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With amazing interviews, detailed execution plans, and insightful insights pumping through your earbuds, Life Luvers™ Radio is one of the top podcasts for go-getter women who are starting out on their personal development journey.



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This is the only podcast series where I don’t delete epiosdes after I’ve heard them.  They’re that good!

Nat Hayes

I’m such a Lindsay fan!  These episodes help reassure me to do what I want in life.

Jordan Gill

I LOVE Lindsay’s straight talk.  She will help you discover the peace, balance and greatness we all desire!

Cacy Klumpp

Life Luvers™ Radio has proudly been featured on the iTunes New & Noteworthy and Self-Help charts.  Feedspot also named Lindsay as one of the top life coaches to follow!  

Never Listened To A Show?

Pick an episode below to catch a glimpse.

I stumbled across this podcast and am SO glad I did!  I’ve already seen BIG benefits from a free meditation she offered on just one episode.

Jen Wilson

Lindsay is captivating and you can FEEL the passion in her voice.  I’m addicted to this show!  This podcast helps me continuously take my life to the next level.

Aimee Moore

Lindsay helps you create a life with meaning.  She is passionate about helping others, and I LUV listening every week!

Krystal Atkinson

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Lindsay’s such an inspiration!  If you’re wanting to LUV your life to the fullest, Lindsay can show you the way.

Tonya O'Neill

Life Luvers Radio helped give me the confidence to apply for and secure my dream job!  Lindsay is a REAL person with REAL issues that has REAL solutions.

Chenice Clarke

This podcast is the spark I’ve been looking for to push me toward a healthier, more positive life.  I’ve binge listened to 6 episodes already and I can’t stop!

Kristin Jones

This podcast helps me feel like I’m not alone.  I’ve realized that it’s okay to feel disappointment, anger and sadness.  Lindsay helps me take back the power over my life by speaking positive truth and giving action-oriented steps.

Jennifer McDaniel

Lindsay gives real solutions to anyone wanting to improve parts of or their whole life.  She moves you into action!  Her presence is postive and is the perfect place to start in order to take your life to the next level.

Debra Hogan

Lindsay has helped me break through the barriers in my life with grace and ease.  This podcast has helped me find my best self with ease and confidence.

Jenn Ednie