PROACTIVE PARENTING w/ Dr. Heather Maguire

Create better behaved kids by learning the concept of proactive parenting from behavior expert & founder of Prism Behavior, Dr. Heather Maguire.

proactive parenting

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Let’s face it. Parenting is HARD.

It’s definitely one of the best jobs I’ve ever had (I have a 9-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son), but also one of the most challenging.

Not only do you have to be “on” nearly 24/7 for these little beings who need a variety of things from you, you have to tackle everyone’s opinions on how to do it “right.”

It’s a lot…and sometimes you’re left with not knowing what you should do.

You want to turn to your mom circles or family members for advice, but it seems like EVERYTHING nowadays is a taboo topic. Things that were once common practices like vaccines, circumcision, sleep training, puberty education and even discipline can trigger SO much emotion in people.

Even when you feel like you know what to do, in the moment, it can be hard to implement. You have so much on your plate constantly with all aspects of your life that parenting at times feels like it’s just too much.

As a result, you don’t handle things in the way you envisoned and then you beat yourself up for it.

You believe deep-down you’re a good parent. You fiercely love your children and work to give them the best, but you still wish you could better.

But…what if instead of wishing your abilities were better, you stood in confidence of who you are as a parent and KNEW the tools you were using with your kids were going to help them become the BEST versions of themselves?

You’d want to know those tools, right?!

I know I did and that’s why I invited, Dr. Heather Maguire, behavior expert and founder of Prism Behavior onto my podcast, “Become An Unstoppable Woman.”

Heather teaches a concept in this interview that’s called, proactive parenting.

Proactive parenting is basically what you can do in your child’s environment to set them up for success.

By being a proactive parent, you will prevent behavior struggles from happening in the first place! You won’t have to be reactive in the moment to your child anymore.

You’ll feel empowered and strong in your abilities as a parent and your children will be happier and better behaved because of it. (#WinWin)

Heather’s warm energy and understanding of parenting first-hand (she’s a mom of 2) combined with her parenting tips will help you take action immediately to become that proactive parent we all want to be.

Specifically, in this interview Heather and I cover…

-Why parenting feels hard.

– The divisiveness of parenting today & how it impacts you.

– Why women have parenting guilt more than men.

– How we can make parenting easier and more enjoyable.

– What proactive parenting is.

– What reactive parenting is.

– Specific ways to make parenting easier for you and your kids.

– The topic Heather gets the most questions on.

– How to handle defiance.

– How to handle Mom guilt.

Be sure to listen to the “PROACTIVE PARENTING” interview in the player at the top of this page.

If you’d like to connect with today’s interview guest, Dr. Heather Maguire you can find her at:

Prism Behavior

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