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Hi! I’m Lindsay Preston.

I’m a multi-certified life coach to goal-getting, fear-facing women who want to cultivate change in their lives by using backed by science strategies for life-long success. 


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Results I’ve helped create

Although it looked like I had it all going on, people closest to me knew I struggled with negativity, depression, and self-doubt that I couldn’t always shake.   Because of the techniques, Lindsay taught me, things that once bothered me daily now seem like distant memories.  Now, I no longer feel a continual dread of ‘my life running me.’   Instead, I feel confident, aware, present and free!

Allison, age 26

By working with Lindsay, the up-level in my life has been amazing. I knew I would see improvement, but I had no idea how significant the improvement would be! Before I started working with her, I felt like life was passing me by, and I was constantly worrying. I experienced so much brain fog and felt tired constantly. By working with Lindsay, I’m moving forward in life with ease now!  I have so much energy and excitement for the day ahead. I feel more confident than ever!

Tayler, age 25

When I started working with Lindsay, I looked like I had the dream life but, didn’t feel it.  I wanted to feel it!  I’ve been through YEARS of therapy, and nothing ever got me the life-long lasting results like I got working with Lindsay.  I am FINALLY living my life for me and FEEL like I have the life I love!

Erica, age 32

Through my proven step-by-step courses, engaging live events and top-ranked podcast, I teach women all around the world how to live at their highest potential.

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