Awakened Woman

Coaching Process


Ready to create a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside?


I see you out there. You’re over checking off life’s customary boxes. You’ve done many of the things others consider “successful” like gone to college, climbed the corporate ladder, gotten married, bought a house, possibly had a kid or two (or three!), traveled, stayed somewhat “healthy,” and given back.

The pressure has been on you to “make something of yourself” and “create stability”…and you’ve done that! On the outside, others would say you “have it all” but something’s missing for you. 

It’s not like you’re unhappy. Life is pretty darn good, if not great. But that’s not enough for you.

You want MORE.


You want to create or continue to build upon an amazing career that you KNOW you’re meant to be doing in the world. One in which you leave a legacy of impact and change.


You want personal relationships that EXCITE you and make you feel deeply connected because they bring out the most authentic version of you every day.


You want to be more than just your surface-level labels like “daughter,” “sister,” “wife,” or “mom.” You want to live with a life purpose that allows you to BE and FEEL deep fulfillment no matter who you’re around and what you’re doing.


You want to continue to grow a financial life that’s AMAZING. You don’t want to stress about money or spend on silly things that in the long-run don’t matter. Instead, you’re wanting to earn what you want, save what you want and experience life how you want because your finances and financial habits support your dreams.


You want to sustain and lengthen feelings of authenticity, presence, gratitude and peace in your life. While you want to keep accomplishing, you want to enjoy the NOW too.


You want to become extremely intentional in your life so you know what you want and how to go after it. People are in awe of you because you make accomplishment look so easy.


You want to deeply love who you are. You want a confidence that knocks others’ socks off it’s so strong yet, you want to be at a place where you’re not even caring anymore what others think about you.


You want your mental, emotional, physical health and beyond to be a top priority, if not at the top of its game. You don’t want to age in the stereotypical way, you want to be an example of what’s possible!

You see your next level of success on the horizon, but it’s just out of your grasp, and not because you haven’t tried to reach it.

You’ve done things like taken online courses, read self-help books, listened to podcasts, spent weekends at workshops and retreats, had a mentor, been a member of a church, been told to pray for the discomfort to go away and gone to therapy to get your good life on track to being great, but you’ve only had so-so results.  

You may even feel GUILTY for wanting something different or more because so much has been sacrificed for you to be where you’re at today.

Still, you’re desiring something exceptional


You want a process and experience that will teach you how to knock your life’s goals out of the park time and time and time again in a way that feels easy, fun and actually allows you to have a thriving personal life.

You want a system with support for life-long change that will teach you step-by-step how to find and accomplish YOUR wildest dreams while feeling better than ever in the process. 

And get this, you’ll learn how to do this WITHOUT giving up the success you’ve created today.

Sound yummy?

My Story

As someone who lived the first part of my life being the “good girl” doing everything “right.” I know exactly how it feels for a life to look good on the outside but it feels less than stellar on the inside.


I would wake up day after day looking like I’d “made it” but I felt so empty on the inside.


My relationships felt surface level and broken, my job felt like it was just a paycheck (and the days drageddddd on while working), I felt deeply insecure although I looked “pretty,” motherhood didn’t feel as good as I thought it would (even though I deeply loved my baby), I had little to no financial plan even though for our age we were doing “well,” and I spent soooo much time thinking about what others thought about me.


I remember thinking, “if this is what a ‘good’ life is, this sucks! There’s got to be more to life than this.”



Then, I’d instantly feel guilty for having those thoughts so I’d tell myself, “You should be grateful for what you have Lindsay. Why can’t you just be happy?” 


And I’d stuff my feelings of discontent away until I couldn’t anymore.


My ‘good’ life took a big tumble when I found out my then partner was living a double life with another woman. With our 2-year-old on my hip, no job and a heartbreaking divorce behind me, I was forced to finally create what I wanted out of life. I hired a coach and within weeks felt better than ever and knew exactly what I wanted out of life.


I then became a certified coach of my own from there and 8 years later have helped hundreds of women all over the world create what my coach first gave me (and more).


Now, it’s your turn.


I want to teach and coach you to what’s possible for how great a deeply fulfilling, authentic life for YOU can feel and what it can create.


When you’re living a deeply fulfilling, authentic life for YOU you’re:


CREATING and LIVING in your ideal work/life blend (which for most women includes working less hours yet still making more money)


Feeling better than ever because you finally know how to process your emotions FULLY (so you never have to be stuck again)


Tapping into and TRUSTING your intuition so you can make decisions with flow, ease and speed – say hello to making your ideas a REALITY!


No longer tolerating crap that’s not yours to put up with


Living in CALM, BALANCE and PEACE (you’ll no longer need to rely on weekends and vacations to escape your day-to-day life)


Scaling your success to levels BEYOND what you can even dream of today because what you’re dreaming of today you’ve already accomplished


Having even more deep and impactful relationships that are full of authenticity and IMMENSE value


Living in your BEST mental, physical and emotional health because you have the tools to help you get through anything


OWNING your power and truth because you know yourself on a deep level (goodbye caring about what others think of you!)

Sound amazing? It is.

These are just some of the messages I get daily from clients….


You’re no different from us. You just haven’t learned the process to create YOUR deeply fulfilling life yet, but that’s about to change.


The Awakened Woman

The proven coaching process that allows you to go from feeling like you’re just going through the motions of life and not living at your highest potential to finding and ACHIEVING your wildest dreams while feeling better than ever in the process (…and without giving up the success you’ve already created today.)

Success Story



“Lindsay keeps me on track and focused on where I want to go. I’m acting more from the person I KNOW I am and who I want to be in life.”

“In just the first few weeks of working with her, I was able to grasp on a deep level the inner dynamics that were holding me back in my life and see how I’ve been playing small. Now, I’m more confident, expand my comfort zone often, put my own needs first and I’ve raised my standards. This new mindset allowed me to LAND my DREAM JOB in a matter of months. I work from home and travel the world while I work. I’m truly living the dream.”

Femi, Age 33, Director

Want to hear more?

Might as well get it straight from those who know the process best – my clients!

Kristin D






Lindsay’s “Awakened Woman” coaching process is broken down into 2 core 90-day processes.

All process materials including videos, workbooks, on-the-go audios, printables, and more kept within a private, online client portal that you’ll have LIFETIME access to PLUS you get printed workbooks (and some extra goodies) sent directly to you!


Part One

In the first 90 days, you’ll learn how to build upon the #1 key to success: resiliency. We’ll take a deep dive into your emotional health by uncovering the coping patterns and beliefs you’ve developed from your past experiences (including breaking down society’s b.s. messaging) that are keeping you stuck from living at your highest potential and owning your power. You’ll end this process by letting go once and for all of the weight of your past in a life-changing, neuroscience-based release experience.

Part Two

In these second 90 days, you’ll be growing beyond your wildest dreams by learning how to live at your highest potential that feels fulfilling to YOU. I’ll be teaching and coaching you on what your unique impact is in the world as well as how to create anything you want with your mind. You’ll start to live life in MASSIVE forward-moving action yet feeling more joy and peace than ever before. There will be NO MORE days of wishing your vision boards would come true (or wondering what your next step dreams could be), you’ll start to ACCOMPLISH your authentic dreams instead.

By the end of this 6-month coaching process, you’ll be able to:


DECIDE at any moment what it is you TRULY want (instead of spending hours upon hours second-guessing yourself or allowing yourself to people please into what others or society wants from you)


ACT on your desires and choices with quick, intentional decisions so you can stay in MASSIVE forward-moving, peaceful action (instead of worrying how you’ll say or do things, you’ll just DO them)


OVERCOME any current or future hard experience with EASE (instead of losing momentum and wallowing in suffering for far too long because of hard circumstances that come your way that you can’t control)


LIVE life in a CONSTANT state of transformation (if you think your life now is good, you’re going to flipping LOVE your life after these 6 months and you’re going to CONTINUE to love your life for the rest of your time on this planet because you’ll create more than you ever thought was possible)


TAKE CONTROL of your health emotionally and otherwise even when things hit you that are out of control (because you have the tool belt for success that gets you through anything…and even helps you heal ailments that others call “miracles”)


SHOW UP as your best self EVERY day, living life at your highest potential (because you know with certainty who your best self is, what her purpose is in this world and exactly how to live as her)

And so much more!

Life Coaching Testimonial



“Working with Lindsay is pure gold.”

“I came to Lindsay because I was in a motivation and energy rut. I knew there was more to life than the current state I was in. I’m only halfway through the program, and Lindsay has already helped me clear away the fog I was under, significantly improve my confidence, and open my eyes to who I am and why. I feel like I’m watching my life transform before my very eyes as I experience unbelievable growth. I feel like I’ve found the secrets to the universe that have been inside me all along.”

– CHELSEA , Age 36, Mom of 3, Director of Research Development

Coaching Choices

This process is transformational. If what I share above speaks to you, then this work is made for YOU. Now, it’s time to consider what level of support you want on this one-in-a-lifetime journey.

Option 1: 1-on-1 Coaching

This is the ultimate level of support.


It includes:

  • Lifetime access to the 6 month “Awakened Woman” coaching process with the training videos, printed workbooks, and more. ($40,000 value)
  • 27 60-minute 1-on-1 calls with me to use over a 9 month process (…yes, that’s right, you have 3 months of extra support beyond the 6 month process to ensure it’s solidified into your life). ($45,000 value)
  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Voxer support with voice and text messages between our calls to get on-the-go coaching for when things come up in life (and they will). ($20,000 value)



9 payments of $1,335

Option 2: Group Coaching

For those who want a community experience.


It includes:

  • Lifetime access to the 6 month “Awakened Woman” coaching process with the training videos, printed workbooks, and more. ($40,000 value)
  • 24 90-minute group calls with me over a 6 months process where you’ll have a weekly hot seat to help you implement the teachings into YOUR life. You’ll also hear me coach your program sisters too! While their lives may be different from you in some ways, you’ll quickly see that what they get coached on applies to YOU too. ($25,000 value)
  • Unlimited group Voxer support with voice and text messages between our calls to get on-the-go coaching for when things come up in life (and they will). ($10,000 value)



6 payments of $997

Option 3: Self-Study Coaching

For those who are on a tighter budget but still want a transformation from the process and are okay not getting support from me.


It includes:

  • Lifetime access to the 6 month “Awakened Woman” coaching process with the training videos, printed workbooks, and more. ($40,000 value)



6 payments of $500


Regardless of what level you’d like, the first step to acceptance in this program is to apply for a free 60-minute consult call with me. In this consult, I’ll be asking you more about where your life is now and where you want to be after this program to ensure it’s a good fit. If I feel you’re a good fit for this work, I’ll then share with you what I see as your biggest blocks to success and what level of support I suggest you choose based on those blocks. (Of course, we’ll honor your budget too.)

Regardless of what level you choose, coaching with me in this process is a one-of-a-kind experience and different from anything else on the market because…

I have the unique skill of breaking down complex processes into easy to follow step-by-step solutions so you can get IMMEDIATE results after a lesson or coaching session with me.

I customize the coaching process for you because I take the time to know who you are on a deep level right out of the gate. By doing this, I know how you work best and what you’re wanting most of life (before you even know it yet!) so I can coach you accordingly.

I fight HARD for your dreams and have no fear showing you (with love) how you’re self-sabotaging so you can break the barriers needed to get what you want.

My coaching process has a unique balance that allows you to feel, deal and heal past pain AND teaches you how to create an ideal present and future all within a few months. It’s the ultimate mix of therapy and coaching.

I make myself EXTREMELY available to you during and BEYOND the 9-month coaching process so you can always have the support you need to problem solve and achieve results.

My coaching process gives you a system for LIFE to use over and over again to get through EVERY hardship as well as coaches you on how to uplevel your life time and time again.

My coaching process is specifically designed and PROVEN to work for driven women who want to quit feeling like they’re life is only surface level good, instead they want to feel deeply fulfilled on the inside.

My coaching process creates IMPACTFUL results. 93% of my clients say they got even MORE results by coaching with her than what they expected.


I believe so strongly in my coaching process, my coaching ability and YOU to get the results you want, that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee in the first 30 days (minus the cost of services used).

Coaching with me has the power to PROFOUNDLY change your life. That’s not hype—it’s based on the results from past clients who showed up to make this investment the BEST one of their lives.

I’m confident that if you do the work and implement what’s asked of you, you’ll not only get amazing results, but the 6 month results will be even BETTER than you think is possible right now. 


Within MONTHS, it’ll feel like you’ve created what most people spend doing for YEARS…if ever.

Success Story

Life Coaching Testimonial



“Lindsay’s guidance allowed me to just be who I am –

And since then, so many doors have opened for me. Before Lindsay, I had the same job for 18 years and never once took the step to move up. Now, I’ve been promoted to an executive role, and I believe in myself enough to move to the next level in my career and in my life. Lindsay allows you to see the future just by being you and authentically showing up.”

- Kara, Age 46, Mom of 2, Director

You Should Know…

Coaching with me is NOT for everyone.

I’d prefer you figure out NOW if coaching with me is NOT for you so you don’t waste your time. So, let’s cut to the chase…

Coaching with me is for those who:

Coaching with me is NOT for those who:

“The best time to start coaching with me was 6-plus months ago. The second best time is today.”


You likely wish you ALREADY had your extremely fulfilling “10” life NOW. To wake up daily knowing that you are living to your highest potential and giving the world the best of you would feel amazing, wouldn’t it?


To get to that wonderful place, you need to do the work TODAY and commit to taking action RIGHT NOW so your future self in 6 months can give you a big high five of gratitude.

TODAY is the only day we’re given to make your goals happen, tomorrow isn’t ever guaranteed so why wait?

Why make yourself, your family or the world wait for ALL you have to give?

You can fit in the time to make this happen (if you really want it) and as we coach together, we can work on making back your money investment (and more).

If you could make your goals and dreams happen on your own you would’ve accomplished them already. You’re reading this information for a reason. It’s a sign. Don’t take that sign for granted. Take action instead.

Today is the Day!

Have Questions?

Who is Lindsay & what makes her qualified to teach this work?

I’m a Psychology grad from TCU (Go Frogs!) and a certified life & leadership coach through The Gardner Institute. My training is focused in neuroscience. This means the strategies I teach are based on neuroscience research to work for the brain.  

Once my clients overcome their blocks using these neuro-based strategies, I teach them how to live life that’s best for them. This allows them to have clarity on what they were meant to do in this life + how to get that deeply fulfillinglife. From this work, they achieve their goals (and more) in a matter of months.

I’ve been coaching my clients in this process for 8 years now! 

How is coaching with Lindsay different from others?

My coaching process is unique in that it’s based entirely on neuroscience research and proven to help you overcome your blocks. It takes something that would take months (if not years) in therapy and teaches you a step-by-step system on how to release the crap that’s keeping you stuck. 

If you’ve come across other life or leadership coaches, not many know of or teach the neuroscience behind their strategies. I’ll show you what research is out there to support the strategies I teach you. This will leave you with the knowledge that on those tough days you have to keep with it because this stuff works.

One of my gifts is giving 1-on-1, individualized feedback. I know just from a few assessments how to structure the coaching process to best serve you so you can get amazing results that FEEL incredible.

My teaching style is very direct, supportive and calming. I get you into action with ease while knowing that you are 100% loved and supported along the way.

What if I’ve tried other things and it didn’t work?

I hear this from my clients ALL of the time and I was this person too. I tried therapy, books, podcasts, women’s groups, conventions, workshops, advice from people who I considered “wise,” religion and it worked a little bit, but I still wasn’t getting the massive results I craved. Coaching in this process is what changed the game for me and my clients.

This is why I guarantee your results doing this work. If you don’t get all and more that you came for, I’ll give you your money back in the first 30 days (minus cost of services used). I don’t want your results from the past to impact your decision to try something new today. I believe 100% in this process, my ability to coach, and YOU. I know you’ll get amazing results and you’ll start to see those results in just 30 days.

I’m worried I won’t show up and give this my all. What happens if I do that?

Then we’ll coach on why you aren’t showing up and giving it your all. There likely WILL be times when you don’t give 100%, that’s expected in the process and doesn’t mean something has gone wrong. It will simply be an opportunity for us to see what’s stopping you from giving it your all so you can figure it out for now and in the future. 

I also know that accountability is huge for some people and you may be that person who needs something external to show up. I’ll know that early on in the game and I’ll give you that accountability so you WILL show up and I’ll teach you how to give that accountability to yourself in the future.

What if I just can’t afford coaching right now?

Being able to “afford” something is just a thought. I’ve had people tell me their fulfillment with money is a 10 in their life when they have student loans and others in the same situation tell me their fulfillment with money is a 3. Their situation was the same, the only difference was their thoughts about money. 

When I signed up for coaching, I was a single mom with no job. I had just a few thousand in savings that would be going mostly to coaching. Many would say I couldn’t “afford” coaching, but I was SO hungry to get my goals, I didn’t care. I invested anyway (even though it was scary) and I got to work making that money back and MORE.

Making that investment alone was the first step to getting out of my own way and helping me grow! Adding in the coaching on top of that investment made it the BEST investment of my life (and I would say this regardless of being a coach myself).

How much time per week will coaching take (on average)?

Coaching on average takes about 45-minutes a day for 4 days a week to complete the coaching tools and to watch training videos. If you’re coaching 1-on-1 we have a 60-minute call 3 times a month. If you’re coaching in a group we have a 90-minute call 4 times a month. 

This time will be the most productive time you spend on yourself all week! It may feel like you’re slowing down, but it will allow you to speed up and do LESS in the future.

When does coaching start?

1-on-1 and self-study coaching begin right at sign up.  Group coaching begins when 5+ ladies that Lindsay believes are meant to work with one another appear.

What happens after I pay?

You’ll receive a welcome email right away! It will give you the link to set up your username and password on the membership site. The membership site is where you’ll have access to all of the training videos. You’ll also be given the link to access the online private community and instructions to join Voxer.

What if now isn't a good time?

If you’re a busy woman, then it might feel overwhelming to add another responsibility to your plate. But, if you don’t do the work now, when will you do it? Our days aren’t guaranteed. I know I don’t want to leave this planet with any regrets and what ifs.
I also want my children to see a mother who is living life to her best so THEY can go live life as their best. The investment I know can seem “scary,” but what you’re giving up by not signing up is even scarier. (Plus, most people make their money back from coaching in MONTHS)

Do I have too many "issues" for this course?

I’ve worked with it all – depression, bipolar, anxiety, PTSD, borderline personality. That’s not a hindrance AT ALL in my eyes, however, motivation level is very important. You MUST be motivated to change your life and do the work of this course in order to get there.

Is coaching with Lindsay only for women?

Sorry guys, I only work with people who identify as women or non-binary at this time.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

I do have a scholarship fund for those who qualify. If you’d like to learn more, apply for a free consult and if approved for the consult we’ll talk about it at that time.