BALANCE MASCULINE & FEMININE ENERGY w/ Nicole Laino, Human Design & Business Coach

You’ve heard me talk a lot about feminine energy. Today we’ll talk about exactly what feminine energy is and compare it to the masculine energy.

BALANCE MASCULINE & FEMININE ENERGY w/ Nicole Laino, Human Design & Business Coach

Apr 11, 2022 | MINDSET, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“Masculine energy is structured, it’s linear. Feminine energy is creative. It’s the unseen. It’s the things we can’t quite put our hands on but we know are there.” – Nicole Laino

Who’s ready for yet another amazingly strong female expert guest on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast?

Today, I have Nicole Laino on the show to talk with me about feminine and masculine energies. 

I know you’ve heard me talk a lot about tapping into these energies and finding a balance between the two. Nicole is here to really break down what is feminine energy and what is masculine energy. It’s not about one or the other, because we need them both. But it’s about understanding the two and finding that balance in your life. 

Nicole is a human design and business coach who works with her clients to balance the two energies within their businesses.


  • Specific signs of masculine vs  feminine energy so you can see where you are in your life now
  • What Nicole’s “rock bottom” and why it’s something she’s thankful for
  • The key characteristics of feminine and masculine energies
  • What it looks like when your feminine and masculine energies are unbalanced
  • What human design is and how Nicole uses it for energy alignment

…and so much more

Nicole’s story is an interesting one that really exemplifies the difference between the feminine and masculine energies. She started her career as an actor and went from that to Wall Street, a huge contrast energetically.

In going from a creative (feminine) job to a secure (masculine) job, she first-hand witnessed the differences and experienced the imbalance in her own life. 

Her experiences all led her to where she is today–a beautifully balanced place.

So excited for you to hear this one! Listen at the top of the page.


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