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I spent a year coaching with Lindsay and it was life changing-LITERALLY!


“Lindsay’s work is amazing. I don’t even recognize myself from a year ago. If you feel any aspect of your life has stalled, it’s time to dig deep and learn what is preventing you from being your best and Lindsay will help you do that.”


– Pat, age 55, Wife, Tech CEO

Working with Lindsay is one of the best decisions I have ever made.


“Not only has Lindsay’s coaching helped me but in response to my changes the people around me and my environment have also changed for the better, including landing my dream job! She provides the best loving support while also holding you accountable. If you’re wondering about working with her – do it! You will be so happy you did.”

– Kaitlyn, age 23, Wife, Animal Caretaker

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Lindsay helped me discover a deep love for all versions of myself, even the little pieces that had been completely lost.


“Before Lindsay, I had spent years stuck in a workaholic hustle mindset and lifestyle. I had completely lost myself to the labels of ‘career woman’ and ‘mom.’  Lindsay helped me discover a deep love for all versions of myself, even the little pieces that had been completely lost. Now I’m able to appreciate and prioritize all the little things that make me me.”


– Carissa, age 39, Wife, Mom of 2 and Emmy award winning producer

Coaching with Lindsay has made all the difference just by getting to know myself
on a deeper level.


“Before working with Lindsay, I felt like I was really stuck. I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn’t take the action towards it and I wasn’t getting any closer to my dreams and goals. Now that I understand myself, I’ve gained my confidence back and I feel like I know where to go from here. Lindsay is so great at holding space for people and allowing them to follow whatever they feel is best for them authentically. I’m so grateful to have her in my life.”


– Monica, age 32, Wife, Photographer

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Working with Lindsay is pure gold— it’s like finding out the secrets to the universe that have been inside of me all along.


“I came to Lindsay because I was in a motivation and energy rut. I knew there was more to life than the current state I was in. I’m only halfway through the program, and Lindsay has already helped me clear away the fog I was under, significantly improve my confidence, and open my eyes to who I am and why. I feel like I’m watching my life transform before my very eyes as I experience unbelievable growth.”


– Chelsea, age 36, Mom of 3, Director of Research Development

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Even my marriage has improved tremendously; we’re pretty much in love with each other all over again! Lindsay got me in touch with who I actually am in life.


“Before coaching, I was a stay at home mom going through college classes and trying to find a corporate career. I never thought that I could be an entrepreneur. Thanks to Lindsay, I now have my own website and blog. She taught me how to use my strengths and my past life as my power. Lindsay is driving me to my vision for my future self. She REALLY believes in her clients, even when you don’t believe in yourself.”


– Jenn, Age 38, Wife, Mom of 2, Entrepreneur

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I am now closing the book on an entire phase of my life and stepping into a whole new one with renewed passion and purpose.


“Lindsay helped me see the patterns of thought and narratives my brain had created that were holding me back from achieving my biggest dreams. Most importantly, Lindsay helped me learn to love myself and trust myself, which has allowed me to let other people in more. That has made all the difference as I grow into this next big phase of my life. I can’t wait to see what I create next!”


– Ericka, age 40, Wife, Teacher

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Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I now thrive in a direction knowing that I’m in my zone of genius.


“By working with Lindsay, I now have my ideal job working with co-workers who are the right fit for me. It took me so long to find this, but by working with Lindsay it came together with ease. Now, when anything in life comes my way, I know to ask myself what is authentic for me and how I want to show up. Before, I not only didn’t know to ask these questions, but I didn’t know the answers because I didn’t know myself. I wish I had done this work earlier because I realize now that I didn’t have to be uphill through quicksand for so long.”


-Dr. Tori, Age 28, Wife, Chiropractor

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

This program is a gift to women.


“Before working with Lindsay, even though I had really strong areas in my life, I was like a roller coaster. I felt really big highs and really low lows. Now, as a brand new mom, I am responding to motherhood as my Authentic Self and feeling this incredible sense of calm, even when things are sometimes chaotic. The work I did with Lindsay prepared me for this next step in my life.”


– Kristin, age 40, Mom of 1, Teacher

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Now that I know who my authentic self is, I really just want to dig deeper into that so that I can spend more time being that person.


“After learning about who I was authentically through the work with Lindsay, I realized I had spent my career in a job that was not right for me. Learning this allowed me to make a shift in my life so I could thrive not only in my career, but also in my marriage, as a mom, and in my relationship with myself. I used to feel like crap because of the way I talked to myself. Now, I make decisions for me and I feel like a boss!”


– Sierra, age 32, Wife, Mom of 1, Nurse

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Thanks to Lindsay, I show up for myself, I trust myself, and I go after my dreams.


“Before coaching with Lindsay, I just felt bored with life. Everything kind of felt stale but I didn’t know why or what I needed. Since working with Lindsay, my life has changed significantly. I’ve paid off debt, started a business, and saved a lot of money. I am way more confident, especially with putting myself out there to start my business!”


– Tonya, age 31, Wife, Mom of 2, Entrepreneur

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I now work from home and travel the world while I work (and make significantly more money).


“Lindsay keeps me on track and focused on where she knows I want to go. I’m starting to act more from the person I know I am and want to be in life. In just the first 90 days of coaching with her, I’ve been able to grasp on a deep level the inner dynamics that have been holding me back in my life and see how I’ve been playing small. Now, I’m more confident, expand my comfort zone, put my own needs first, and I’ve raised my standards. From doing this, I landed my dream job in a matter of months!”


– Femi, age 27, Customer Service Director

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Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Lindsay’s coaching and guidance has literally changed my life, and me, for the better, and I cannot find words to express how grateful I am.


“I have a confidence I’ve never had, I feel ready to take on challenges and enjoy my life to the fullest. Lindsay gave me actual tools I could use, which is something I’ve been desperate for, and she helped me see that I had the power and the strength all along. My anxiety has been cut in HALF in just 3 months and I have a new job too!”


– Megan, age 29, Wife and Teacher

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t be like everyone else and be ‘perfect.’ I learned quickly that a lot of what was holding me back was ME.


“I didn’t know myself like I thought I did. I thought I knew what I wanted to be ‘happy’ but, I didn’t know how to get there or what steps I needed to take to achieve it. I thought I knew my strengths, (as I was successful in my job), but I didn’t! Working with Lindsay made me SO self-aware. From this awareness, I am now creating the life that I desire!”


– Katharine, age 32, Recruitment Supervisor

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

By taking care of myself and putting me first, I now know who I am and what I want.


“Lindsay had me slow down, which I hate, but it was so that I could speed up. This is exactly what I needed and because of it, I was able to give myself the time to work on my thoughts and to feel the feelings. Thanks to this work, I now have so much more to give to my family and to my clients in my own business. I also have the tools so when something doesn’t go right or as planned, I recover so much quicker.”


– Kristin, age 41, Wife, Mom of 1, Business owner

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I no longer feel a continual dread of ‘my life running me.’ Instead, I feel confident, aware, present and free!


“Although it looked like I had it all going on, people closest to me knew I struggled with negativity, depression, and self-doubt that I couldn’t always shake. I realized by working with Lindsay that I wasn’t necessarily doing my life ‘wrong,’ I just didn’t know the techniques I needed for success. Because of the techniques Lindsay taught me, things that once bothered me daily now seem like distant memories.”


– Allison, age 26, Accountant/CPA

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

The experience of working with Lindsay was more than I expected. It’s changed my life, my health, my career and my relationships.


“Working with Lindsay wasn’t just taking a course; it was a life-changing experience! I wanted the tools to make a positive change in my life, and that’s exactly what I got (…and more!!!).”


– Annaleise, age 34, Project Manager

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

I feel light and free, and definitely more clear on who I am and what I want out of life.


“When I started working with Lindsay, I was feeling stuck. I had my dream career, but I had lost the sparkle for it that I once felt and emotionally I was battling fears about relationships. Now, I invest my time and energy with people and activities I love, without fear of rejection, At work, my creative energy is flowing, and I seek out new ways to teach and inspire my students daily!”


– Jenny, age 33, Teacher

Coaching Testimonial Chelsea

Seeing the new me I am today makes me wonder how it’s been only two years of working through old patterns to build the base of a life I am leading proudly, instead of letting others take the wheel.


Since working with Lindsay, I have not only gained confidence by intentionally acknowledging everything I’m capable of achieving, I’ve also left old beliefs behind. Step by step, I’ve overcome habits that were holding me back and replaced them with new routines that have allowed me to step into my power more. I am beyond grateful for everything I have learned and all the awareness I am getting every day by trusting Lindsay and her coaching process and tools.


– grit, age 45, Wife, Project lead in data management

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