Tune in as I uncover the top 3 fears I see people face as they invest in themselves & how you can turn those fears into opportunities instead.

investing in yourself

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If you find yourself in a place where you want to up-level your life, yet struggle with making the investment in yourself (be it coaching or something else), this episode is for you. 

I know first hand it can feel scary to spend money on yourself, but the results can be HUGE. Deep down you likely know the results can be huge too, yet you still shy away from it.  

The reasons why you don’t invest are typically because of three deep-seated fears inside of you.  These fears keep you from going in the direction of your dreams so it’s important you’re aware of what they are so you can turn those fears into opportunities instead!

So, tune into this week’s episode where I’m covering these three deep-seated fears in-depth on the show.

Fears we’re covering in-depth include:

1) The fear that you’ll waste time and money by not getting the results you want

Specifically, fears like…

-The person/company they invest in will not deliver on the results they claim to deliver

-Not having enough time to maximize the investment

-Not trusting yourself to complete something you start

-Looking like a fool for investing in something that doesn’t work out

-Doing long-term financial damage from your investment

The OPPORTUNITIES here when facing these fears by investing in yourself are:

-Learning the tools on how to show up for yourself regardless of what else is going on (during the coaching experience AND in your future)

-Learning how to trust yourself due to the questions you’re asked in coaching

-Experiencing unconditional love by having a coach hold space for you so you could then show that love to other people (and yourself!)

-Experiencing trust with someone else who can deliver what they promise and MORE

..and so much more. Be sure to listen to the episode at the top of this page!

2) The fear of facing your deep fears in general

Specifically, fears like…

-Facing the crap from that past that feels really scary to think about again

-Believing that opening up the wounds from the past will only make it worse because you haven’t experienced healing before and/or you’ve tried other forms of personal development/mental health before to heal and it didn’t give you the results you wanted

The OPPORTUNITIES here when facing these fears by investing in yourself are:

-Getting to experience ALL of your emotions because you didn’t realize how the fears/traumas were numbing you out from experiencing good stuff that makes life super sweet

-Getting to live a distraction-free life (a life where you are intentional instead of wasting time and money numbing yourself out with things like shopping, gossip, drinking too much, eating too much, being on your phone/tv too much, etc)

-Living life in all the ways you want to because you weren’t weighed down & feeling stuck anymore

..and so much more! Be sure to listen to the episode at the top of this page.

3)  The fear of getting the results you want, and that in turn, everything will change

Specifically, fears like…

-Changing so much that your relationships with people you love will no longer work

-Realizing your career isn’t a good fit and accepting you’ve “wasted” time and money on the “wrong” thing

-Fearing the unknown in general 

-Fearing you won’t be relatable anymore because life is so good

The OPPORTUNITIES here when facing these fears by investing in yourself are:

-Relationships that get more INTIMATE and AUTHENTIC

-Having a career that gets even BETTER (including more money and less time working)

-Realizing that change isn’t as scary as you once believed it would be

-Breaking family patterns so your children don’t have to deal with the same struggles

-Living the life of your dreams!!

..and so much more! Be sure to listen to the episode at the top of this page. 

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