Learn why stepping into your next level of personal growth can feel uncomfortable & get some quick tips on how to make the process easier.

embracing growth’s discomfort

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Hi Ms. Unstoppable in training. Welcome back to the show!

On today’s episode, I’m talking about something that’s rarely talked about. In fact, I’m starting to think that other personal development people aren’t sharing this because they fear you won’t want to improve your life if you know this.

But, by us NOT talking about it, it’s harming you and others around you.

So today, friend, I’m addressing head on this unspoken truth about how personal growth can feel uncomfortable if not downright horrible at times.

Of course, overall, personal growth is great! Growing into a stronger & “better” version of ourselves is wonderful and it feels good (in time) to step into the person we know we want to be.

But, during the process of growth, our brains can FREAK OUT!

We often self-sabotage, encounter new unexpected problems, and just feel downright awful in moments as we move toward our next level of success.

We wonder if this whole growth thing is worth it. We wonder if we’re just doing it wrong. We even get concerned that we don’t have what it takes to step into this next level.

So, on today’s episode, I’m talking about why this discomfort happens to us and I’m giving you some quick tips on how to make this process easier for you.

(I share too about an area of my life that feels SUPER uncomfortable right now and I’m telling you directly the thoughts I’m hearing in my head as I change. Hearing the thoughts I have might be the lightbulb moment you need to understand how your own subconscious thoughts could be sabotaging you too!)

I hope this episode shows you that there’s NOTHING wrong with you if you’re encountering discomfort while growing and puts your mind at ease that this is just a NORMAL part of the process.

Be sure to listen to the episode on the link above.

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