You asked for it, and I’m delivering the goods. Listen in as I share an unfiltered recap of my 2023.


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“I understand now why you love these episodes. You want to hear that I’m doing the work to live a deeply fulfilling life, and want to hear how I’m using the tools I teach to make that happen.” 

It always blows my mind how much you love hearing about my life. 

Your support and admiration for my honesty has inspired me to keep sharing even more in this SURPRISE bonus Become an Unstoppable Woman episode that focuses solely on what goes on in my world.

Today you’re going to hear the good, the bad and the ugly from all of my 2023. This year was a big one for me.


  • I feel deeper in love with how I look NATURALLY by doing two things that opened the doors for me to do so….
  • I healed from the biggest betrayal of my life (and no, it wasn’t my ex-husband) with the healing coming from an unexpected place….
  • I finally feel FULLY at peace and healed from everything that happened in my childhood, after being challenged to accept this one thought….
  • I’ve learned the ideal balance for me to feel my feelings fully without indulging or avoiding and now I’m teaching this process to clients…
  • After years of struggle, I have ZERO resentment in my marriage because I did the one thing over and over and over….
  • I overcame walking out on my marriage multiple times when a boundary was crossed to a point where I looked for an apartment and what that’s opened up for me….
  • My daughter and son are starting to thrive in ALL areas of life due to some big decisions I made this year with them….
  • I said goodbye to my beloved home of 12 years (that was once my single mama cocoon) and set up systems in our new home for it to run on autopilot so I could lessen my invisible labor and take on more work in my career…..
  • I hired a designer for our new home and it was a VERY lackluster experience, but it taught me a HUGE, very expensive lesson….
  • I got 2 coaching certifications with what felt like little effort, and it’s opened up some big doors for me for 2024 and beyond….
  • I overcame a month where my thoughts were so negative, I had some major ideation of death just to avoid them until I used this one tool and then shared what came of it to my husband….
  • I had to face the impact of my fibroids full force (because I thought I was dying from a cardiac event), then took a lesser known step to heal…
  • I saw firsthand what’s worth and not worth stress in my life anymore (thanks to a device I suggest all my clients use now) which forced me to make some big, often judged decisions…
  • I had the BEST YEAR EVER with clients, even though I did little marketing….

…and so much more.

This episode is like a year’s worth of podcast episodes in one because I’m teaching all the steps of what I did to create all of these changes in my life.

(I promise I won’t overwhelm you, but this is a long episode! If you want to listen to only a certain section note that I talk about my career from the start until minute 47, then family from 47 – 1:25, then health from 1:25 – until near the end. At the very end I wrap up with a massive list of brags to model for you what it’s like to own your power with your growth.)

Prepare yourself for an honest and authentic glimpse behind the scenes of my life! As a reminder, these bonus episodes are completely raw and unfiltered (and unlike my other episodes, they are not edited).

I hope you enjoy this one, and I’ll talk to you in the New Year!


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