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“Being an unstoppable woman means living an authentic life that’s not defined by your past. It means you reach your goals and make your dreams come true, despite what others think about you.”


Hey there, friend! I’m so grateful and excited you’re here to take the chance on the Become An Unstoppable Woman podcast. Thank you!

Today, I’m going to give you the quick and dirty scoop on what this podcast is all about so you can decide if it’s right for you.

I know your time is precious (as is mine). So, my goal is that by the end of this episode you either leave with the feeling of heck yes this show is for me or heck no, I never want to listen to this show again.

Be sure to listen above to hear if this show is right for you.


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Full Transcript


This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 1, Start Listening Here.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fear- facing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife, mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hey there, friends. I am so grateful and excited that you’re here to take a chance on this podcast. Thank you. Today, I’m going to give you the quick and dirty scoop on what this podcast is all about so you can decide if it’s right for you. I know your time is precious, as is mine. My goal is that, by the end of this episode, you either leave with a feeling of, “Heck, yes, the show is for me,” or, “Heck, no, I never want to listen to it again.”

Let’s get right to it and jump right in. What does “Become an Unstoppable Woman” mean, anyway? I actually have a course that I’ve done for over three years now by the same name, and I ask all my clients that I take through this course what being an unstoppable woman means to them, and they’ve had some awesome responses. I’m going to share a few with you now.

The first is, she said, “Unstoppable, to me, means living an authentic life by not letting my past to find me or block me anymore. By being unstoppable, it means I will reach my milestones, watch my dreams come true, and shut my negative inner voice up. I will stick up for myself and become successful financially. I will watch my life come together the way I can only imagine right now. Words that come to mind are authentic, brave, true, courageous, loving, confident, overcomer, and freedom.”

Then another participant said, “To me, unstoppable is all about living in the present and thriving in my true, authentic self, not allowing people’s doubts or negative perceptions of me to dictate how I live my life. It’s all about being grateful for the good and the bad that has happened in my life and embracing who I’ve become, by knowing what I want and who I am, and pursuing it with passion.” Then finally, another response I loved, she said, “To me, being unstoppable is being 100% comfortable in my skin and owning my confidence in any situation. I live in the present and I live worry-free. I accept myself, accept my past, and love myself.” All of those responses exemplify, to me, what meaning an unstoppable woman is too.

I always love to go and break down what the words mean by definition. I opened up Webster’s dictionary and looked at the two words of “become” and “unstoppable.” “Become” is really meaning beginning to be, and then “unstoppable” means impossible to stop or prevent.

When I came up for the name of this course, and now this podcast, to me, it’s the beginning or the continuation even of a woman learning how to own even more of her power and to become even more resilient. That’s what I want to give you on this show. I want to provide you the resources that you need to become even more of the empowered, passionate, loving, accepting, kind, smart, confident, self-aware, intuitive, emotionally mature, intentional, and powerful barrier breaker that I know you want to be.

I also want to give you more than anything else on this show, is how to become even more resilient, because, yes, life will get better for you as you listen and apply the strategies on this show into your life, but hard things are still going to happen. You’re still going to have deaths, and heartbreaks, and illness, and all those other hard things that come up. What makes you unstoppable is your resiliency with the tools and strategies that you have in your back pocket to help you get through those things. That’s the core of what I want you to have on this show, those tools and those strategies.

In order for you to gain those tools and strategies, sometimes I’m going to have to be very direct with you. I know there’s books and podcasts and videos out there that are full of fluff because they’re making things, like personal development, easy and fun, but I don’t know about you though, but I’m over the fluff. I want to go against the grain of the current personal development market and instead give you information and strategies that will challenge you to grow in ways you never thought possible.

No watered-down easy stuff here, friend. We’re going to do things, use big words, pull scientific studies, and look at the real stats of things. I’m tired of sensationalized,

emotionally-driven data that you have to question if it’s real or not. Everything shared on the show will be research and will be given to you with traceable sources, and the sources can’t be found. I’m going to be direct with you about that information.

We’re also going to talk about hard things on the show. We’re going to cover topics that will not only change you, but it will also help change the world, because, to me, being an unstoppable woman is more about helping yourself and helping those who are not as privileged and evolved as we are to be able to do work like this. I know, though, many times we can’t give back and make the biggest impact we want to in the world until we can help ourselves, though. We have to be that strong, empowered person we know we can be first. That’s why on this show there’ll be a mix of helping yourself and some activism and some empowerment and helping the world too.

We’ll be talking about issues that may not be directly related to you, like racism, gender bias, the foster care system, and the wage gap, just to name a few, because I want to talk about these things. I want to shine light on topics, even though they may not seem directly related to what you want or need because I want to show you how seeing things in a different way can change you. I know these topics will help you in your growth. As you listen to other people’s stories and get information about these topics, you may find a few passion projects you want to take on as well. Despite digging into some hard things on this show, I promise that we will have so much fun together along the way.

I adore doing things like giveaways. I don’t just love or like to laugh. I live to laugh. We will be laughing a lot on the show too. I promise it won’t be all doom and gloom here. It’s just, I want you to gain as much factual information as you can about yourself in life, beyond the immediate realm while you’re here. In order to gain a lot, you have to tackle that icky stuff feeling too. You just have to do it. It goes back to that quote from Brené Brown that says., “You can’t live in the light unless you tackle the darkness.” I’m totally not saying that right, but you get my point. On that note of things being challenging, this show isn’t for a woman who is just at the start of her personal development journey.

My former podcast called Life Luvers Radio is actually the best resource for newbies because that show is all about getting started on breaking the norm in order to create a life you love. On Life Luvers Radio, that show is primarily about exploring beyond the typical check-boxes of life and there’s more hand-holding, there’s more positivity, and even more entertainment there, to be honest. It is fluffy at times on those episodes because it needs to be for those just starting out on understanding themselves and understanding life beyond the norm. There’s so much goodness in those episodes, and the potential in them hasn’t even begun to be tapped. If you’re feeling like you’re just starting

to escape the molded society, to step out, and live at your highest potential, that show could be great for you.

Now, I’m not dogging on that podcast, or those that are in that phase of life at all. I was once there. There’s nothing bad about being in that phase. I just really loved that podcast, but I needed something else. I needed to come back to something different after my podcasting break. If you didn’t know, I just had a son recently. I’ve taken over a year off. As I decided to come back, I knew that I needed to change personally and professionally, and that show just wasn’t enough for me anymore. I wanted to start this Become an Unstoppable Woman Podcast because I feel like women are ready to take on some harder stuff.

As I said earlier, I have a course that I’ve had for over three years called Become an Unstoppable Woman, but I haven’t shared it a lot. I haven’t shared it a lot because I didn’t feel like there were a lot of people ready for that deep life-changing work, but things are different now. Women are in a different place. Women are ready to be challenged and changed in deeper ways, and it’s movements like #MeToo and #Time’sUp that have allowed women to start to step up into their power and openly tackle harder things. With that, too, the censorship of issues and women has change. We, as women, are talking about things that we used to brush aside, and saying them in ways that aren’t always nice and pretty.

On this show, we won’t be censoring things, although, yes, I am censoring myself now a bit with my language, moving forward, this is a show that will have some adult language. I really went back and forth on this decision. In my mom world, I do not cuss at all around my kids. In fact, my language is so conservative that even the B-U-T-T word is not okay in our house. While many times there can be more articulate ways of saying things that don’t include a cuss word, this show is a space for women to emote and just share their intense passion about things, and their anger and sadness too. When we get to those places we’re fired up, and saying those words sometimes just feels so damn good. I don’t want to sensor that. I also don’t want to sensor challenging you because it may make you initially uncomfortable.

I am intuitive. I’m a naturally quiet person who can easily shy away from saying things to people because I know it can make them feel certain ways. Friends, that’s not helping you for me to do that. My gift is seeing things in that you may not see and then saying it, because regardless of it making you uncomfortable, you got to have those things sometimes in order to grow. I’m going to challenge you to question some of your thoughts.

I’m going to challenge you to address head on some of your feelings. I’m going to challenge you to do things you’ve never done before. Here’s why.

I’ve been coaching women now for almost five years. I have seen this huge shift, as I mentioned earlier, in the past two years. With these movements coming out, women are stepping up like never before. We’re questioning everything. Now is our time to uplevel in big ways. Now is a time we address our emotions head-on. Now is the time we question past beliefs to see if they serve us. Now is the time to get uncomfortable as fuck in order to grow. I know it’s super uncomfortable to do these things, because this is the work I did when I was on my journey to changing my life in big ways. It’s the work I still do, and it’s still very, very uncomfortable while I’m doing it.

When you come out of this work, holy moly, it’s life-changing. No more, “Are you stuck thinking the same damn negative thoughts about yourself in life?” No more, “Are you feeling victim to your feelings or circumstances?” No more, “Are you not going after exactly what you want out of life?” Think of how crazy awesome it’s been for women to come forward and share their stories of sexual harassment and the Me Too movement. I am fortunate enough that I’ve not been sexually harassed, but it’s been so powerful for me regardless. This is what I want to give you even more on the show.

I want you to do hard things that we sometimes need to do in order to be the person we want to be. I don’t want to give you things that are watered down and fluffy that just create a little change in your life. I want to get to the good stuff that will change you forever. In Episode 2 of the show, I share my story about how the work, that I’m going to share on the podcast and in my course, has changed my life. I encourage you to listen to that episode if you’re curious about my life-changing experience, but there’s one last point I want to share with you about what I want you to gain from this show.

That’s learning even more about how to trust yourself. I don’t expect for you to listen on the show and go along with everything I or someone else says. That’s not the point. The point is for you to determine what’s right for you to further understand your truth. I do ask that if or when we disagree that we converse with grace and love. Yet, we’re still direct. Because, believe it or not, we can do that as women, we can be kind and honest and upfront at the same time. In fact, I believe we need even more of that. We need to stop this gossip negative mentality with one another and instead just say how we feel.

With that said, I want to converse with you a lot. This show is going to be very interactive. The way that we’ll interact is through a private Facebook community and a private Instagram account for listeners of this show. Both places will be safe environments for us

to ask questions and converse. I’ll also be asking for your feedback constantly as I just remind what episodes that put out because I want to give you what you feel you need most. I’ll have a voicemail box to set up soon, where you can leave me messages, and questions for the show as well, that will share more details about an upcoming episode, so stay tuned.

Now, to get access to the private communities on Facebook and Instagram, visit becomeanunstoppablewoman.com, then click the podcast image, and you’ll see a link to join the groups. I can’t wait to see you over there. I’m so excited to meet you, or if you’re someone who’s been in my world for a while, I can’t wait to reconnect with you. I hope today’s episode gave you an overall gist of where things are going with the show so you can ensure if it’s right for you. Just to wrap it up. Here’s what the show is all about in a nutshell and who it’s for. The Become An Unstoppable Woman Podcast is about women who feel they want to be challenged to think, feel, and do things they may have never done before.

The women who listen to the show are okay getting uncomfortable at times to make things happen because making things happen is what they’re all about. Their goal-getters who are on a mission to create massive change in their lives. If something’s not working for them, or life, they’re ready to do work to figure out why it’s not working. They’re ready to honor and respect themselves enough to emote, like really emote, to get mad and sad, and even happy and joyful too. They’re overnumbing themselves down and overnumbing life. They want to experience it all. They’re also okay with being a bit rebellious because they know that there’s barriers in life for themselves and others that need to go.

They know that by helping themselves, especially in learning how to be strong, empowered women, they’re helping the world because, in the end, they’re extremely giving and kind women who want to take what they’ve been given and give back.

That’s it, friend, that’s it in a nutshell. I hope that you are excited about the show. I hope it is right for you. If you feel super excited and feel like you’re in the right place, I do have a favor to ask of you. I’d really appreciate if you left a review wherever you listen to the show, but especially if you’re on iTunes. It takes just a few minutes to leave a review. It makes a big difference in getting the show out there. Honestly, our review gives me the spark and motivation I need to make the show a priority.

Thank you. Be sure to come back for Episode 2 which shares my story about how I’ve become an unstoppable woman. I look forward to seeing you there. In the meantime,

friend, until we meet again, all my love and blessings. Remember, you’re only as unstoppable as you believe you can be. Believe in yourself. You got this.

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