BEYOND LEANING IN w/ Melanie Ho, Speaker, Author & Organizational Consultant

When it comes to gender equity in the workplace, women need to go beyond leaning in. Listen to find out why.

BEYOND LEANING IN w/ Melanie Ho, Speaker, Author & Organizational Consultant

Oct 3, 2022 | CAREER GROWTH, MINDSET, RELATIONSHIPS, Uncategorized | 0 comments

When it comes to biases, the big things are often just the sum of all the little things, but it’s those little things that add up and matter.” – Melanie Ho

I’m excited to share yet another empowering conversation with a brilliant female guest on today’s Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast episode. 

It’s hard for me to even begin to introduce Melanie Ho because she’s so many things. She’s the founder of Strategic Imagination where she helps organizations strategize towards gender equity in the workplace and facilitates a future for change. She’s a speaker and an author, and to top it all off, she’s an artist who creates thought-provoking comics on various topics relating to leadership and gender equity for women in the workplace. 

Melanie dedicates her life to strategizing, inspiring and creating real change for women in the workplace, especially when it comes to leadership roles. 

Our corporate world has a long way to go when it comes to getting to a place of gender equity for women, but Melanie is one of the people who is truly making a difference by finding new and creative ways to point out unconscious biases through her work. 


  • All about Melanie’s book: Beyond Leaning In
  • What led Melanie to write a business book as a novel
  • How the idea of “leaning in” can take women out of their feminine energy and why we need to do more
  • Melanie’s own work experience that made her feel inauthentic 
  • The biggest ways in which women are held back
  • How Melanie has done the work in her own life to check and unpack her own biases

…and so much more.

This conversation is SO GOOD and will help you spot your own biases as well as those around you. Awareness is the first step to change, so listen at the top of this page to start to build your own awareness and facilitate the change we all want to see. 


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