THE LAST EPISODE (FOR NOW) w/ My Operations Manager, Rachel Parmet

Join me in celebrating the 200th Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast episode, and bidding farewell to the show…for now.

THE LAST EPISODE (FOR NOW) w/ My Operations Manager, Rachel Parmet

Jan 30, 2023 | BEST OF THE PODCAST, CAREER GROWTH, COACHING INFO, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“I feel complete. I feel like the mission has been accomplished. I feel like the first chapter of my career as a coach is done and now it’s time to step even more into my element by taking my seat at the table even more as an ‘expert’.”  

I can’t believe this moment is upon us but here we are. I’ve talked about this moment, I’ve thought about this moment, but even with all the preparation I’m feeling so many different emotions.

Because today is the day that the final episode of my Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast is airing. 

To say it’s a bittersweet moment is an understatement. I want this to be a major celebration, afterall, this is my 200th episode of the show which is such a milestone! 

I’ve loved every second of making this free podcast for you. The results some of you have shared with me through the years are messages I’ll cherish forever. 

Your results are why I did this show for 208 weeks (!!!) for free. I wanted anyone at any stage of life at any income level to have the information needed to create a deeply fulfilling life and we’ve accomplished that. 

As much as I’ve loved this experience and love connecting with you on this medium, I know it’s time to move on to focus on other projects. 

So celebrate with me, be sad with me, and join me for this final episode! 

In this episode, I have my Operations Manager, Rachel Parmet on the show to recap what this journey has looked like behind the scenes. Rachel has played an integral role on the production side of the podcast, so between the two of us, nobody knows this show better. 


  • Why I started this podcast and kept it going for 4 years and 200 episodes
  • How the podcast has evolved over the past 4 years
  • A peek at what’s happened behind the scenes as we’ve made this show 
  • Our favorite episodes out of the past 200 episodes
  • Why I’m ending the podcast for now
  • What’s next for me and my business and how you can keep following me moving forward

…and so much more.

Thank you thank you thank for listening and supporting this podcast, and please follow along with me by joining my email list and learning what the future holds for me and my business. Email [email protected] to join the list!




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