EMBRACE FEMININITY w/ Nora Wendel, Feminine Magnetism Expert

We’re taught in society very well how to be productive and magnetic like a man, but this way of living leaves us feeling burnt out and “bitch” like. Instead, we need to learn how to embrace our feminine energy as this can be a secret to our success and fulfillment. Join me in this powerful episode as I interview Feminine Magnetism Expert, Nora Wendel on how you can embrace your feminine power.

EMBRACE FEMININITY w/ Nora Wendel, Feminine Magnetism Expert

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“A magnetic woman is one who truly owns who she is and all parts of her. She has this underlying self-worth and self-confidence so that she feels so wildly free within herself that when she goes into any situation or any place, she turns heads because people pick up on her energy. They say, ‘Wow, who is she?’ Because she owns herself.” – Nora Wendel

We’re taught in society very well how to be productive and magnetic like a man, but this way of living leaves us feeling burnt out and “bitch” like.

Instead, we need to embrace our femininity & womanhood and learn how to become more magnetic – the secret to a woman’s success, joy, fun, and fulfillment.

Join me in this powerful episode as I interview Feminine Magnetism Expert, Nora Wendel, on embracing femininity and womanhood.


  • Nora’s remarkable journey of what she did to go from being so anxious she couldn’t leave her house to now having photoshoots (and posting pics) in her lingerie
  • What a magnetic woman is & how to become magnetic
  • How you can cultivate feminine magnetism
  • How women in a very masculine work environment can feel more feminine in the workplace
  • The mixed messages we get around sex and how that messes us up
  • How to gain courage to express your needs in relationships and not “assuming” but instead, having open communication
  • The top 5 practices a woman can do to connect back to herself and embrace her femininity.

…and so much more

This episode is SO good, you’re not going to want to miss any of it!

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Full Transcript

This is the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast with Lindsay Preston Episode 47,
Embracing Femininity.


Welcome to the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast, the show for goal-getting, fearfacing women for kicking ass by creating change. I’m your host, Lindsay Preston. I’m a wife,
mom of two, and a multi-certified life coach to women all over the world. I’ve lived
through enough in life to know that easier doesn’t always equate to better. We can’t fear
the fire, we must learn to become it. On this show, I’ll teach you how to do just that. Join
me as I challenge you to become even more of the strong, resilient, and powerful woman
you were meant to be. Let’s do this.


Hi there, Ms. Unstoppable. Welcome to another episode of the show. So excited to have
you here today. I have a special guest. Her name is Nora Wendel. She is a feminine
magnetism expert. Yes, that is a thing, my friend. Let me tell you how I found Nora. I was
just randomly online one day looking through just pictures of a lot of different
entrepreneurs and Nora’s picture stood out to me among hundreds. I thought, “Who is this
woman?” She draws me in. I clicked on her link, read her bio, and I thought, “I really like
what this woman is all about.” I’ve been looking for someone to talk about feminine
energy for a while now and I just hadn’t found the right person.

Then I go to her website. I loved it even more. All her photos, you could just feel this
strength and yet this femininity about her. I thought this woman is embodying the ideal
balance between a feminine and masculine energy which let me tell you, is very hard to
do. Then I dug even deeper, listened to some of her stuff, followed her personal Instagram,
got all the vibes going of who she was, loved her, reached out to her, said, “I want to have
you on my show.” She, of course, said yes. Here we are. She dropped so many bombs on
this interview. Oh my goodness. It is jam-packed full.

She talks about when you are living in a more masculine energy space and how to know
what that feels like and how to toughen that feminine energy. She talks about sex. Yes, we
are going there today so don’t have little ears around. How you can embrace your feminine
energy more in your relationships. Why sex is so controversial. How we can heal some of
those beliefs that we have around sex so we can feel more feminine and have a better sex
life and relationship life.

Oh my gosh. What else do we cover? We talk about just what it’s like to live in that
feminine energy. She talks about having a decade of anxiety not even being able to leave
her house at some points because she had so much anxiety then went on this personal
development journey and embracing this feminine energy. So much goodness in this one.
This episode is for really anybody but it’s especially for those who are ambitious women
who are just in this go-go-go mentality which we’re all taught that from a very young age.

That’s how you’re successful is you hustle, you work hard and you’re just constantly going
and producing and having those goals. There’s a time when that works for a while and
then you burnout. You may even have periods where you’re doing good and then you
burnout again and then you do well. I know I was there. It wasn’t until, gosh, a year or two
years ago when I thought, “I’ve got to figure out a different way of living because this is
not working for me.”

I went on this whole feminine energy journey and learning about how to work as a woman
because most of us have been taught how to work as men. It just does not work for a lot of

This is content I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while now to start to embrace
this because I see a lot of these problems with my clients and in my audience of just this
hustle, hustle go, go, go. You even see other personal development people out there
especially other women saying, “Hey, let’s hustle it up” but it’s like, “That is not the way to
work anymore.”

Again, this is why I want to bring Nora on her to share her wisdom with you. She talks
about some journaling exercises in here that are pure gold, so much show that I’m going
to have a printable on the show notes of these journaling exercises because those really
work. I’ve used them in my own life. They are amazing. You want to check that out. Again,
there’s just so much into this and hopefully, you’re drawn in with just the title alone of that
embracing your femininity and all that fun stuff because this interview is jam-packed.

Let me just tell you a little bit more about Nora before we get into the interview. Nora
Wendel is an expert in connection, relationships and confidence. She’s an NLP practitioner,
Landmark graduate, authentic relating master and has extensive training in embodied
dance therapies. She helps transform women’s relationships from failing to flourishing
starting with the relationship that they have with themselves. She coaches women and
men one-on-one, runs online workshops worldwide and has yearly retreats in Bali helping
women, in particular, feel confident, sexy and free in their lives.

She also does these really cool branding sessions for women especially women
entrepreneurs that I was like, “Oh my gosh. This is so cool.” She does it all in regards to
helping women really embrace this feminine energy. I hope you love this interview as
much as I did. Without further ado, here’s my interview with Nora Wendel.

Nora, Thanks so much for joining us on the Become an Unstoppable Woman podcast. I just
told the listeners about how I met you in the intro and all about you. I love your energy.
You and I were just talking before we hit record about how your photos are magnetic. The
first few times I saw you, I said, “I have to bring this woman on the show.” You are
embodying what you teach very well of this feminine magnetism. Can you tell us what you
would define feminine magnetism to be?

Nora Wendel: First of all, hi, everybody. I am so excited to be sharing what I love so much.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s taken me a while to get here too. It wasn’t overnight. If you’re
listening to this thinking, “Why am I not there yet why aren’t I feeling feminine or
magnetic?” Don’t worry. It’s a process. Let me share with you what is a magnetic woman.

It’s a woman who truly owns who she is and all parts of her. She has this underlying selfworth and self-confidence so that she feels so wildly free within herself and that when she
goes into any situation or any place that she turns heads because people pick up on her
energy. They go, “Wow, who is she?” because she rocks up and she owns herself.

Lindsay: The first person that comes to my mind when I think of that is Jennifer Lopez.

Nora: You see, she turns heads. It’s just like she knows who she is. She’s like, “I am worth
it.” Beyoncé is another one like that. A lot of beautiful women who’s just like, “I got it.”
Somewhere along the line, you were told that we weren’t worthy as women. I coach
women so I don’t know anything about men, the masculine like that, in terms of
worthiness. We weren’t born with the idea that we weren’t worthy. Somewhere along the
line in our childhood, something happened to us and we were told, “You know what?
Maybe you shouldn’t do that. Maybe you’re going to need to be a little bit quieter.” It’s all
these programmings that are keeping us from owning everything we want in this life.

Lindsay: Not to mention we’re seeing women around us, our mothers and other figures and
they’re miserable. They are not owning their own power. That’s what I was modeled and so
I just thought, “Oh, okay. This is just how it is. It’s that we complain and we nag and we’re
miserable.” Then I started to wake up to a new way of living of maybe I don’t need to be
miserable all the time. I was like, “This has not worked for us.” How can we cultivate that
feminine radiance or magnetism?

Nora: It’s really a feeling. Our whole life is based on feelings. When I teach manifestation,
manifestation is nothing but feeling what you want in the future right now. What I always
say is that when you can tune into feeling magnetic and feeling radiant, that’s when it will
start to show on the outside too. I just want to backtrack a little bit and talk what I actually
define what is being a woman, what is being feminine?

Feminine doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s flowy dresses or long hair. We have that kind
of picture because that’s how society painted it for us. Being feminine is nurturing. It’s
caring. It’s beauty. It’s being playful. All of these are the qualities of the feminine. Actually,
just sharing that right now, I got goosebumps because I’m like, “Yes, that feels so good just
to talk about it.” Even if you’re in a corporate job, how can you bring more of that into your
life? Then you’ll start to feel more feminine and less rigid.

I was actually brought up in India and in Nepal and so I have a lot of history and
philosophy based on Hinduism. In India, the feminine, the female is called Shakti. She is
pure vibration. She is movement. The masculine is called Shiva. He’s pure consciousness.
The world cannot be created without the union of the two.

If you’re so rigid and things are stuck in your life and you’re not moving forward, that
means you haven’t been moving the energy around. How do you cultivate radiance is really
tuning into the things that make you feel really good. I’m sure off the top of your head if I
asked you right now, name three things that you absolutely love doing which brings such a
big smile to your face. That right there’s radiance.

Lindsay: It goes back to an exercise I do with my clients, Nora. We call it the do you list of
all the things they love to do. So many people say how life-changing that is. I just think,
“Oh my gosh, it’s such a simple exercise to sit down and think of all the things you do and
then start to implement them.” As you said, that is you embodying more of that feminine
energy, right?

Nora: Totally. I have a very similar exercise I do with my clients and I actually call it the
pleasure practice. It’s like we often are very afraid of pleasure because it’s like sex is taboo
in society and all of these things. I’m like, well, pleasure doesn’t only have to do around
sexual things. It’s like write down a list of 50 things that bring you pure pleasure. That
could be sipping a hot steaming mug of tea as you’re watching the snow falling outside.

That could be raising your face to the sun and soaking in the warmth as it kisses you. All of
these things bring pleasure.

Women are so afraid of this pleasure in their life because maybe they’ve had some trauma
around it or something like this. I’m like, no, our life is meant to be enjoyed. Our life is
meant to be pleasurable. It’s meant to feel great. Don’t allow yourselves. Write that list
and do at least three things out of that list every single day.

Lindsay: Oh, I love that. I love that extra step you’ve taken with that of adding in the
pleasure aspect of it. Nora, that’s genius.

Nora: Pleasure it’s just like, “Oh my God, I can’t do it.” It’s like we don’t allow ourselves to
have pleasure. It’s like we’ve got to work hard and I had that for many years. I have to work
hard. Then the more I realized, “No, let me introduce pleasure into my work too.” Then it’s
just gotten easier and easier to manifest, to make more money, to be in my feminine
magnetism. I always say around being like feminine. Magnetism is like it’s actively passive.
It’s not just I’m going to lay back on my couch and everything is going to happen.

No, I am constantly working on how I want to feel and how I can step back. It’s not like
work, work, work, work and all the doing but it’s internally doing the work internally, so
understanding who do I want to be? How do I want to show up? How do I want to feel?

Lindsay: I’m just taking that in for a minute. I told you before we hit record on this
interview this past year or so, I’ve really been learning about feminine energy and
employing that in my life. One thing I’ve learned is women work in cycles especially in our
monthly cycles. Yet we’ve been taught of just go, go, go, go, go, hustle, hustle, hustle,
achieve, achieve, achieve but as I’ve embraced more of this cycle every month of, okay
here’s when I bloom and here’s when I rest and all these things, it has rocked my world. It
was so scary, Nora, because before I was in that rat race of go, go, go, go, go. It was scary
to think if I’m not going all the time on my still going to hit my goals?

It’s like you’ve experienced. I have and it’s been such a better experience. I think it’s easy
for us to say that because we are our own business leaders or owners and we lead women.
What about those women who are in this corporate environment and they have a lot of
clients who are in finance or in the oil and gas industry, which are very masculine based?
How can they implement their more feminine energy in the workplace?

Nora: Beautiful question. I would go back to first of all doing a little bit of a list, a little bit
journaling around what makes you feel feminine? What makes you feel a little bit softer?
What actually does light you up? Where do you feel the joy from the inside coming? Again,
this doesn’t have to be huge things, but it can be as maybe wearing a lacy bra underneath
your suit because you’ve got that. It’s like mmm. It’s like my little secret. Maybe if you are
into crystals, it’s like slipping a crystal into your bra, keeping it in your pocket. Maybe it is
having a really beautiful image on the side of your desk.

There’s all these little things that you can do that serve as little reminders that, “Okay, I
can drop into this.” Also, do you know how beautiful the breath is in really calming us
down into a feminine energy? Simple thing that you can do is inhale for three seconds and
exhale for six and that will calm your nervous system down to the state of like okay, I got
this. I feel softer. I feel more calm because what I associate with the masculine go, go, go
is very shorted breathe like, I’ve got to get this done and stress levels. Just inhale and just
let it out.

There’s all these small practices that you can be doing within a very masculine work
environment which can drop you deeper into this place of like oh beauty, nurturing,
surrender, pleasure.

Lindsay: Yes, and it seems so simple what Nora is saying but it works especially if you’re
doing it consistently, every day. Maybe you take a couple of times that you’re doing that or
like she said, having that lacy bra underneath your shirt. Oh my goodness. So many ways
that you can incorporate that. Another thing that really helps me, Nora, is when I’m doing
those breaths, I have my hands on my heart. One hand on my heart and one over my
uterus, those chakras there and just taking those and tapping back into those most
feminine areas.

Nora: The womb is the center of creation. We birth from there. We give new life so
allowing yourself to just– even if you’ve never done this before, just placing a hand there
and just say, I acknowledge that this is the seat of creation of life-giving. Just start right
there because I know a lot of women may be like, I don’t feel anything, I don’t understand
this connection. It’s okay. You can simply give an acknowledgement of gratitude and just
start there and you can do that every day and just be like, okay. I just acknowledge that I
do have power. I give life from here.

Lindsay: Me back in the day, Nora, goodness, not even that long ago, just a few years ago, I
was one of those people who didn’t really feel. Even though internally, I felt a lot. I would
just pride myself of how I’m not going to feel and I grew up in an environment where we
didn’t really talk about feelings or expressed feelings. It was looked at as weak. It was
really hard for me to get to this place and do these things. If you’re somebody out there
who is like, “Man, this is really wacky and this is stupid,” just know I was there and I’m so
glad to be on this other side now.

You can get there too. It takes a lot of mindset work. Nora mentioned some of that. Some
of the beliefs we have. Maybe there’s some trauma you need healing. Once you get to this
place, it’s amazing. Would you agree, Nora?

Nora: Yes, and it’s so funny because I often will go back into the go, go, go. Then I’m just
like, “Hey wait, that’s not who I want to be.” For me, it’s like ease. The words that I always
meditate on and journal on is like ease and grace and playfulness and fun. I’m like, “Yes,
that’s the life that I want to create ease and grace and fun, and playfulness.” Maybe just
think of like, how would you like your life? Even if you’re working for somebody else, you
can think of these words like how would you like to start to create your reality like that?
Just repeat that every single day. Yes, ease and fun and grace and playfulness. Yes, feeling

Just say those things because the beauty of being human and I always say that we are
human feelings, not only human beings is because that when we choose a word like fun
and playfulness, we actually think of fun, and playfulness, so we start to embody it. When
I’m going ease, you’re probably like, oh, ease, yes, I like the sound of ease. Fun, I’m like,
god, yes, I remember times when I had fun playfulness. Oh my god, yes. You can just
choose a couple of words and just start by repeating those to yourself.

Lindsay: That’s genius, Nora. I do the same thing. My word is usually simple, peace and
simple. Yes, I love that ease, playful. I work with clients, and we do an exercise where we
talk about their child self and they pull a picture and they describe them to me. I can’t tell
you how many clients– it’s a very moving exercise for them because they say I miss this
part of me. I miss this being. What Nora is describing here to me in a lot of ways when
you’re embracing that feminine is that child self, but a more mature version, but that fun,
like she says and that ease.

Like I said, that peace and that simplicity, you were once that at one time and you can still
incorporate that. A lot of times in our society, we say, that’s immature or you’re not being
smart or responsible, but you can have a balance with it. It’s just so much better. It’s just so
much better on the side. It’s just so much better if we just take our word for it. It is. I want
to go back to a couple of things, Nora, one thing we talked about with sex and how
pleasure and sex is very tied to one another. Because of that, that’s why we shy away from
pleasure because we think that’s bad or wrong or not appropriate or whatever. Why are we
so ashamed of sex today?

Nora: Yes. I grew up in India where sex definitely wasn’t talked about, you had to cover
yourself. I didn’t feel safe if I was wearing skimpy clothes. For me, it was definitely
shameful. It wasn’t okay to want to be wildly free and in the sense of wear what I want to
wear and just I have a very joyous character by nature. I felt ashamed and so that was
when I started to do the work around shame and sexuality in my life, these last couple of

What I really came to realize is that as a culture, as a society, we are so confused about sex
because it is so taboo and yet when we look at advertising ,sex sells. There’s the sexy
toothbrush ad, there’s that sexy woman on the car. They’re using sex to sell anything
nowadays. It’s plastered everywhere in our face and we’re like, okay, cool. All right. All
right. Right. And then we’re getting these messages. No, no, you can’t talk about sex. Sex is
bad. Our sex education in school is like don’t do this, you’re going to get an STD, watch out
for pregnancy, be fearful, fearful, fearful.

We’re getting such confusing messages around sex and sexuality and then you stumble
and as you go through puberty, either your parents were really open about it or they didn’t
even talk about it. My parents didn’t talk about it and so you’re just fumbling and making
up your own stories and belief systems around sex and sexuality and pleasure. We’re just a
really confused bunch of people around sex and sexuality.

Lindsay: Yes. How can we change that?

Nora: Yes. I really, I suggest starting to look at, what are your beliefs around sex and
sexuality, particularly your own sexuality. If you’re feeling shameful, it means you think of
what you’re doing is wrong. Who told you that? What were your teachers telling you? As
children, up to the age of seven and eight, we’re just absorbing all this information. It’s
like, who told you what? Then be like, well, how would I like to feel around sex? Would
that just like to be feeling really open, would I like to be feeling confident with that? It’s
like, pleasure going to be my number one priority in life now?

Just really looking back at what are the stories you’ve been telling yourself and then sitting
down and being like, okay, cool, so I understand, that’s what I thought right now. Now let’s
create the future. What would I like to think? Then it’s having to work through and break
down limiting beliefs and that’s a whole another topic of how you rewrite your limiting
beliefs because limiting belief is a story you create for yourself based on an event that
happened in the past, which created a feeling inside of you and you’re believing that this
feeling is the truth.

Lindsay: Yes, exactly. Exactly. Nora, what I experienced a lot with clients is because I’m
here in the States and I’m in the South part of the United States, which Christianity is big
here. The messaging we get in here in the South is don’t ever have sex before marriage,
which very few people stick to. Then it’s this behind the scenes world of, I’ve done this
thing, which I know I probably shouldn’t do, but I’ve done it anyway. Even though I know
everybody else is doing it, but I’m still a really bad person. Then when you get married, it’s
like, okay, you guys go at it like rabbits. It’s very confusing, very confusing.

Nora: It’s exactly what I said. We’re getting such mixed messages about sex. Everyone’s
just figuring out for themselves and being like, am I doing it right? What’s going on? Okay.
I’m getting really hurt. Then we entangle sex and love together and then it creates this
whole trauma around, I’m not lovable. I’m not loved, Oh my God, what am I going to do?

Lindsay: Yes. Like you said, we could have a whole episode or a whole series on, let’s just
talk about limiting beliefs for sex. Hopefully, if you’re even new to the term limiting
beliefs, you’re starting to understand just from that one area of life, how you are holding
yourself back based on just beliefs you have. I know I’ve had to do a lot of work in my own
life with beliefs in all areas but especially sex.

I didn’t even have trauma around sex. I’ve had a pretty good experience in that area and
there were still a lot of cleanup. To do that, it’s now opened my world to a much better sex
life and just being able to really embody this feminine energy, because a lot of women,
they have to work through those beliefs to fully embody the feminine. What have you
found the same to be true, Nora?

Nora: Yes. The reason that you’re not feeling feminine is because you think that you can’t
which is a story because you can’t.

Lindsay: We think because the feminine is oh, sexy and sexy is bad and sexy maybe gets
me in trouble because maybe just little slaps on the hand to bigger things, then I get
unwanted attention and then maybe something bad happens.

Nora: Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s so interwoven into how you grew up in the messages that you got
from your family. I remember my dad telling me, you can’t wear that and I was like, I’m
going to wear it anyway. Then feeling slightly ashamed and then starting to doubt myself,
should I wear this? Should I not wear it? Then going into the, Oh my god, F this, I’m going
to wear it anyway. That creates stories in our mind around how we think that we can show
up in this world.

Lindsay: Yes. I even see it with my daughter who is nine and she goes to different camps or
at school and they’re like, girls can’t wear these workout pants or they can’t wear hot
shorts but boys have no restrictions or girls can’t wear two pieces but boys obviously are
just wearing shorts. I’m like, this is so ridiculous. The message here is we’re getting those
messages constantly, everyone. Be mindful of it, and that’s a really great way to start to
understand how can I embody my feminine more, maybe just looking at those limiting
beliefs with sex.

Okay, we’re going to leave that subject and let’s talk about relationships now, Nora, and
how we can become magnetic to men and how we can embody our feminine energy more
in relationships. Give us all your tips.

Nora: Yes. A woman who is magnetic, she will just draw the men to her because a man
loves an independent woman who can just stand in the room and be like, Hey, this is me
and she’s radiating. Men just love that. I actually did an experiment and I did this for about
a couple of weeks where I was just like, okay, let’s see which men I can attract to me, but
just fully owning myself and owning my opinions. Just like when I walked into any room or
any workshop or co-working space or anything here in Bali, I was just like, I’m going to
walk in. I set the intention to be a magnetic woman. I just set the intention.

It was fascinating which men were coming up to me. Even the messages I was getting on
Instagram. It works because a man doesn’t want a needy woman, a man doesn’t want a
woman who takes herself so seriously, he doesn’t want a woman who complains all the
time. Think about it. I don’t think you’d want a man like that either. Can you just own, I
always say that I’m very picky. Some people call me bossy but I’m just like no, I know what
I like and I know what I don’t like and I’m not willing to do the things that I don’t like

Sometimes compromise can come in, but it’s just like no, I know that I’m not going to go to
that restaurant because I don’t like the food. I’m very, self-assured in what I do want in my
life and what I do like in my life. If you think about a man and a relationship and your ideal
relationship you want to have, this is a great thing to journal on. How do you want to feel
in your relationship? How do you want to feel in relation to that tension from your man?

How do you want to feel in the relationship according to spaciousness and freedom? How
do you want to feel in the relationship according to having your own voice heard?

These are all things you can journal on and allow, I’m going to say manifest, but I don’t
know if I want to say manifest. Allow that to come to you. When you can get very clear on
the type of feelings you want in the relationship, you’ll see that the men like that start
appearing in your life. It was during this experiment, I was just so fascinating because I
was always– I had anxiety for 10 years. I didn’t say this part of my story, but from age
about 24 till my early 30s, I had severe anxiety where I felt really small. I didn’t trust
myself. I didn’t trust the universe. I didn’t trust it. I was okay. I didn’t feel safe.

I’ve come out of that and I’ve come out of it with 10 years of personal development which
is why I now teach feminine magnetism and self-worth and self-confidence and
relationships, because I know what it was like. I was in the pits. I couldn’t even leave my
house when I was living in London because there was something out to get me. That just
brings shivers when I just talk about that because I remember that feeling so well. Now I’m
the opposite where I’m joyful, I am radiant. Men are attracted to that quality. They love
that. They want somebody who’s playful. They want someone to go on adventures with
them. They want somebody who can challenge them sometimes.

Lindsay: Nora, how old are you?

Nora: I’m turning 35 this year.

Lindsay: Oh, my gosh. I would’ve guessed you were in your late 20s. You look incredible.
You’re incredible. By the way, we’re the same age. You’re about a year younger than me,
but yes. Couple of things I want to go back on what you said there. In regards to the
magnetism, so when Nora was talking, she was like, “Oh, you’re going to bring these men
in your life.” That’s such a great exercise when you’re single. I did a similar exercise when I
was single, Nora. It wasn’t how I want to feel and embodying more of that femininity. It
was more from a masculine place of here’s the qualities that this person may have.

I will say it works to get really clear on what it is that you want. I love Nora’s addition
there of how you’re feeling in that. What are you embodying, what qualities you’re
bringing out. What I’m going to do is I’m going to go back and listen to this interview and
I’m going to have a printable for everybody with those journaling questions because those
were such gold. In a short notes, you can go find the link and get the printable. The other
thing I want to bring up there is I know you may be somebody who’s in a relationship, the
listener out there or you’re in a marriage and sometimes things get stale or flat or they–
as you grow, maybe yourself doesn’t grow with you.

I encounter this a lot with clients. I am in a marriage. Now it’s a newer marriage, but it’s
still a marriage. As many people heard on the podcast earlier this year, late last year, we
were just in a really funky position. What we had to do is we had to do some internal work
to get there. Just know that what Nora is talking about here with these questions and
asking yourself it still works. Just sometimes when you’re in the process of bringing in the
new, you have to clear out the old to bring in that new.

The right teachers or the rights things will appear in a way for you to get and create and
manifest whatever it is you’re wanting in your relationship. You just have to get really
clear again on what it is you want and then it comes to you. Does that all make sense,
Nora? Do you agree with what I said?

Nora: I totally agree. Also just one tip I want to say. If you are in a relationship, long-term
relationship and or married, the number one relationship killer is assumptions. You start
assuming things about your partner because you think that you know them. That means
you’re not allowing them to change. I always give this example. You like your coffee black.
Your husband always makes you black coffee. I’ll always be asking, do you still want your
coffee, black? Would you like milk in it? Otherwise, you’re just assuming that for the rest of
his life or the rest of your life, you’re going to want your coffee black. The number one
killer is assumptions.

The best way to get over assumptions is to ask, is this still what you like? Does this still
bring you pleasure? Do you still want to go on this vacation together? Communication is
key in any relationship. I always say, if there’s no communication, you actually don’t have a

Lindsay: Yes. I’m taking a marriage course right now, Nora, and they call it assume aside.
When we assume, so true. On that note, I want to add to what Nora said of not only asking
those questions but also having the courage to express your needs and saying, “Hey, I
really want this from you.” Again, men really like that. If you’re coming at it and not in a
nagging way– For example, with my husband and I, this past week, I’ve just felt this
different energy in our evenings. The energy has changed for me and I really want our
evenings to look different.

He just wasn’t picking up on my energy, so I just made it very clear to him of, “Hey, in the
evenings, I really want your attention on me, like, I’m ready.” The past few years, we had a
son and I’ve been really tired and I haven’t been really present, but I’m getting to that
place again. Me just continuously dropping these playful hints of, “Oh, I just can’t wait until
we were looking at each other or we’re doing this.” Again, coming at it from a more
feminine perspective or way, it’s just been amazing. It’s so powerful to be able to share
those things with somebody and saying what your needs are.

I coached so many women who say, “Oh, I really want this from my husband.” I say, “Well,
have you told him?” “Oh no, no, I can’t do that.” I’m like, we’ve got to have the courage to
say these things and to say it in a way where we’re not complaining and be willing if it’s
interpreted in the wrong way to still come in a place of asking question and seeking that
understanding and realizing it’s not really about you, it’s about them and holding space for
them to work through whatever they need to work through to get there. Makes sense Nora
and do you agree?

Nora: I 100% agree. The way that I frame the question and I do this in all my relationships
now. Relationships aren’t only love relationships. We live in a relational society, so this is
any relationship. The relationship you have to your boss, the relationship you have to your
mother, your kids. I frame it this way. “I have a request, may I ask you my request?” Then I
say, I have a request and then they can then– It just softens it and saying, this is coming
from a need. My requests may be like, I really need your attention tonight or from your
boss I really need you to– Whatever you want to say.

It’s just like, I have a request and now they can then say, “Okay, I can complete that
request.” “That’s not possible.” Or maybe they can give you, “I can do this maybe.” “How’s
this instead?” It might not be a direct fulfillment, but it might be a compromise, which
feels equally as good to you.

Lindsay: I love that, Nora. Freaking genius. That’s coming at it from a way that’s powerful
but yet feminine and open to discussion. Oh, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I feel we could
talk all night long and your case, all morning long. I want to wrap it up and I want to ask
you, what are the top five practices a woman can do to connect back to herself and really
start to grow this feminine radiance?

Nora: Beautiful, beautiful question. Top five practices. I really put in there. Probably, as a
number one, tuning into feelings and really understanding how do you actually want to
feel? That’s a simple just exercise. How do I feel now and how do I actually want to feel?
Just getting clarity on how you want to feel, because that’s the beauty of being alive is we
get to choose how we want to feel.

Number two, I would just definitely say, move your body. Move your body. I like to just put
my favorite music on and just dance around my living room or dance with friends. Just do
something that moves your body. That’s moving stuck energy. Like I said, Shakti is
vibration. It’s meant to move. The feminine is meant to move. That would be number two.

Number three would be to surround yourself with women who already are maybe a little
bit more in touch with their femininity than you are so that you can learn from them by
just being in their presence. If there is a woman who’s already radiant and like, you’ll know
who it is in your life because you’re naturally attracted to her. Just give her a call. Can I
have coffee with you? Can I be in your presence ultimately. That would be number three.

Number four is beautifying yourself to feel good. Now, that might look like anything for
you. That might be doing your hair, that might be not wearing makeup, that might be
wearing your favorite outfit, that might be wearing sexy underwear. Whatever it is for you,
beautify yourself so that you feel really good.

Another thing then, I think we’re on number five. Was it number five? Wasn’t keeping
count. Another thing that I would definitely do is nurturing practices. What’s self-care?
Nurturing self-care. Maybe that is going to the spa, maybe that is having your husband
massage you, maybe that is sitting quietly on the porch reading a book. Something that
you love doing for only yourself, not for anyone else

Lindsay: Oh, such amazing tips, Nora. Oh my goodness.

Nora: They’re simple. It’s simple.

Lindsay: It is. It’s simple.

Nora: If you’re really interested in this, if you’re really feeling frustrated, if you’re really
feeling so super masculine in your life and it’s just not working for you, make it a nonnegotiable in your week that you’re doing at least two of these practices, just make it a
non-negotiable. The same thing, if you’ve got credit card debt and you’re like, I want to get
out of credit card debt, it’s a non-negotiable in your life, you’re going to stop spending,
you’re going to stop doing all those things. You can do the same with this, make it a nonnegotiable that you want to tune into your femininity.

Lindsay: Okay. I have one more question for you, I know I said that was the last one, but
how would you describe if somebody is in too much of a masculine energy, how will they
be feeling and how will they be showing up?

Nora: They’ll be feeling frustrated, a lot of anger, they’ll be feeling, I describe it like dry
and brittle like almost on the edge of burnout and I felt that personally my last week
because I was just working too much and then I was like, nope, that’s not me I’m taking a
few days off and doing absolutely nothing apart from what I’m called to do in the moment.

Just like dry brittleness of maybe low-level anxiety coming out too, just feeling restless
like what is my purpose, what am I actually doing, it’s also, I like to say it feels very boxy,
very square, like no this, no that, edgy.

For me, the feminine is definitely more flowing, more graceful, more connected, connected
to myself, connected to nature. Another thing you can do is just walk in nature. Don’t have
your phone on you. Don’t have a podcast. Don’t do any of that. Literally, just go out in
nature and just look at the trees, look at the ground and just say, “I appreciate you. Thank
you for being here. You’re my favorite. You’re my favorite too.” Just connect into back
towards this universal energy of beauty, of growth. We say Mother Nature, she is feminine.

Lindsay: Yes. I felt exactly that way when I realized, okay something’s got to change, it was
just this constant burnout feeling of push, push, push, push, burnout and too listening to a
lot of men in business because they put themselves out there a lot especially in our
industry, Nora, of the online space of, oh, and then you develop these courses and you just
post it on the beach. I thought, this is just not working, I want to be connected to my
clients, I want to feel what they feel and go through it with them. That’s when I was like, I
need to look at a different method.

If you’re feeling that way, I can completely relate, I’m sure Nora can relate as well. Again,
Nora, you dropped so much goodness on this, I think this is one of my favorite podcast
episodes to-date. It is amazing how much you dropped. Tell us where can people connect
with you and what do you have coming in the pipeline so people can work with you.

Nora: Beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity for sharing my passion. I will say come friend
me, stalk on my Instagram, slide into my DM, send me a voice note, send me a video, I will
always reply because I am about connection, I am about building relationships, that is who
I am. Slide into my DM, say, “Hey, I heard you on the podcast with Lindsey. Oh my God.” Be
there, be active, be like, this is me, this is my commitment to myself.

You can come find me on my website also, norawendel.com. What’s upcoming is my
signature course actually, it’s a live group coaching course, it’s 10 weeks and it’s called
Becoming Magnetic, 10 weeks to becoming the most magnetic woman in the room and we
really go through what do you think of yourself, what are your self beliefs, what are your
limiting beliefs, how does your inner child throw emotional temper tantrums in your adult
life? This often looks like self sabotaging patterns because as children, we have unmet
emotional needs that if they’re still not recognized as adults, they rule our lives.

I go into feminine embodiment practices which is how do you reconnect to who you are as
a woman? What does that feel like for you? I teach breast massage which when I started to
doing changed my relationship to my body and now I have such compassion and softness
towards myself and my body. I also teach tantric energy principles of attraction, of
allowing yourself to become magnetic based upon the Indian philosophy of energy
management. The then we really tune into what does the new version of you, this woman
who is magnetic look like in the world? So join that program if this got you really excited
on the inside listening to me talk.

Lindsay: Those of you who have worked with me, this would be like taking what we’ve
done but put it with a feminine spin and really using a lot more body work because we’ve
done a lot of mindset work so it will be a 2.0 to what we’ve done. If you haven’t worked
with me, you’re going to get a taste of what I do with clients with Nora but with, again,
that really feminine focus.

Great work, Nora, I want to take it. I want to join it. That sounds amazing, so much
goodness. Well, thank you again, Nora, for coming on the show and dropping all your
wisdom with us. You are so appreciated and so loved. Thank you for doing everything you
do in the world and for sharing your wisdom with us.

Nora: It was my absolute pleasure to share my passion with you, and if you’re listening to
this right now, just put your hand on your heart, take a nice big inhale, open mouth exhale
and just know you are doing so much more amazing than you think you are.

Lindsay: True. Thank you, Nora.


Hey there, Miss Unstoppable. Thanks so much for tuning into this episode. If you enjoyed
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be, so believe in yourself. You got this.

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