Hi, I’m

Lindsay Elizabeth Preston


and if you’re a driven woman who often thinks, “There’s got to be more to life than this.”



Listen, I get it.

You’re likely a woman who has already created success in life.

Your life is pretty good, if not great.

But, you want more.

You feel like you’ve taken yourself this far on your own and done well.



You’ve done some personal development in the past like taken personality assessments, listened to podcasts, and read a self-help book from time to time, but you’re looking at a place now where you want to be challenged to reach levels beyond what you once thought was possible.


You want something that’s different and out of the box from the norm because you’re over the watered-down fluff. You feel ready to be stretched in brand-new ways!


You’re a busy gal though who wants to maximize your time, energy and resources on something that will create life-long change.  


You don’t want personal development to take over your life.  Because, while you enjoy aspects of developing yourself, you’d rather be spending your time and money on other things.

Instead, you want to learn a process you can use time and time again that will teach you to grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally, AND financially so you can authentically and powerfully lead your life even more than you already are.

You know you could just settle with what you have now and be okay but, that wouldn’t stop the yearning you have inside of you that tells you to go after more.

You’re over feeling like you aren’t living up to your “highest potential.” Instead, you want to feel like you’re doing everything you were put on this planet to accomplish (and doing it with ease).

If this sounds like you, great!

Then, working with me in my “Awakened Woman” neuroscience-backed coaching process either as a self-study student or as a 1-on-1 client is a great fit for you.

More About Me


I’m a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) & a trauma-informed, diversity, equity and inclusion trained life & leadership coach who lived the first part of my life being the “good girl” doing everything “right.” So, I know exactly how it feels to have a life that looks good on the outside, but feels less than stellar on the inside.

 I would wake up day after day looking like I “made it.”

I had an it job in Human Resources for a financial firm where I was named, “Employee of the Month” just months into my tenure. An investor believed in me enough to give me hundreds of thousands of dollars to run his business on my own at age 24. I had nice apartments and eventually a house with my college sweetheart who was handsome, outgoing and smart and when our unexpected, but welcomed baby came in our mid-20s (…and she was the cutest thing EVER). 

I looked like I was living my best life, but I had a secret nobody knew about….

I was unfulfilled.

I felt like my life was becoming all about pictures, awards, money, accomplishments, and fancy things. My relationships felt surface level and broken, my job felt like it was just a paycheck, motherhood didn’t feel as good as I thought it would (even though I deeply loved my baby), we had little to no financial plan even though for our age we were doing “well,” I felt extremely insecure even though I looked “pretty,” and I spent soooo much time thinking about what others thought about me.

I remember thinking, “If this is what a ‘good’ life is, then this sucks! There’s GOT to be more to life than this.”

Then, I’d instantly feel guilty for having those thoughts so I’d tell myself, “You should be grateful for what you have, Lindsay. Why can’t you just be happy?”  There would even be times I’d share my feelings and would be met with my fear of hearing, “Ya Lindsay, what’s the problem? Your life is good.” 

So, I stuffed my secret feelings of discontent away for YEARS…until I couldn’t anymore.

After months of suspicion, I found out my then-partner was living a double life engaged to another woman. I was heartbroken and full of rage. I had done everything “right” and yet here I was picking up the pieces of my life. I decided I was DONE living life the way society told me to live. I did it their way and it led me to this, it was time to do it my way.

With my 2-year-old on my hip, no job (because I became a stay-at-home mom after my daughter was born), and a heartbreaking divorce behind me, I was forced to finally create what I wanted out of life. I hired a coach with the last few thousands I had in savings and within weeks felt better than ever, knew EXACTLY what I wanted out of life, and had the tools to create it.

I then became a certified coach of my own and 9 years later, I’ve helped tens of thousands of women all over the world awaken to becoming even more of the woman they know they can be, creating EXACTLY what they want out of life.

Now, it’s your turn.

I want to teach you the tools to create a deeply fulfilling, authentic life for YOU.

I want YOU to have a career where you’re leaving a legacy of impact and change. I want YOU to have personal relationships that excite you and make you feel deeply connected. I want YOU to live a life of purpose that allows you to feel deep fulfillment no matter who you’re around and what you’re doing. I want YOU to never have to stress about your finances.

I want YOU to feel feelings of authenticity, presence, gratitude, and peace day after day. I want YOU to be extremely intentional with your life so you can go after what you want with ease. I want YOU to deeply love who you are and have confidence that knocks others’ socks off. I want YOU to thrive in your health in a way that defies what’s possible.

If you want results like this (and more), learn about the first step to working with me with my “Awakened Woman” process either as a self-study student or as a 1-on-1 client.

Client Results

Lindsay’s work is amazing. I spent a year coaching with her. It was life changing-LITERALLY!!! I don’t even recognize myself from a year ago. If you feel any aspect of your life has stalled, it’s time to dig deep and learn what is preventing you from being your best and Lindsay will help you do that.

Pat, age 55, wife, tech CEO

Before Lindsay, I had spent years stuck in a workaholic hustle mindset and lifestyle. I had completely lost myself to the labels of ‘career woman’ and ‘mom.’  Lindsay helped me discover a deep love for all versions of myself, even the little pieces that had been completely lost. Now, I'm achieving at even higher levels, working FAR less.

Carissa, age 39, wife, mom, Emmy-award winning producer