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Well hello there beautiful! I’m so grateful you’re here yet again listening to another Become An Unstoppable Woman podcast episode.

Hopefully, you’ve listened to the first 3 episodes of the show (or at least just episode 1) to ensure you’re in the right place.

I promise things will all make more sense if you start listening there as there’s an intentional flow to these episodes.

But, I’m going to assume you’ve already listened to at least episode 1 and I’m going to pick up from there because today’s topic friend is specifically for those women I spoke about on that episode.

It’s those unstoppable women who this podcast is for!

The woman who already feels pretty confident, strong, empowered and sure of themselves.

Of course, we ALL have room to grow, myself included in SO many ways, but today’s episode specifically is NOT for women who are in a stage of life where they’re doubting themselves heavily.  They’re not having trouble making decisions.  They’re not overly struggling with feeling shame and guilt often. They’re not the ones who appear to be really busy but at the end of the day not getting a lot done.

If that IS you, then this episode is NOT for you, friend.  It’s just going to be too much for your already strong inner doubter.

And, listen, that’s okay.

We’ve ALL been in those phases of life where our inner doubters creep in.  Goodness knows if you heard on ep 2 my journey to becoming an unstoppable woman I was VERY MUCH living in the inner doubter world when I was questioning if my then partner was cheating on me.

I had trouble making choices, I felt confused often, I was very weak in my confidence levels.  It was hard so if you’re there right now.  I get it, I’ve felt it and it SUCKS!  And just know I help women all day, every day through their inner doubters too so I can help you, but today’s episode is just going to be too much for you right now.

You’re welcome to listen still b/c my words may kick your inner doubter’s doubts to the curb, but it may make things worse too for you so keep that in mind.

Because today is all about questioning EVERYTHING. 

This questioning is not from a place of overthinking or doubting yourself (hence why I told those with high inner doubters right now to step back); this questioning is from a place of empowerment and strength and wisdom.

Today’s episode is designed to make you stronger and wiser than ever, friend! I’m stoked to share it with you

So let’s jump right in and get to work, you ready?!

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