STRENGTHEN YOUR LEADERSHIP w/ Audrey Blair, Leadership Coach & Consultant

Leadership is not always easy, but in this interview you’ll learn how to grasp the leadership skills you’re meant to have.

STRENGTHEN YOUR LEADERSHIP w/ Audrey Blair, Leadership Coach & Consultant

Nov 21, 2022 | CAREER GROWTH, MINDSET, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“There is no singular profile that actually fits what a good leader is. Start with where you are first and enhance your natural talents.” – Audrey Blair

You’ve probably listened to some of my client coaching story episodes on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast before. But what’s been even more exciting for me is getting to interview my clients not to share their coaching story, but to have them teach my listeners their expertise. 

It’s a truly proud moment for me to watch these women turn on the mic and really own their power, and today you’ll hear Audrey Blair do exactly that in her zone of genius – leadership skills.

Audrey is a leadership coach and consultant specializing in change management and digital transformation. In other words, she knows just about everything there is to know about leadership skills and how to uncover core issues to build a strategy for change within corporations. 


  • The qualities that make a strong leader
  • Where people commonly fall short when it comes to being a strong leader
  • How to manage many hats as a leader
  • The different mindset shifts you’ll go through as you grow into a leadership role
  • Why leadership can be so hard 

…and so much more.

What I love about what Audrey teaches here is that leadership is about taking who you are and making that a leader, not changing yourself. That means you’re not necessarily born a leader, but rather you go through phases of growth and learn how to be the leader you’re supposed to be. This isn’t about checking things off a list or fitting into a mold, it’s about knowing yourself at your core, which if you listen to this podcast, you know is just about the basis for all of your life fulfillment.

Listen at the top of this page.  



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