SIERRA’S STORY w/ Sierra Cowing

If you feel like you’re stuck in a spiral of feeling like crap most of the time, you’ll love today’s episode. In it, I interview my client, Sierra Cowing about how coaching with me (in just 9 months!) has transformed her life from experiencing an on-going depression where nothing else seemed to help her to a life now where she’s on FIRE accomplishing her dreams (and feeling better than ever in the process).

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If you feel like you’re stuck in a spiral of feeling like crap most of the time (and may even have clinical depression), you’re going to love today’s “Become an Unstoppable Woman” episode.  On it, I interview my client, Sierra Cowing.  

Just 9 months ago Sierra was very stuck and she was very sad.

This is a snippet of an email she wrote to me before we had our free consult call.  It said…


I’m sorry. I want to schedule a time for a call with you, but I really don’t even know where we would start or what we would talk about. This email may ramble some and be a little TMI, but I feel it’s necessary if any of this will be productive for either of us. Here we go…

The past two years of my life have been a rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Depression and anxiety were given the chance to steal away the precious time of my life, the early years of motherhood. 

My son was born in October of 2015. I spent my time yelling and losing my mind over basic toddler things.  Crying because I didn’t want to, but was having a hard time controlling it. I felt like somehow God had made a mistake making me a mother. Why would He give me a child if I couldn’t do it? 

Meanwhile, I was also working full-time at a job that I had a love-hate relationship with. I am a civil engineer. Things crept from my personal life into work. I couldn’t concentrate and I had panic attacks. I was given a month off from work last November/December, doctor’s orders. I wanted so desperately for that to fix everything and I foolishly thought it would. 

I went back to work without much having changed. I eventually started going to a different counselor because the first one I was seeing didn’t help much and it felt merely like I was paying her just to vent and not get much in return to be useful anyways….”

She went on in that email to tell me more about her life, but just from reading what I shared above, I knew she was severely depressed and anxious.  

I told her that I wasn’t quite sure she was ready for the push that coaching requires.  Coaching ideally is for those who are in a good place that want to make it great.

Sierra though was fed up with her life and feeling like crap.  She wanted so badly for her life to change.

I couldn’t say no, so we agreed to do a 21-day trial to see how it went.  

In those 21 days, Sierra started little by little to break free from her depression.  She got the accountability, support, and tools she needed to start to make life-long changes.  She was hooked.  

We’ve kept coaching together ever since.

It’s now been 9 months since we started coaching together and the changes this woman has made (during a GLOBAL PANDEMIC mind you) have been incredible.

In 9 months, Sierra has done things like…

-Strategically change careers from civil engineering to nursing based on the insight she gained from ONE coaching session with me

-Cut her feelings of depression and anxiety from being overwhelming to being nearly non-existent by learning how to properly “feel, deal and heal” in my “Become an Unstoppable Woman” course

-Stop the people-pleasing pattern of always asking for permission (especially from her husband) to owning who she is and what she wants out of life by learning how to trust HER intuition and wisdom

-Change her mindset so much that others tell her on a near-daily basis how much they love being around her (because she’s now so much more in love with herself and life)

…and so much more

You have to listen to Sierra’s story to hear how good it is.  It’ll blow your mind at how much change you can create in just a few short months.  Listen in on the player at the top of this page.

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4-Day Accomplish Your Dreams Free Training

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