The “Become an Unstoppable Woman” podcast is officially 2 years old today AND it’s celebrating 100 episodes! Join me as I share my favorite moments and takeaways from doing this show.


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“My Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast has allowed me to speak my truth, put myself out there to make mistakes so I can get better, and help thousands of women better their lives.”

Today my “Become an Unstoppable Woman” podcast turns TWO years old AND hits ONE HUNDRED episodes!!!  

It’s been quite a journey to make it to this milestone achievement.  I’ve grown SO much for the 100 times I’ve plugged in my mic and hit record on the next episode.  

Join me today as I share my top 4 learning lessons from the past 2 years from this show AND highlight some of the best podcast moments from year two of this show.  

(Get this…70 of the 100 episodes were created this past year!  It’s been an incredible year of growth.)

I also share what’s in store for the next year of this show AND give you all the details on the INCREDIBLE book we’ve created to showcase the top 100 episodes.

You don’t wanna miss this.

Listen via the link at the top of this page.


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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 100. Are you ready for this?


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife, mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Well, hello there, my friend. Welcome to Episode 100 of the show. I cannot believe I am sitting here telling you that we have had 100 episodes of the show. If you have followed me for a long time, you know that I had a podcast before this one called Life Luvers™ Radio. I did that show for about two years but I was not consistent when I put out episodes at all. It seems like consistency was such a hard thing for me at that time.

Now granted, I had a day job, I was a single mom most of that time, and I was building a client base, so it makes sense why I wasn’t as consistent as I was, but I remember when I launched this Unstoppable podcast in 2019, that I was really concerned, am I going to be able to be consistent, and so I promised that first year, I would just put out two episodes a month.

At that time, it felt like a lot. I was also doing everything on the show, editing it, doing all the marketing for it, obviously putting together all the content, I was truly a one woman show. Then when I hit almost the first year of the podcast, I ended up hiring a podcast editor, which was so lovely. I was so scared at the time to do that, that was the first time I was bringing in this ongoing contractor into my business and I thought, oh boy, am I going
to be able to continue to support this? What if I just get really used to it and I forget how to edit shows, you know, what’s going to happen with that.

Now here we are, over a year later and I have many contractors in my business and it’s amazing. This past year, we have done, gosh, I think almost 75 episodes of the show. I’m like two thirds, I guess that would be two thirds, right, of the show, of these 100 episodes have been in the past year. It has been incredible. I have been just like wanting to birth all of these ideas into the world and put them out there. If you may remember from September through December, we did two episodes a week. That’s how we were just able to put out so many episodes this past year.

I’m super proud of the episodes we put out. As I was looking overall, just the different episodes that came out and the ones that I love the most, it was really hard for me to choose. When I first started podcasting with my old podcast, I remember I’d put some out there and I’d be like, “Oh man, this one’s not very good. This one’s shit,” or really question it. With this podcast, sure, I have episodes that I’m like, “Eh, it’s not my favorite,” but every
single one to me is like, man, there are some really good stuff in that one that has the potential to really blow somebody’s mind and change their life if they’re open to that and if that’s the right message for them at that time.

Again, just super proud of what has gone on, especially this past year with the show, but overall, hitting this milestone of 100 is huge growth for me to be able to just be consistent and be connected to you, and to be giving you this amazing content over and over and over and over again. Even my clients, I tell them, “Listen to the podcast”, because it’s such an amazing supplement to what they’re learning with me, and it’s a different vibe too.

When they’re learning with me and we’re coaching, it’s like learn go, learn go. Whereas the podcast says “Hey, let’s just sit around for a while. Let’s have a discussion. Let’s talk.” I take some of the concepts they’re learning and I tell different stories about it more and so it’s just a whole different vibe. Regardless if you’ve worked with me as a client or not, I feel like this show is some of the best work I’ve ever done in my entire life. I always think about if tomorrow was my last day on earth, what would be the things that I would want to be remembered by, and this podcast definitely is up there on my list.

Not only do I love just making these episodes and putting them out for you, but I am so grateful that you listen to this show. Now, to me, listening is really a byproduct of it because I feel like this is part of my growth and my creative expression. I always think about some times if I were to lose everything in my business, and it would be like where I made no money, and I’d have to go get a day job, would I still do the podcast? To be honest, I would, because to me, it is just a way for me to express myself and to get creative in my life.

Later on this episode, I’m going to give you some of my top tips about what I’ve learned over doing these 100 episodes. I’ll go deeper into that as to why I love podcasting so much and how it can help you in your life. I just want to let you know that I love doing this show, and the fact that you listen to it just takes my love for doing this to a whole new level.

Then hearing from many of you of how this show impacts you just takes it next level. Especially if you’re not a client of mine, because I am used to clients being like, “Oh my gosh, Lindsay, this is how you changed my life,” and all the things, right, but when I hear from the podcast, I’m like, “Oh, yes, that’s telling me that I’m still giving amazing content as I’m creating these free products for somebody or this free listening outlet.” Again, thank you so much for being here.

Today, I’m just going to recap some of my favorite episodes from this past year. I’m going to showcase some of the interviews we did this past year and I’m going to tell you my top tips of what I’ve learned throughout these 100 episodes. Before I get into all that though, we’re doing something exciting for a hundred episodes of the show. What has been created is a podcast book. My admin, Rachel, and I have taken all 100 podcast episodes, we
have transcribed all of them, and she has then taken the transcripts and created a one page summary of each episode and we’ve put them into a book.

The reason why we did this is because for two reasons. The first is if you’ve listened to the episodes, I know there are times when you’re thinking, “Oh gosh, what was it that one she said about disappointment?” or, “What was that process about being able to accomplish your goals?” You’ll be able to flip open that book and you’ll be able to see, “Okay, here was the step by step process she talked about, am I following that or not?”

We also have an index in the book, so if there’s ever a moment when you’re thinking, “Gosh, I need to process some trauma. Let me look up trauma, where does she talk about it? What episode?” or “I need to think more about my inner mean girl and learn more about her,” you can go and figure out what episodes those are in. This is just going to be a resource for you to just implement what you learn on the podcast even more.

Now, it’s also a resource for those who haven’t listened to the show or every episode of the show. They can go in and skim through and say, “Okay, is this an episode that is resonating with me? If so, maybe I should listen to it more,” or maybe they just get enough information from that one-page summary that they can go out there and start to implement change in their life and accomplish their goals and dreams and feel better than ever, in the process of that.

I’m super proud of this book, we’ve been working super hard on it, as you can imagine, of taking pages and pages of transcripts and being able to condense information down to a one-page summary. It’s not even a full page, it’s designed in a way that your eye will not get overwhelmed by it and so there’s not a ton of text on the page. Poor Rachel has just been like condensing and condensing down to make it something that’s just really straight
to the point and get you into action and getting you the results that you want and your life.

Now, to get this podcast book, all you have to do is go to LindsayEPreston.com/100, and it’s just going to be number one, zero, zero. You are going to put in your name, your email address, and you’re also going to have to put in a picture of you leaving a review for the show. If you have already left a review for the show, just go find that review on Apple podcasts or wherever you left it. Some people even leave it on my Facebook page because
they listen on a player where they can’t leave reviews or they just can’t figure it out. Just go take a picture of that review and then you’ll submit that picture with your name and email address. Then we will send that podcast book over your way via email.

Now, if you are a client of mine, you get an extra bonus. If you go in and you submit your name, email, and the picture of your review, you’re going to get the electronic copy of the book, and you’re going to get a printed copy of the book sent to you. This is only for current clients, so current 101 clients or current Living the Dream clients, you know who you are.

If you’re a past client of mine, you can get an electronic copy of the book, and then you’ll be able to purchase a printed copy if you want one. That’s for anybody, old clients, nonclient, whoever, but if you’re an active client, just know you’re going to get the electronic and a printed copy mailed to you. Even if you’re international, we are going to ship it your way.

Super easy, right. Go leave a review of the show. You can go leave one on Apple podcasts if you listen there and whatever player you listen on. Again, if you can’t leave a review there, then just go over to my Facebook page, just search for Lindsay Preston. Remember Lindsay’s spelled L-I-N-D-S-A-Y. Preston’s pretty straightforward, P-R-E-S-T-O-N. Find me there, leave a review of the show, take a picture of it.

This episode is coming out on February 15th. The podcast book will be available the first few days in March. Once you submit your review, if you’re like, “Oh, Lindsay, where’s my podcast book?” Just know it’s going to come out those first few days in March because we got to play a little catch up with these last few episodes that are coming out. I’m super proud of it.

We’ve spent a lot of time, a lot of money making this book and it is awesome. It is so awesome. Not only that but since we have transcripts of all the episodes now, Rachel, who I keep mentioning, my admin, is going to go in over these next few months and she’s going to be adding in the transcripts on my website. We’re going to be redoing the podcast page so that any episode you want to look at, it’s going to be a lot more punchy, and it’s going to have that transcript in there.

You’re still going to be able to see the summary of the episode like there’s always been and you’re going to be able to listen on the website if you want, but you’re just going to be able to have that transcript option as well because I know a lot of people they like to read,or some clients, they even have they read and listen at the same time, which is so fun. All right. An amazing giveaway for this 100 episode, all you got to do is leave a review. On top of that, if you want to share the show on your social media, you want to send it to a friend, I would be so appreciative of that. Let’s celebrate the hell out of this.

I know sometimes it can be a little bit, what’s the word, uncomfortable, I guess, to share, like, “Hey, I’m listening to this show and it’s about personal development.” There’s still stigma around that but I encourage you to burst through that bubble, and really take ownership as a leader in your life and saying, “Hey, this is a resource that I use to help me become even better.” There’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, this is what makes people really successful and smart is to go and do things like listen to a podcast like this one.

So appreciative if you do go and share it. Know too if you’re on Instagram, there are some different GIFs. I always say GIFs, gifts, I don’t know, but GIFs. There’s a Unstoppable podcast one, and there’s a microphone one and there’s some different ones with my brand. All you have to do is search Lindsay Preston to find them and be sure to tag me if you’re on Instagram. You’ll find me over there @Lindsay Preston. Yes, let’s celebrate this. I would so love to see all of your posts, and I can’t wait to share this book with you.

All right. Let’s get into the episode. Where to start? I think we should start with highlighting some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the two years of doing this podcast and getting to 100 episodes. You’re ready? All right. I’ve got four big lessons for you. The first one is I have learned through this process how to show up and stay

As I mentioned before with my former podcast that was hard for me to do. Granted I had a lot more on my plate at the time, but I was really learning how to just be consistent in my life. If you’re a client of mine, you know that this is where you get to the good stuff of being a vacillator. You become consistently connected. I feel like through this podcast, it has allowed me to grow in that way, to be able to be this consistent in my life.

The other thing it’s taught me, and this is going into that number one bucket of showing up and staying consistent, just the process of showing up and being willing to be messy, being willing to show up even when it feels like nobody is listening has been huge. Any time of course, you start something, you’re likely not going to have an immediate following.

I did get lucky when I launched my old podcast Life Luvers™ Radio, that some magical thing happened where I just got on the new and noteworthy list of iTunes. That wasn’t even like it opened every door for me, it just opened that first door for me to get the first few clients that I got, but I still to this day, when I tell people my numbers, my download numbers, and stuff, they’re like, “Oh, okay, it’s not that huge of a show,” and sometimes that can be a little bit I don’t know, deflating, I guess of like, “Okay, yes.”

For a while, the show was staying consistent on our download numbers, or we would see these boosts, and then it would flatline after we did certain ads, which made me think like, “Oh, maybe it didn’t resonate with people, or it didn’t hit home with people.” Those kinds of thoughts can come into your head as you’re creating content but I have to remember too, is that some of these are vanity metrics.

If I’m looking at download numbers to me, yes, it’s important to see like, “Okay, what is resonating most of the people,” and, “We ran this ad. Was that successful in regards to downloads and things of that sort?” For me, the metric that matters most is the podcast converting people into clients, because obviously, this is a business. Are they listening to the podcast and saying, “Yes, this girl understands me, and she knows that I can help her.”
That’s my number one metric. My number two metric is, am I getting messages and feedback that it’s helping people in their life?

Now, to be honest, I would love to have a lot more of that. I would love to be getting more messages but the messages I do get are awesome. I got a message a few weeks ago, from someone that says, “I just randomly stumbled upon your podcast. I started listening and here’s what I’ve implemented in my life. Now I’m changing not only my life, but I’m changing my children’s lives. I’m realizing the power I have as a mother and how loving
them is so important.” She went into all this stuff. She said, “I just want to thank you so much, you’ve opened my eyes to a whole new way of living.” I was like, oh my gosh, emails like that just fuel me to keep doing this.

Now, I said earlier, regardless of anybody listening, I would still show up and do this. Regardless if I made money or not, I would still do this because I think this is so good for my growth, but I love hearing from people about their growth. Now I hear that all the time from clients, “Oh my gosh, Lindsay, I love this episode. I love this episode,” which is awesome. I love hearing that from them too because sometimes I’ll put an episode that’s like crickets, like, did anyone like that? I don’t know. Did that help anybody? Was that making sense to people?

Just know I love getting your feedback. If you’re on the other end of this and you’re somebody that’s like, man, I really want to speak my truth for my life, be it a podcast, a blog, just in your own personal life of putting yourself out there more, just know at first, it’s going to seem like you’re always getting crickets. People may even be a little turned off by it because you’re growing and changing and they’re used to you being somebody else. Just keep showing up and keep following those breadcrumbs, I say offset of, “Okay, does this feel good? Am I figuring out my own authentic voice? Yes, let’s do it.” I just keep going after that time and time again.

It’s so funny because I recently thought about many years ago, I had a blog. This is way before my coaching career. This is like when my marriage was falling apart. I didn’t quite know it yet, but I had a blog that cover my daughter’s life. This is about 2011/2012 that I had this. Then I also started a blog called Becoming the Imperfect Woman. This is when I was in therapy and I was talking about how I realized how hard I am on myself and I’m going to just put out there some different things that I’m working through and how I’m feeling as I’m working through that.

Now, granted, my whole marriage ended and I was taken in a different direction, but what happened is I started posting a lot of blog posts or writing a lot of blog posts and not posting them. I went back and read some of those the other day and I’m like, “Man, this stuff is good.” Now, granted, it doesn’t reflect who I am today but at that time, it was at my authentic expression as I was starting to figure things out more in life, and it was some awesome stuff to be able to have to go back and reflect on.

Again, if you’re somebody that’s like, man, I want to speak up more in my life, do it. Doing this kind of work of putting yourself out there will help you grow so very much. It’s going to bring up all your shit, to be honest, I’ve shared so many things on this show that have been uncomfortable for me. I have an episode coming up just a week after this one where I’m going to talk about my five, in essence, best choices, my five worst ones. That’s not
how I word it, but I talk about some of the choices that I am not proud of and it’s taken me a very long time to get to a place of even wanting to share that.

I’ve already recorded that episode and I’m still digesting of like, okay, this is about to go out in the world. This is what is just going to become common knowledge about you, Lindsay, think through this before you share that stuff. I just keep checking back in and I’m like, yes, I’m going to share it. I’m going to share it. I’m going to share it. It goes back to that speaking your truth episode, I did just two weeks ago too, where it’s like, okay, you’ve just got to put yourself out there, be willing to get messy, and then you’re going to get butter.

This podcast has allowed me to do that, to just speak my truth and speak my truth and put myself out there and make mistakes and get messy to get better because otherwise, if I hadn’t have done this, I would likely still just be at a place where it’s like, man, I don’t even know if it’s comfortable for me to talk about my divorce because how was something that I was so nervous to put out many, many years ago when I did my very first Life Luvers episodes of just like, oh my gosh, I’m going to tell people, I went through this divorce and oh my gosh, how uncomfortable that is.

Now it’s second nature. I can tell anybody and everybody that story and that’s how I’ve been able to grow as I’ve shared more and more about my life because that’s what’s felt authentic to me. I’m not saying that you need to go and start spilling your guts. That’s just the term I use for it, spilling your guts all over the internet or on a blog or on a podcast or in your personal life, whatever. I just know for me; it’s been exceptional growth to be able to go and do this.

The other thing is that yes, doing something like a podcast or a blog or any personal growth, if it’s coaching or something else, it’s going to cost money and you’re probably not going to see a return on your investment right away but I will say that any time you’re investing in yourself, it’s the best investment you can ever make.

Now I know many finance people, my husband maybe even included in that, he’s a wealth manager, may be like, “Oh no, let’s invest it here. That’s a great investment,” but I’m a big believer that you investing in yourself is going to just be a trickle-down effect because if you go back to what I teach on the show so often, our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our actions, our actions create our results. The thought line or a thought that we’re having always becomes our result line at some point.

If we having all these thoughts like I’m going to be broken, I don’t know that and all that drama we have about ourselves, that’s just going to keep us stuck but the only way we’re going to change that is if we invest in ourselves and finally look at that shit that’s holding us back and taking those steps forward. Now, I believe having a coach of course is the ultimate way to do that but I also think it’s really powerful to be able to share your voice in a way. Again, it really brings up your shit.

I had a client, she was a one-on-one client. She’s one of my very first clients and we went in-depth when we coached together. What was missing for her years later was that she had told me all of these things and had so much growth and had found acceptance in herself, but she realized that her sharing her story in a public way, which ended up being at a mastermind group that she ended up joining and being able to share those things with other people was very powerful for her.

She realized like, oh, that was one thing that I needed to grow to next. Whereas for me, I went through coaching in this one-on-one experience. I shared all the things with my coach, and then me having the podcast was what allowed me to just have another level of growth at that. I really encourage again for you to find some way to speak your truth. As I keep saying, it can be a blog, a podcast, it can just be on social media. It can be in mentoring that you do, even in a group coaching or a mastermind can be so beneficial.

Now with my one-on-one clients, we spend six to nine months in the coaching process, and then they have the option to join my Living the Dream program, which is a group program. At first for many of them it’s very uncomfortable because then they are in this space where it’s like, oh my gosh, these other people are hearing about my stuff and it’s just like a whole new level, right, but after they get through that discomfort, those first few
weeks, they’re like, man, this is a whole new level of growth.

It’s just really, really cool to be able to grow in that way and to realize too, even when you have “haters” or people who don’t get your message or don’t understand you, you start to build a whole new love in yourself and you start to shed those layers of really caring what other people think about you. You can go and look on the reviews of the show, especially on Apple podcasts, and I have, gosh, I think two negative reviews, which is nothing, but
what stings about Apple podcasts is those reviews never go away ever. It’s not like someone just leaves a social comment and maybe you could delete it. It’s always there. There’s one review in particular where she said like, I don’t think mothers have as much of a purpose, and it’s just like, I didn’t even say that at all in that episode at all and she said some things about me that I just don’t think it’s true. Of course, it’s her own thoughts that created her own belief system but it sucks. It sucks to get that kind of feedback.

I’ve gotten some feedback in my DMs. I’ve gotten feedback on my emails that hasn’t always been the nicest of things, but again, it allows you to work through whatever shit comes up for you because of that and you just become even more and more and more and more resilient. Resiliency, if you didn’t know, is the number one key to success. I’ve learned so much from this podcast from that.

Number two lesson I’ve learned in 100 episodes and in two years is to give it your all. It, for me, of course in this instance, is the podcast, but this just reiterates for me, what I teach my coaching clients is show up as the best you, give people your all and don’t get attached to the outcome or the result. Because if you’re showing up and you’re giving your all, it’s going to feel so amazing. What happens in time are the thoughts you think about
yourself and what you’re creating in the world, again, become your result line. I know I just said that but I’m going to reiterate it here, it comes your result line.

Especially for me in this past year of doing this podcast, I just kept showing up and saying, I’m creating amazing content. “This is amazing, this is awesome, it changes people’s lives,” and I just stay in that energy, and even on episodes where I didn’t get any feedback, I just kept going. I was like, this is amazing. This is awesome. Keeping that belief alive and just showing up as the very best me.

The other thing too is I ditched all of this marketing BS of like, oh, just on free content, teach the what and the why and don’t teach the how. I just threw that out the door and I decided I’m going to teach everything. I’m going to give my very, very best work. I realized that content is only part of the process of change. Content is one piece, I believe coaching is the other piece of getting that one-on-one feedback and then accountability, and getting
the experience of investing in yourself because when you invest in yourself, you pay attention and you really take the work and take it seriously and that’s what creates lifelong change.

I just, again, ditched that thought process of, oh, I need to hold back, and instead I’m going to give it my very best and give it my all and the right people who want to work with me and pay me money so I can keep doing this stuff, then they will, and they’ll realize that part of this is investing in themselves and having that accountability and support and that one-on-one attention and all of that stuff.

It also goes back to belief that I have that value creates money. The more value you’re giving into the world and anything you’re doing, it doesn’t even have to be at work, just you’re showing up and you’re saying again like I’m here to show up as the best version of me and that’s not meaning like perfectionistic version, just like, how can I serve kind of thought of if I’m showing up at my daughter’s school, granted, we can’t even go there right
now because of all the COVID restrictions but if I’m showing up at her school and I’m there to volunteer, I’m not going to just sit back on the corner. I’m going to be all hands in. What do you guys need? How can I best serve in this situation?

Same when I show up for clients. There are sometimes clients we get on the call, we’re supposed to be doing one thing in the process and instead, we need to go in a totally different direction and I just totally ditch whatever we were supposed to do and my thought process is I am here to serve. People who are not working in me. You may be that person here on the podcast, again, I’m like, I’m here to serve this person, give the most value, show up as the best me that I can be to help them, and then I’m not attached at all to whatever happens.

I know that I’m just filling up what I consider your value bank is what I call it. I’m putting in this time and energy in there, and I’m going to be able to make withdrawals from that with money eventually. I have loved really implementing that in my life, in these past 1000 episodes and especially this past year with the podcast.

The number three thing that I’ve learned from doing 100 episodes in two years is who you are is enough. Granted, I come on here and I’m always thinking, oh, how can I make the content better and better, and there are some episodes, no joke, I’ll stop the recording and maybe a couple of hours later, I’m like, oh, I wish I would have added this or, oh, I wish I would have said this.

For example, an episode I did just a few weeks ago about growing when others aren’t. I got up to that episode, I think it was like a day or so later. I was like, oh, I wish I would’ve spent more time when you do outgrow people, of how it feels and how that’s okay and went into there because I felt like I maybe focused too much time on, oh, other people will change with you, which they will, but I wish I would have put that piece a little bit deeper
and then I just decided, I was like you know what? Whatever was meant to be put out in the world is what is meant to be put in the world.

If you have an opportunity to share that message again, be it another podcast or another training or with your clients one-on-one when they’re coming to you with those issues, you’ll deliver it there but what you’ve done is good enough Lindsay, because your energy alone and what you were able to deliver was more than enough.

I know this to be true because there are two podcasts, one in particular that I listen to that most times I’m not even really listening to the content and depth. Well, of course, I’m listening to it, but I’m listening and maybe I’m driving or I’m walking or doing whatever I need to do my life, and it’s just her energy alone that puts me in a totally different

The reason why I just keep listening and listening to her episodes is because that energy changes me, and granted her content is amazing and awesome and I love it so much. Sometimes it’s like a repeat for me. Sometimes I’m just not in the right headspace to listen to that message at that time but again, it’s like that energy is so impactful. I really want you to realize that in your own life too, is who you’re showing up as, and you just being you and your energy alone is going to change people.

Especially if you’re somebody who’s like, oh, I want to learn more and I want to– Lindsay keeps saying, be your best, do your best and I see all these ways in which I can be better. Of course, I’m there too. I’m always thinking about ways that can be a better wife and mother and person and coach and businesswoman and all the things, but I’m also taking it as where I am right now is incredible and awesome and I am more than enough. If somebody doesn’t like that or doesn’t resonate with it, that’s just how it’s meant to be. It’s how the cookie crumbles is how we say it a lot of times.

I just know that for certain people, just my energy alone changes people. That’s what I am here to deliver and maybe I’ll stumble over my words. Maybe I won’t say all the right things that they need to hear. Maybe I’ll miss a piece or two, but that’s okay because again, just who I am is more than enough.

Last lesson that I want to share with you that I’ve learned in 100 episodes in two years is I have learned a shit ton from myself, from guests, and from research. There are times when I will be coaching a client on something and they’ll be like, “Lindsay, I really want to uplevel in this way.” I remember this specifically this session, and I remember coaching her through some stuff and then also teaching her some stuff, and then I left that coaching
session and I was like, okay, how can I break this down in steps? How can I teach this even better? How could I make this like a one, two, three follow these steps kind of thing?

From there I was able to create the podcast episode, I believe it was called, How to Uplevel Your Life. I remember just thinking like, man, I’m starting to figure out what these processes are of what I’m taking people through, and I’m breaking it down in a simplistic system that somebody could work through time and time and time again to continue to get something like an uplevel in their life.

Another episode where I did this was dealing with disappointments. I was able to experience feeling disappointment with my daughter in a moment, and I was able to start to break down, okay, what is this like? Break it down, Lindsay, how does this work and how can you explain this to people? Another episode I just recently did, speaking your truth. I spoke my truth and as I was going through the process of doing that, I was like, okay, let’s
break this down.

I’ve learned so much about the world and going after goals and relationships and all the things. All the things about life, just from really sitting with, how could I teach this on the podcast if that was a possibility, and from that, being able to just have all of these kinds of step-by-step systems or those frameworks to be able to then put into my life. Now every time I know I’m dealing with disappointment, for example, I’m like, okay, I know how this works now. Okay maybe I’m initially angry, but really, I need to feel sad and so I’m going to go into that sadness and really go there with it.

That’s why, again, why I created this podcast book was I wanted you to be able to just see some of those basic systems over and over and over and over again. If you’re dealing with something like disappointment or you’re wanting to have the uplevel, or you’re wanting to speak your truth, you can go to those pages and be like, okay, here are the basic steps again and where am I getting stuck? Where do I need extra help, and leaning on maybe me
and my private online community, which I don’t know if you know this, but I have a free online community. I don’t talk about it that much anymore, but it’s still there and it’s always a resource for you.

You can go on the show notes and get the link to it and being able to ask questions. Of course, if you’re a client, we can talk about it there and I can guide you to different episodes but yes, so I’ve learned a ton from myself. I’ve also learned a ton from research. Now, granted, when I started the show, the first few episodes, I was like, oh, we’re going to have so many statistics and research and dah, dah, dah. I do research things and I do look at statistics as just a resource, which has been super helpful for me to dig into some things deeper.

I’ve learned a lot more there but I must admit I don’t go that deep in the research sometimes because statistics are really just information. That really is telling me a lot of times of, okay, where are people’s mindsets generally, like for women when they’re not speaking up and they’re not asking for more money, it’s like, okay, what’s going on in women’s mindsets for them to have a statistic like they’re not making as much as men and what’s going on in other people’s mindsets for them not to be paying women, especially women of color, as much. I’m looking at it from that perspective and putting it in that lens versus like let’s deep dive into all this detailed research.

I must admit too, I read a lot of books and I love books that are more, science-based. I’m
reading one right now about sex and how she’s really taken some research from sex and
how it plays out. I have to read those books very slowly, but it’s not because it overwhelms
me per se, but it’s just like, it gets so boring. I just keep having to keep my eyes open
through it, even if it’s like in the middle of the day and I swear I’m not that tired, but I’ll
just be like, okay, Lindsay, take the sentence.

Sometimes it’s just so many details that I just think, oh, just give me the good stuff. Okay, just reference the science and like, just give me what I need to do so I can go on and make change in my life, but I do appreciate them having at least some research and science for my brain to get on board with it because I am wired that way that I want the proof but after that, it’s like, oh my gosh, please like, let’s move the F on. That’s where I have really
pivoted to in the podcast is taking that research and then implementing it right with you getting step-by-steps like, what’s get into action.

Then, of course, I’ve learned a shit ton from guests. I want to highlight the ones specifically and just give each one, a little shout out that I’ve had on the show throughout this past year. The first one is Kimberly Beam and she did, the Help Your Marriage episode, again, link in show notes. I love this episode. I have listened to it over and over again and I have implemented many of the things that Kimberly has said on the episode and my marriage has improved a lot from that episode.

It was just like the right message at the right time for me through the right person because she’s so articulate. She just really delivered on that episode. I love that episode. It’s personally my favorite for the past year, just because, again, it was like the message that I needed to hear at the time and it really allowed me to see how the work that I do on myself and with my clients, how can I take some of those tools and tie in a marriage or relationship into that to build upon that?

Another episode that I really loved was having Johanna Lynn and Johanna Lynn talked about, I forget what we titled, it will be in the show notes but, Intergenerational Trauma, that was it. We talked about epigenetics and how we can pass trauma through epigenetics. If you remember that episode, when I introduced her, I was like, Johanna, I followed you for a year. I’ve met you on this episode and it really opened my eyes to epigenetics and I’ve been able to then tie that work, there we go, tie that work into my coaching process this past year and be able to study some of the epigenetics with my clients and their beliefs to do a whole week called The Patterns where we look at the words that they associate with their family and things of that sort and stories they were told. It just added a whole another layer to my coaching. Joanna opened my eyes to that and I’m ever so grateful for her and she, again, is such an amazing resource on the episode and I ended up working with her for a little bit too which was so helpful.

Also, I really love the episode from Susan Fowler, she did the master motivation episode. Again, super impactful episode, I ended up taking many of the principles I learned in that episode and then I read her book later and I follow her work closely too. I was able to tie that into the work I do with my clients to ensure that they have those principles as they’re going after goals so they stay motivated. I love that interview as well.

I also want to give a shout out to all of my clients this past year who have come on the show. My favorite episode though was the cutting your alcohol one where I had three of my clients on the show, it was Shirley, Judy, and Rebecca who came on and they all talked about how they’ve cut alcohol in their lives and I talked about my story and I just heard a lot of feedback from that one. It opened up a lot of people’s eyes and it was very impactful,
including even my podcast editor. Erin was like, “Man, that was a really good episode, Lindsay.” I was like, “Yes it was.” I love that one.

I also just want to give a shoutout to Sierra who came on the show and my client we called Cecilia to keep her identity private because of her job. Kristen, we had just a few weeks ago. Shelly, Ooma and Christie. All of them came on, got very vulnerable about sharing their coaching journey, many of them are still working with me, in my Living the Dream program which has been so fun to continue to see their journey. In the section, we’re going to have even more clients come on and share their journey.

Sometimes when I record those episodes I think, “Is this too salesy? Are people really liking these episodes because I don’t want to overly pitch my services?” I get feedback time after time from people, “Oh my gosh, that was the episode that really just changed something in me.” Regardless that they signed up to coach with me or not. Even other clients who already worked with me like the Kristen episode recently, I got so much feedback of like, “Wow, Kristen’s energy just changed me and the things that she said really helped me understand different ways of the coaching process that maybe I missed.” Or things of that sort. I’m always so grateful when a client says yes to come on.

The other people I just want to give a quick shout out to is Amy. Amy came on, I think she was the very first episode of year two or year one, I don’t know, we are going to call it year two and she talked about her health journey and the beautiful detours is what we called it. She has a book called The Beautiful Detours that I read which was so beautiful. It is very jam-packed, is a big book. Amy has had to overcome so much hardship in her life from being sexually abused as a teenager to then having her stomach explode and she now lives without a stomach, being run over by a car, being, in essence, told I believe it was via text from her husband that he wanted a divorce and so many things.

Amy is somebody who I feel like will stick with me for the rest of my life because her story is one of ongoing resiliency and how she’s been able to use creativity. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful thing. Also, I just want to give a quick shoutout to Kimberly Brock who came on the show and talked about building a business. Kimberly’s energy is electric, I love following her, I was on her podcast as well. Gosh, maybe like a year and a half ago at this point but that was such a fun partnership for her to come on and talk about building a business.

I also want to give a shout out to Nora Windle and to Molly McLaughlin who also came on the show. Nora talked about feminine energy and embracing that femininity and Molly talked about sleep skills. Both of them are just classy, classy, ladies who know their stuff and I was so grateful to be introduced to them this past year. Then, finally, I want to give a shout out to Lisa Erickson. Lisa came on the show and talked about chakras and chakra
empowerment for women.

Her book is actually one I give all of my clients now and we incorporate more bodywork in my recently redone courses that we did in 2020. I was just so happy to finally find Lisa. I wanted to find somebody who could help me teach chakras in a feminine way and Lisa knocked that out of a park and I love sharing her work with my clients now. All right. That’s all the things I want to tell you about lessons I’ve learned and the interviews I want to give a shout out to, just wanted to highlight on some of my personal faves of episodes from this past year. As I said, I loved all of them but my very favorite were, gosh, I think like five or six.

The first is survive versus thrive, one of my favorites because it was just easily giving you a tool to use in your life and then you can see in a very black and white way, am I surviving or am I thriving in this area versus just wondering, I don’t know, what’s really thriving anyway? What’s really surviving. That episode cuts it really straight and dry for you. If you haven’t listened to that one, go listen to it. It’s awesome.

The other one, overcoming imposter syndrome. By far, one of the episodes I get the most compliments about because so many of us as go-getter, educated, smart women, whatever you want to call us, we feel like we’re not enough and so we hold ourselves back. It was very powerful for me to finally admit that I even had imposter syndrome, I thought, “Oh no, I don’t relate to that term at all.” Oh yes, I totally relate to that term and coming to cometo-Jesus moment with that and then sharing, “Here’s what I found and here’s what it looks like and here’s how to overcome it.” Was one of my favorite episodes.

Also, episode 88 which I deemed as my favorite episode today, it’s called live life to the fullest, is still my very favorite episode because, again, that tool is so basic. I’m realizing in so many of my favorite episodes it’s a very basic tool or very basic thing to do that will get you a lot of awareness and insight so that you can make change in your life. In that episode of Live life to the fullest, I say just ask yourself this one question and what spawns from that question allows you to then see, okay, where do I need to take action in my life?

Another episode that I loved is massive versus frantic action. Massive action is a term that I did not coin, I learned it from Brooke at the life coach school. I think she may have taken it from somebody else too but I did coin the term frantic action. I’m very proud of that because I see so many go-getter women who are living in frantic action and being able now to just have those terms and to be able to guide my clients and you too if you go listen to that episode, to guide yourself of am I in frantic action or massive action and how can I get more into massive action because that’s where life feels really good and I’m creating my dream life.

Two, I’ve been able to take that concept and dig deeper into it with my clients which was a brand new addition to my coaching process this past year. Two more I want to highlight, the black and white thinking episode. Love that one, got so much feedback about that one. In our society, so many times especially in the news, in the media and with politicians and a lot of people, they’ll deem things as good or bad a lot of times and it’s very important that we’re not getting into that way of thinking because it can really drive us apart, it can really harm our life and our relationships and the way that we’re feeling about ourselves and others. That episode can take so much of that away. Go listen to that one if you haven’t.

The last one I want to highlight, the base theory. This as an episode I was so nervous to put out because it was this theory I have been building in my mind for years upon years, upon years and I was just putting content together and I thought, “Oh gosh.” Even when I was recording it, that was the one episode I must admit when I was recording I was like, “Oh man, this one’s shit. I think I should go delete it and not put it out there.” I just ended
up doing it and so many people were like, “Lindsay, that episode changed me.”

Again, I was taking something that was so basic to be able to show people, “Where are you, on what base of life, and here’s what to do to get to the next phase.” They can easily start to implement change in their life. Super proud of those. Now, my most popular episode not only from the past year but to date is actually not any of those episodes, it’s my lose weight episode. That episode has like four times as many downloads than any other episode. Crazy, right?

Some people will tell me maybe it’s just the SEO on it because that’s something that someone would type in to say let me listen to lose weight. I think it’s more that we just live in this culture where it’s like being skinny is the way to go and I think too probably with Corona I know a lot of people have gained weight and so it might just be a hot topic. To be honest, that really saddens me and it’s so weird too because weight loss is not something I really like talking about. Even when I get a weight loss goal with a client, I’m not like, “Yes, let’s do this.” I’m like, “Okay, let’s get this done so we can put it behind you and let’s move on to other things.” That’s my whole mentality with it.

Of course, we want to be healthy human beings and be able to live our best life and I talked about how I lost some weight this past year. To me, again, it’s like weight loss is not a passion of mine it’s just the thing of let’s just get you to your ideal body. Let’s clear out your mindset in the process which will be really fun and to see that growth and for you to experience that change. I would so much rather you be focusing your time and energy on other things in your life.

That’s just me with my own personal spiel, you may be like, “Lindsay, that’s what I want more than anything.” Great. Awesome. Wonderful. Too, I just felt like there’s so many coaches out there that focus on weight loss, and it’s just not my primary cup of tea. So it’s pretty funny how that’s my most popular one. And, two, I must admit, that was one episode that after the fact, a couple of weeks later even and even now, I’m like, “Okay, here’s some things that I would include in it, or I would change if I were to record it again.”

I know I’ll do a deeper training on weight loss and I really don’t want to call it weight loss. I really want to just call it like being healthy, to be honest. I see how titling something like lose weight can feed into the diet culture. I don’t think that diet culture is good or bad if we look at it from a black and white thinking standpoint. It is what it is, it’s our thoughts that make it good or bad. Again, it’s just like I don’t want people focusing their time, energy, and their brainpower on, let me be as skinny as possible or achieve some sort of, thin. I would rather see people really love who they are. Now, of course, I want them to be healthy. Yes, that’s just not my cup of tea.

Moving on. The other thing I want to highlight is the past year we did four episodes specifically about getting through Coronavirus, and two of them are called Corona, and the title one is called Corona Tips and one is Corona Checking. Those are probably more specific to actual Coronavirus and getting through that pandemic. There are two called Managing Uncertainty and Conquering Crisis that can be used for anything.

If you’re going through any kind of crisis or something uncertain in your life, those episodes are gold on getting you through that. I do really love the Corona Tips episode, it talks about working from home, and getting your mindset right about anytime you’re throwing something, how are you going to get yourself through that. I loved all those

episodes, and I hope that anytime you go through a crisis, you’ll look to those four to say, “Okay, here are four episodes that will help me get through a hard time in my life.” Now, let’s talk about really quickly because I know this episode is getting long. Let’s talk about what’s coming up next in the show. Like what’s going to happen next year of the show. Well, a lot of things. I am going to start doing more bonus episodes where they’re just kind
of getting to know me episodes. Some of them may be coming out on the Monday that I always really set up episode, some may just be thrown in here and there as an extra one. Like, “Oh, Lindsay has a new podcast and it’s Thursday, how cool?” It will be a bonus of just me talking about things in my life and maybe different growth things that I’m going through.

The reason I’m calling those bonuses is because they’re just going to have a different feel. To be honest, we’re going to keep creating a podcast book for episodes 101 through 200 and beyond. I didn’t really want to include those in the podcast book. I want to keep the podcast book just on tips and strategies and step by step kind of things to getting better in your life, and whatever thing we’re talking about that day. The bonus ones are just me
talking about me and my life and all the things, so you’ll see more of those.

Also, we’re going to talk more specifics about some certain topics. Specifically, things about money, coaching, including if you want to start your own coaching business, marriage, sex, and parenting are the ones that are most coming to my mind right now. The reason why I’m going to do this is because I’m actually going to be creating trainings like this in my Living the Dream coaching program that I have for my ongoing clients. I’m going to take pieces of what I teach them and those deep dive trainings on those topics and give you parts of that here on the podcast so you can take what they’re learning and start to implement that in your life.

Also, I am going to be sharing with you a coach that I hired recently in my business. Meaning, she’s going to be somebody that’s going to be coaching my clients. Now, she’s not going to be filling in my role where it’s like, “Oh, you’re not going to coach with Lindsay anymore, you’re going to coach with this person.” I know some coaches, they get that big where they do that.

Tony Robbins obviously is an example of that. You go to Tony Robbins events, you see Tony on stage, he has this whole shindig, and then you go work with other coaches to implement whatever he teaches. It’s not going to be like that for me, this person that I’m bringing in just has a different skill set. She’s more of a body coach. I feel like what I do is really mindset focus. That’s why I consider myself a mindset expert, so I’m a top-down healer is what some people call it, and she is a bottom-up healer. She helps you heal your body, and that is able to give you another level of healing.

Healing, meaning let’s get rid of the blocks that are stopping you from going after your goals, living your best life, feeling the way you want to feel. She’s been actually one of my very first clients that I ever had. She knows my work inside and out, and then she has these added certifications that she has done with her bodywork. I’ve actually hired her as my own coach recently and it’s been so amazing, we’re just getting started, and I’m already seeing so many great results in my life, so look forward to that.

I also recently hired an anti-racism coach. I mentioned this briefly on the Speak the Truth episode I just said about how I spoke my truth, I realized there were some gaps in something that I posted and it’s got me into action of saying, “Okay, instead of me just learning passively about anti-racism work, I need a coach to hold me accountable, and give me depth, and take this work in a whole new level.” And so I’ve done that. I plan on
sharing a little bit about that journey, and hopefully, having her on the show to talk even more about anti-racism work, so that we can all show up, and not just support other women, and other people that we love in our life but especially we can support people of color, women of color, especially black women.

I feel like black women are really getting shortchanged in our world, and it’s not okay. They’re going through a lot right now. They’re going through a huge awakening of themselves as they’re realizing that systematic racism is a thing for so many years. Especially, I would say from like, gosh 1970 on when we started to bring everybody
together, we didn’t have as much segregation, people started to deny that racism was still a thing. I’ve realized this as I’ve talked more and more to my black clients and I’m seeing a lot of similarities in their mindset. They have been denied, what they’ve been feeling because it’s just been like that sort of thing, systematic racism or racism not a thing.They’ve built this huge doubter in their mindset.

It’s not okay. I don’t want to see this anymore with any person, but especially with black women. I really want to make sure that I’m showing up in an extremely strong way for all of my clients, and specifically my women of color clients, and my black clients. This antiracism work is going to help me just make sure that I am doing that and allowing, two, to hold a space to understand a perception that I don’t have as a white woman. Now my daughter is half Hispanic, and her dad’s side of the family is Hispanic and I’ve spent a lot of time with his mom and grandmother over the years.

I’ve been able to understand their perspective about how they’ve been brought over because his mom came over at 16. So she is a first-generation American, and just understand their perspective and all this stuff. I want to make sure I really understand a wider range of perspectives. I want to make sure I’m not problematic in that process. I’m
really excited to do this work even though I must admit I’m a little nervous.

The other thing is that I have been recording this podcast, most of the episodes at least in my master bedroom closet on the floor, that’s where I am right now and that’s changing. I’m going to be in a podcast studio in my office. So I have an office outside my home now and they have set up a podcasting studio, and I’m going to be recording a video with these podcasts. I have a videographer now who edits all my videos and we post them on social media and that’s going to be happening starting with the March episodes.

In essence, like episode 101 onward, which is going to be so cool. It’s just a whole another
level of what we’re stepping into now with this podcast, which is so fun. Some other things
to look forward to, is I’m going to be redoing my Accomplish Your Dreams free training
here in the next few days, actually. I will be putting that out there more for you to sign up
for that and to get that new training. I’m going to have other free trainings coming up this
year that I already have kind of works in my mind.

I’m going to be having something really cool for my clients this next year and I can’t give away the details because I want to make sure they hear about it first. I will be sharing pieces of that this next year, about what I’m teaching them when we do this really cool thing. I’m looking forward to that and I’m just going to be taking some beautiful trips this next year. Fingers crossed, as long as everything moves forward with the Coronavirus, getting vaccinated, and all of that. I can’t wait to just share some of those experiences with you as I do that.

The last thing that I want to share is over this next year, I’m going to be working with 36 women one-on-one. 36 women. Maybe you’re going to be one of those 36. I know for some of you are like, “36 only, that’s all you work with?” It’s like, yes, I really don’t take on a lot of clients and, obviously, I can’t take on all 36 at one time too. I take on a couple every month, but over this next year, it’s going to be 36 new women that I’m taking on one-onone and taking them through my nine-month coaching process.

I’m going to guarantee at least two goals for them that they were going to accomplish over this next year and more. Many times we have two main goals and then we have all these little goals and they think, “Oh, Lindsay, if I just got this one big goal, that would be amazing.” I’m like, “Girl, we can do those two and we can do so much more.” I’m going to be helping them accomplish their goals in my coaching process.

I’m going to teach them the system on how they can continuously up-level their life over and over and over again. Then from there, I am going to expand my Living the Dream program, and I’m going to expand it in size. That will be coming. It seems like so far away, but it’ll be in August when I start to expand that program and I’m going to be ushering in some really incredible things for those ladies who took this first year with me. If you’re already in Living the Dream, just get ready for that.

That’s really where my focus is work Y, Z on this podcast is really bringing forth those 36 women who feel called to really transform their lives over this next year and starting to hold space for this bigger container of ongoing clients and my Living the Dream program for August onward. Super excited for that. I’m just so grateful. As I always say, for you to be here on the show to listen to this whole episode, I know it’s got long. Thank you for being here. I don’t take you ever for granted. I hope though you will take action and go leave a review for the show to show your gratitude back in return.

Wherever you listen to the show, again, just take a picture of it, send your name and email, go to lindseyepreston.com/100, and it’s just 100 to submit that review and so you can get that podcast book. So happy you’re here. If we were together right now, I would be getting a glass out and cheersing you and saying, “Here is to the next journey of the next 100 episodes of the show.” I can’t wait to see how the both of us grow in these next 100 episodes. To your ultimate success and growth, my friends. Here we go. That’s it for the first 100, now we’re on to 101. I’ll see you in that next episode. Bye.

Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed it, share it with a friend. Send them a picture of this episode via text, via email, share it on social media, I’m sure they would be so appreciative to know these strategies and tips on how to accomplish your dreams. If you are ready to guarantee you’re going to accomplish your goals and dreams, then it’s time to start coaching with me.

In my nine-month simple success coaching system, I am going to walk you every single step of the way to ensure that you get the goals and dreams that you want. The first step is to apply for a free 60-minute consult call. Just go to LindsayEpreston.com/apply to get started. As always, my friend, remember, you’re only as unstoppable as you believe you can be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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