of what other people think about my dating life and the need to somehow please them with who & how I choose to date. 

Working with Lindsay has played a huge part in my journey of becoming more aware of my unique design, my spiritual giftedness, my own brand of magic and I’ve been able to discover my true passion and purpose in this life.  I now channel life-force energy to create the life of my dreams and I know without a doubt the business I’m meant to create is desiring to be birthed so that I can offer my gifts in helping others understand their unique design.  It feels so effing good to live in this space of awareness!!” 

 – Jodie, age 54, Director of Organization Development & Human Resources

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Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Lindsay’s coaching and guidance in Awakened Woman has literally changed my life, and me, for the better, and I cannot find words to express how grateful I am.


“I have a confidence I’ve never had, I feel ready to take on challenges and enjoy my life to the fullest. Lindsay gave me actual tools I could use, which is something I’ve been desperate for, and she helped me see that I had the power and the strength all along. My anxiety has been cut in HALF in just 3 months and I have a new job too!”


– Megan, age 29, Wife and Teacher

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Lindsay has given me a sense of self worth that I never had before.


Going through Lindsay’s Awakened Woman program completely changed my life. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had very low self esteem and at times debilitating anxiety. Lindsay taught me the tools to manage my racing thoughts. Through learning my true purpose and natural strengths, I can now see that I’m well on the path to living my dream life. Rather than constantly spinning in the “what’s next?” I’m finally able to enjoy my life with the knowledge that I have so much to offer my personal and professional relationships. I now have the confidence to own my decisions and follow my instincts!


– Rachel, age 37, Wife and Operations Manager

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Through learning who I am at my core, I’ve come to see how much I desire a community of people around me. Continual coaching with Lindsay has allowed me to attract that in my life. I’ve never felt more accepted for me


“I’ve worked with Lindsay twice over the years. The first time, in 2016, I was moving toward private practice as a way to provide the services I felt the community desperately needed. Deep down I didn’t believe it could actually ever happen. But, with Lindsay’s coaching and doing the work in the first version of her now ‘Awakened Woman’ process, I built a thriving small private practice that wouldn’t have been possible without applying the concepts I learned in that process.

Round two of coaching with Lindsay began in July 2022 and we went through her current ‘Awakened Woman’ process. This round of coaching with Lindsay proved to be just as beneficial, if not more so. I found my divine feminine and really embraced it, and I took the leap to purchase a camper van so I could travel and live even more in the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. 

Now that I’ve seen the benefits of on-going coaching, I’m continuing to coach with Lindsay in her ‘Living the Dream’ mastermind. I’m in a community of like-minded, supportive women where I have a space to bounce ideas off of others, be around other women in similar situations to mine and learn from their coaching as much as my own!”


– Jen, age 43, Clinical Social Worker

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I now feel worthy of everything I want and am devoted to my continual healing and aligning to receive it. Lindsay’s coaching process is a LIFESTYLE.


“I’ve coached with Lindsay on and off for around 8 years. Back then, I was nutritionally deficient with chronic stomach problems, feeling constantly taken advantage of by family and romantic interests, not knowing anything about setting boundaries and feeling doomed to never get what I wanted out of life. Now, 60+ coaching sessions later, I can honestly say I adore who I am, I’m intentional with my life, and I feel the freest and most confident I ever have. Working with Lindsay has been one of the primary ways I’ve learned tools to heal, regulate my emotions, and move through conflict without abandoning myself. I hardly think twice about having tough conversations, communicating my needs, pursuing whatever I want, and walking away from what isn’t a good for me. My internal response to stressful situations is to breathe deeply, release emotions, ground myself in my values, and then advocate for what I need. This was UNTHINKABLE 8 years ago.”


– Femi, age 35, Customer Experience & Marketing Professional

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