These are the different buckets that make up what society defines as a “good girl.” Let’s start shedding these so that you can live authentic to YOU.


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“Most of us live ‘successful’ lives according to society’s standards, but at some point we wake up and realize our lives don’t feel as good as they look. That’s when the work begins to find what an authentic and fulfilling life means to YOU.” 

I have a big Become an Unstoppable Woman episode for you today. So big, in fact, that I’ve recorded it 3 times! I wanted to make sure not to leave anything out and I hope you’ll listen to it in a place where you can catch everything I discuss. 

Today, I’m talking about letting your good girl go. This is a topic that encompasses a lot of the work I’ve done personally and professionally with my DEI Coach, Alyssa Hall over the past two years. I’ve been working on letting go of society’s standards so that I can live authentically, run my business authentically, and truly understand those around me from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

What I’m going to do is break down all of the ways in which society places subtle and not so subtle pressure on us as women to be “good” which, according to society, equates to success.

The problem you may notice with adhering to society’s standards, is that you wake up feeling like you’re not living the life you’re meant to be living. Today’s episode will tell you why you feel this way and show you how to start to shift this so you can live authentically for YOU, not anybody else. 

You’re about to hear all about the different buckets that society has shaped us to believe makes a “good” and “successful” girl and the goal here is to start to break free from these norms.


  • How society shapes us to be socially successful
  • How society shapes us to be academically and professionally successful
  • The concept that you need to be driven to be a modern women
  • Society’s views on physical beauty 
  • The idea of following the rules

After you listen to this one, you’ll start to see these things come up more specifically in your life, and I’m not gonna lie, this may start to piss you off. But in noticing these things, you’re presented with the opportunity to shift them and start to live more authentically to who you want to be. 

You may feel some discomfort while listening to this one, and that’s ok. This discomfort will lead you to change you’ll be so glad you created. Listen at the top of this page.  




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