Ready to dig into my psyche and hear my 10 life secrets? Get vulnerable with me on this bonus podcast episode.


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If you’ve noticed me doing more bonus episodes lately, it’s because you’ve asked for them. You love these raw, unedited episodes that I share, they get more downloads than any of my other episodes, and to be honest, it’s really great for me to get vulnerable with you because it’s almost like a coaching moment for myself.

So my hope is that these episodes are a win win for everyone.

Today, I’m sharing 10 of my life secrets. These are 10 things I don’t ever talk about with anyone, so I am seriously turning on the mic today and giving you a big glimpse into my psyche.

You’ll hear about my insecurities, you’ll hear about the work I do with my clients and my perspective being on the other side of it, and you’ll hear about my personal life. 

Why am I willing to share all of this with you? Because I think that authenticity is power. It’s not only freeing for me to share this stuff, but I believe that the more authentic I am, the more it frees you to be authentic. So when you listen to this episode and these secrets, think about one way you can be more authentic, say what you want to say, or step up in some way in your own life. Because that is always and forever the ultimate goal for me. 

Get ready for these secrets and listen at the top of this page. 


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