Hear firsthand from one of my former clients, Shelly Criswell how she lost 50+ lbs and quit her day job because of coaching with me.

weight loss coaching

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In today’s episode, one of my clients, Shelly Criswell shares her story about how coaching transformed her life. Shelly and I started coaching in April 2019 and she became an alum of all my programs in early December 2019. 

Hear how she was able to achieve internal healing and make room for external goals like:

  • Losing 50+ pounds
  • Quitting her day job 
  • Becoming a digital nomad and making her VA business move from “part-time side hustle” to a full-time income source
weight loss coaching

She was able to do all that she wanted and more! The more we healed her, the more results she saw. Hear how she went from feeling shameful about her past to being full of gratitude and so in love with the person she is today. 

We’ll discuss how we interviewed her “inner mean girl”, through my coaching program, which was Shelly’s most challenging part of her journey and also the part that brought her the biggest breakthroughs.

I hope her story inspires you to keep going with your goals.

You can find Shelly online at:

Instagram: @shellycriswell

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scriswell

Shelly’s Facebook Group: Elevate Your Best Life https://www.facebook.com/groups/elevateyourbestlife/

Continue the conversation at https://lindsayepreston.com/community 

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